Megan Joy Speaks to the Press

Quotes from Megan Joy’s press conference earlier today. For more, check out MTV, LAT, and Zap2it.

  • What was with all the …caw- caw stuff? “I love birds and bird noises and I just decided if I’m going out, I’m going out with a bang and I’m just gonna be myself. I flew the whole time!”
  • It not that she didnt care about the show ¦. “I cared about the competition, like, I didn’t want people to misunderstand me not caring, I just didn’t care that Simon didn’t like my song.”
  • Was it easier to sing knowing there was no chance of being saved? “It was for sure easier cuz I didn’t care if I messed up, which I did. I was just stoked to flop around and be right in their faces and sing it, sing it right at ’em.”
  • Is she proud of her brother talking back to Kara? “I’m always proud of my brother. He’s my boy and he’s like me, he just can’t help but be himself and I wasn’t surprised at all that he did it. It cracked me up. I was glad that Kara ended up taking it lightheartedly, though (laughs).”
  • Will she be getting a new tattoo? “I definitely am. I have a lucky ring that I’ve worn the entire time and I’m gonna have that tattooed on my ribs.
  • What will she do when she sees her son (probably on Wednesday), “I’m gonna hold him for as long as he’ll let me and I’m gonna try not to sob like a lunatic cuz, I’m sure he’ll just be confused and scared. It’s gonna be beautiful, I cannot wait.”
  • What does she want to do besides music (and making a guest appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba)? “I would love, like, I love cartoons. I like doing voices, I love Pixar. There’s a couple shows like I wanna make an appearance on. I’m down for whatever. Whatever life wants to introduce me to, I would love to dabble.”
  • What was she planning to sing next week? “I was gonna sing “Separate Lives” by Phil Collins because it’s beautiful and I was ready to show the world that I could belt it like the rest of em.”
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