Justin Bieber Pees in a Mop Bucket + Mom Defends Him (VIDEO)

Hey! It’s a slow news day! How about a little Justin Bieber outrage? Here he is, behaving like a little asshat, with a gang of his douchebag friends. As he leaves a nightclub through the kitchen entrance, he pisses in the janitor bucket. You know, the one that a poorly paid worker uses to clean the floor. Some poor dude had to throw out the Bieb’s pisswater to make up a new bucket of suds to clean the floor. If he even realized it happened. Ew.

Everybody laughed and behaved as if the club should be honored to clean up after the singer’s pee break. I mean…take those extra steps to the bathroom? Do they even KNOW who he is? Yikes.

The outrage at TMZ is pretty funny. Considering it’s, you know, TMZ.

Also, Bieber sprays a photo of Bill Clinton with some cleaning liquid and yells, “F*ck Bill Clinton.” Yeah, he was probably totally wasted. But still.

Coincidentally, Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette, was on The View this morning, to pimp her book, and she defends her son. She says she doesn’t necessarily agree with everything he does, but the talk. She complains that we never hear about the good things he does that never makes the headlines.

Mom had a hard road coming up. She was a victim of abuse and got involved with alcohol and drugs, eventually struggling with depression and suicide attempts. She was only 18 when she had Justin. So. There you go.

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