Monday Morning Mediabase Update: Jan 25-31

The charts are churning this week with a lot of moves. The singing show alums racked up 8 chart milestones this week – 4 from XF, 3 from Idol and 1 from the Voice.

X-Factor US competitor Camilo Cabello took a brief, but successful detour from her XF-formed group. Her duet with Vine sensation (and “Stitches” hit song) Shawn Mendes is flying up the charts. This week, it hit two milestones going top 10 on Pop and top 40 on HAC.

Original Idol winner Carrie Underwood is certainly no stranger to the top 10 on Country. This time it is her second single “Heartbeat” from her “Storyteller” album that has hit that enviable milestone. The song shows no sign of stopping.

Also from Idol, we have two milestones on CAC. Danny Gokey’s “Tell Your Heart to Beat” (honestly, I have a little trouble with that title given his Idol sob-story) goes top 15 on CAC. Danny was on the eight season of Idol and came in third behind Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Lauren Daigle was an Idol auditioneer and has taken the CAC format by storm. “Trust in You” went top 20.

From the Voice, we have Cassadee Pope dieting with Nashville Star alum Chris Young. I’ve been negligent in including these two, but there here now with a milestone. Their “Think of You” went top 40 on Country.

Finally, coming full circle, we are back to X-Factor but with the UK franchise this time and another show-formed band. When the producers decided to psych out a bunch of young boys they had already cut, nobody probably realized what a completely formidable success they would all become. Certainly, their first few performances on the show were a little rocky (and they never did learn to dance), but they’ve improved massively and went on to huge success. Four BB200 number one albums. Hit singles. Top world tour for two years. Fans everywhere. Even the leaving of one member did little to dampen their success. Now they are about to take a hiatus and the opening salvo of their careers can be deemed nothing less than a success too.

This week, both the band and the new solo artist hit milestones. One Direction’s “History” (their latest single from their fifth album (and did I mention they dropped an album every year for the last five years?) and it debuted on the Pop charts in the top 50. They currently have all three singles from that album (“Drag Me Down”, “Perfect”, “History”) still charting on mainstream formats.

Meanwhile, Zayn (so famous he now goes only by his first name) released the bands first solo effort. “Pillowtalk” raced to the top of the iTunes chart and debuted at 42 on our Pop chart only 3 days after release.

Simon annoys me a lot, but I can’t help but congratulate him on this. Taking nothing away from Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn who have seriously worked their a$$es off for the last 6 years.

Billboard reports that Adele snatched back the top of the BB200 chart last week. Her chart-bro Justin Bieber returns to his comfortable number 2 spot as well. Megadeth is the top debut of the week. On another note, between Adele and a couple of big releases this January, it was nice not to see any Soundscan record lows this year during a typically frigid month for sales.

Adam Lambert:
“Another Lonely Night”: ^23 HAC (24)

Camila Cabello:
“I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes: ^10 Pop (11); ^35 HAC (41)

Canaan Smith:
“Hole in a Bottle”: ^35 Country (34)

Carrie Underwood:
“Heartbeat”: ^9 Country (12)

Cassadee Pope:
& Chris Young “Think of You”: ^33 Country (44)

Colton Dixon:
“Limitless”: 31 CAC (31)

Danny Gokey:
“Tell Your Heart to Beat”: ^14 CAC (17)

“No Time for It”: ^17 UAC (20)

Haley Reinhart:
“Can’t Help Falling in Love”: ^34 HAC (40); ^20 AC (20)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Invincible”: ^29 AC (28)
“Piece by Piece”: 32 HAC (32); 42 AC (37)

Lauren Daigle:
“Trust in You”: ^16 CAC (22)

One Direction:
“Drag Me Down”: ^36 AC (35)
“History”: ^48 Pop (169)
“Perfect”: 24 Pop (14); ^26 HAC (25); ^47 AC (47)

“Can’t Sleep Love”: 32 AC (25)

Tori Kelly:
“Hollow”: ^25 Pop (25); ^28 RHY (29)

“Pillowtalk”: ^42 Pop (-)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week.

Adds listed on AllAccess:
Feb 2: Pop: One Direction: “History”

This is the daily numbers thread for Monday. Stats collected on Monday morning.

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