Nashville – Episode 7 – Recap & Discussion Post

As we return to Nashville we’re in studio with Rayna and her new producer Liam. Rayna has a lyric. Liam has a riff. They’re excited about how the music’s coming. Manager Bucky takes a call: Edgehill Republic is doing a live recording of its 25th Anniversary show at the storied Ryman Auditorium this weekend, and Marshall Evans still wants to release a Rayna James greatest hits album after the show. Rayna’s offended that he didn’t take her first no, and points out she’s done every anniversary show the label’s ever had. Rayna decides to introduce one of her new songs at the show. Bucky’s not so sure the Ryman is where Rayna should introduce her new sound, but she and Liam think it’s a great idea.

Over to Juliette’s, where Not Tim Tebow Sean and Juliette are making out. Juliette invites Sean to the label’s anniversary party this weekend, and he’s happy to attend. But in comes Manager Glenn with Juliette’s PA, informing Juliette that there’s been a blast of negative press blaming Juliette for Not Tim Tebow’s lackluster play of late. Never mind that he didn’t have the stats to impress Juliette even before they met! Juliette is incredulous and has no intentions of backing off. Her team is concerned as always about the PR side. Manager Glenn informs Juliette that Marshall Evans wants to meet with Juliette personally

Cut to the Tequila Cowboy, a 500 person venue with Avery’s name on the marquis. He and his band are giddy and taking pictures of the marquis. Marilyn Rhodes sure worked fast! Marilyn tells the band that she will make sure the venue is packed and the gig gets full media coverage. She also says she’s got a call into Dominic Wells, head of Cascade Heights Records. Avery’s bandmate is excited! Marilyn asks why Avery still seems mopey. He’s thinking about Scarlett. Marilyn doesn’t seem to mind, and tells Avery to put Scarlett on the guest list. But she also reminds him to keep focus on what he’s after.

Juliette is at label offices to meet with Marshall and Glenn. Either she’s early or Marshall Evans is late. When he does show up, he informs Juliette that there are going to be some lineup changes for the weekend show at the Ryman. Juliette has been downgraded from a set to a single song. She’s not going to take that lying down, and reminds Marshall Evans that she’s gone multiplatinum twice in the last 3 years and has kept the label relevant in that time. Marshall reminds her that in a venue as historic as the Ryman and an event like this, Juliette’s recent success doesn’t register as much especially in light of her recent troubles. Juliette demands to close the show, Marshall says she can if she sings with Rayna.

Now we’re at home with Rayna/Teddy and it’s movie night! Rayna and Teddy catch up: Rayna’s happy with her new music. Teddy’s numbers are way up. They’re going to have a family movie night. All is well! But Coleman calls, wants to speak with Teddy privately. Teddy thinks it’s because the viability of Coleman’s campaign is in question. Little does he know! Since Coleman wants to meet immediately, Teddy’s going to have to skip out on movie night. Chick flick it is for the rest of the family!

Deacon is playing the Bluebird, and he’s singing a tear in your beer song about betrayal called “Papa Writes To Johnny.” Scarlett is weepy listening to it. Gunnar comes over to comfort her. Scarlett is questioning whether she overreacted about Avery. Gunnar says to write about it, Scarlett apologizes for not having written with him lately. Gunnar rejoins Haley, and she asks if the pep talk worked. It didn’t. Haley understands that Scarlett is suffering from a breakup and says she’ll take care of it.

DOWNLOAD “Papa Writes To Johnny,” written by Gillian Welch and performed by Charles Esten HERE.

Coleman and Teddy have one of those clandestine meetings in a dark place (the Riverwalk) because that’s where important people go to make important people decisions. Coleman tells Teddy to drop out of the race by the weekend unless he wants the compromising pictures with Peggy leaked. Coleman says he believes Teddy when he says there is no affair, but he doesn’t think anybody else will believe Teddy. Coleman says he learned a lot from Lamar about silencing his enemies.

Juliette and Glenn discu

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  1. I was going to stop watching this show but the last two episodes have drawn me back in. Not sure why. maybe the story line is getting better.

  2. Thanks for the recap. I really liked the duet–been waiting for it and it didn’t disappoint! Connie Britton looked amazing in that outfit, too–wow!

  3. Thanks for the recap! This show is all about Connie ‘s gorgeous hair! Lol. I love jealous Gunnar and Rayna-Juliette duet at the end.

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