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Season 6 Idol, Melinda Doolittle stopped by Good Day New York this morning to promote her 5-day stint at Feinstein’s in Manhattan, beginning tomorrow evening (Nov. 17).

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

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She sang one of her Idol favorites, “I’m A Woman”, and the sublime Ms Doolittle did not disappoint. Watch the video, after the jump.

Video After the JUMP…

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  1. I am super-bummed I can’t go to this, but Bob Dylan is in town starting tomorrow and I’m going to all three of his shows. Would love to see her though.

  2. I love Melinder. I think she has truly the best voice (for me anyhow) from anybody from Idol. I’m just a bit sad that she brings nothing very current to the table. I think she has a difficult row to sow in music. I can’t see her ever getting to the top, but on the other hand, I don’t know that top concerns her too much. So in conclusion, it’s all good and I’ll still enjoy her voice (if not so much the songs she sings).

  3. I still think Melinda is probably the best overall singer that has ever been on AI. But she also seems a little old-fashioned and her lack of confidence didn’t help her while on the show. She seems very confident here, so hopefully she has improved in this area since she got off the show.

  4. I could never understand how Jordin succeed more than her on AI and after. She is the best singer 9apart from Adam) to ever grace the AI stage.

  5. I could never understand how Jordin succeed more than her on AI and after. She is the best singer 9apart from Adam) to ever grace the AI stage.

    It’s her image and looks. You know it. i know it. Everyone knows it. Sucks but true.

  6. I could never understand how Jordin succeed more than her on AI and after. She is the best singer 9apart from Adam) to ever grace the AI stage.

    I’m with you stellamarris! Amazingly, Simon adored her and pushed for her. But Jordin was young, fizzy, cute, had a very strong voice and appealed (I guess) to the under-18 crowd much more.

    But Melinda is just terrific, anyway you slice or dice it — in fact (don’t shoot me) too good in her genre for AI. This is a real gem of a singer, who can do so much with that voice. And there is a soul revival going on that I really hope she can take advantage of.

    My fantasy? She and Ryan Shaw and Rapael Saadiq and Adele headlining a Soulapalooza!

    One thing, though, and that is the old bugaboo about management and marketing. It is so crucial now to have the right people pushing you, and to me it’s a damn shame Mindydoo didn’t have backup that would exploit all the wonderful reviews she’s gotten for her album. I haven’t seen one ad for it anywhere, and I’ve never seen the video played except here and on youtube. I just hope that she builds and builds over the long career she deserves…

  7. Melinda reminds me of a young Ella Fitzgerald. I like the fact she is embracing this new look…it fits with her style and persona so much better than the “barbie” look she morphed into on AI.

    Melinda is a throwback and I think she will do really well now that she seems to have “found” herself. Hopefully I’ll get to see her someday.

  8. On AI, I believe everybody felt Melinda to be safe because she sings so damn good. Yeah, for some it was her looks and image, but I don’t think that is what lost it for her. I think many people were actually voting against Jordin because she was the epitome of blah on the AI stage week after week. So I think the votes were going against Jordin and for Blake, thinking Melinda would definitely be safe. That’s my take on it at least, and how I feel it went down.

    After AI, I can definitely see how Jordin’s been much more successful than Melinda. Jordin has done some very current and catchy songs. Melinda, unfortunately, seems rooted in the 1970’s (a decade where I went to concerts at least monthly, so I think I’m fairly familiar with the sound).

    So I say there’s many more reasons than image and looks. Come on, if it were looks, Jordin has looked fairly horrifying on occasion with her tea party dresses meant for 8 year old children, and not an 18 year old who is lovely. Those dresses play up exactly 100% of her figure flaws (especially when fashioned in gold lame–how do you put the accent on the e in lame?).

  9. Man, do I love Melinda’s voice – it’s powerful yet filled with texture and nuance. The throwback that people are referring to is that her voice and the song is in the driver’s seat as compared to the Top 40 dominance of beats and autotune. Jordin Sparks fills that role perfectly.

    I do hope Melinda is able to take advantage of the soul revival and have a good long successful career. The woman most definitely deserves it.

  10. Not trying to diminish the AI winners, but Melinda & Adam really stand out as atypical AI contestants. With vocal technique, range, styling, power, and dare I say showmanship (though Melinda’s is much more in her face & body language, whereas Adam also utilizes sets lighting props), they were simply light years ahead of any other contestant. That’s speaks to their already long-standing professional singing careers (i.e. singing as opposed to recording artist), giving them opps to hone their craft. It may ultimately be what did them each in on AI also – they don’t fit with the AI mythology of young-kid-outa-nowhere-grows-on-AI-and-excels. They were already that good & then some.

    I really wish I lived on the east coast… I’d love love love to see Mindy perform live!

  11. I love Melinda. Her debut album is fantastic. And I’m still kinda mad at Ken for not giving her a performance slot on Idol last season. I love S7 but would have gladly traded that warmed-over Michael Johns/Carly Smithson duet for a little old school soul with Mindy Doo.

  12. I’m going to see her on Wednesday! Very excited. Melinda is a singer’s singer — someone with the ability to truly interpret a song and not just blast it out (although she can do that too). She can sing anything.

    She lost because she seemed older than she really was. It wasn’t just her look. She had a real maturity in her singing that just didn’t fit with what the Idol audience wanted in the end. In a way, it’s amazing she got as far as she did.

  13. hey, ladymadonna — agreed! I’d love to see Mindy Doo get it on vocally with Ryan Shaw (check into him if you love old school soul): — “Let It Be” (Ryan Shaw at the North Sea Jazz Festival)

    but don’t forget this great, great gospel jam on the AI coronation show with Mindy Doo singing with the fabulous gospel siblings, the Winans, Next to Kris’s great “Kiss a Girl” duet with Keith Urban, this is the best:

  14. Ultimately, I think a good bit of her not winning goes back to showing growth on the show. She didn’t because she came in at the top of her game. When there’s nowhere to go but down, and they can’t always be perfect every time, it’s difficult to keep gaining votes. She’s not the only one this phenomena has hit. I guess there’s as many reasons that somebody won as there are reasons that somebody didn’t.

  15. Love Melinda. too bad that in order to promote Jordan, they have to put her in the back closet. not even a stint in AI when she had her album. sad.

  16. Hey fusion8, it’s not over yet! She’s still young, and just needs some breaks.

    And SybilTrelawney!!! Please give a FULL report of the Feinstein’s concert, will you? Much appreciated if you can!

  17. Love her. If I were in NY, I’d be at Feinstein’s in a minute.

  18. I would love to see her perform too, in an intimate setting like Feinstein’s. She’s fantastic.

    Love her as a person too.

  19. She’s a fantastic singer. She was (by FAR) my favorite on S6. How shallow of people that she didn’t win because of her looks and her so-called lack of personality. And not current? Way better than current stuff imo.

  20. She’s a fantastic singer. She was (by FAR) my favorite on S6.

    Mine too. I still can’t believe she didn’t make it to the finale. I finally saw in Season 6 that AI is a TV show and not a real talent competition.

    And not current? Way better than current stuff imo.

    Waaaaaaaaaaay better!!!

  21. I meant to say I liked the new hairdo, too. It works with her music and the brand I think she’s trying to promote.

  22. Absolutely top singer/performer in season 6! No one even close that year. And, dream r/b concert for me would be Melinda (soul/rb), Micheal Johns (rock/rb) and Anoop (pop/rb).

    If next season has an rb nite, they could use the three of them for guest artist slot and let them share the stage on something like this version of Crazy Love.

  23. flyaway — THANK YOU. I absolutely adore Amos Lee, and to see Anoop jam with him and hold his own (his voice sounded so sweet and clear) is a delight. do you know what the occasion was?

  24. I wish I lived in New York so I could see my girl Melinder. She is a superb artist, awesome, interpeter of songs–just exquisite. I agree with every one who said that she is the best pure singer ever on Idol. The night that she got voted off was the most pissed off I have ever been at this silly show. I vowed never to watch again, and did boycott the finale. She really deserves a long career in music.

  25. I wish she had more success coming off Idol. She’s a wonderful singer and we should be glad for any opportunity to hear her. Those able to see her perform are very fortunate people!

    (Good grief! I see *d*m mentioned even in Melinda’s topic!)

  26. I have to say, I haven’t watched anything of her in a while but she is one hell of a singer. She is definitely one of the most talented singers ever on Idol. She is a little old fashioned, which is why she may not be finding huge success but she is a fantastic vocalist, and seems like one of the most genuine contestants ever.

  27. Melinda is a success. She’s making a good living doing what she loves. She is awesome, and her music isn’t old fashioned it’s timeless. Well she ever top the charts, probably not. Will she ever be a back up girl again? I don’t think so. Someone suggested she and Ruben do an act together. Doing grown up songs, written by folk who value what they bring to the table. Exquisite voices that need no autotune, no costumes, just a solid band behind them. I would get on board for that. I was wishing I could see her. It may work out. I doubt it though, damn vacation I planned makes funds limited. There will be a next time though, she’s not going anywhere. Trust me.

  28. excellent post, abbysee — just one thought: “grown up” really does include kids with good ears. Michael Buble is hugely popular, so is Nora Jones — with young people as well as adults. I grew up on this music, and loved it along with rock. and there are a lot of kids now who “get it” too.

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