Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray – Quotes from Today’s Press Conference

Geez. It’s as if it were only last week I was typing up press conference interviews with Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray. Um. Oh yeah. Hello? and Goodbye.

Here are quotes from today’s press conference with ousted Season 8 contestants, Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray…

For more, check out longer interviews at USA Today: Jorge and Jasmine

Interview quotes, after the JUMP…


  • Why he chose to sing “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “I just wanted to do something different. Cause, I didn’t wanna stay in the same kind of vibe when singing, y’know, I didn’t want to sing ballads throughout the whole competition. And since it was the first time in the big stage, I wanted something where I could, play with, y’know, move around, have a little fun on stage, and I had a little fun there.”
  • Was he hurt when the judges didn’t save him? “A person should not have any excuse, and when something happens, it ‘s because it’s meant to be, so I just took the hit like a man and you know what? Things are gonna be great for me ’cause this is just the start of something much, much bigger.”
  • He’s not unhappy at all, “There’s nothing to feel sad about when you’ve done so good and you are Top 13 of a hundred thousand people. I’m feeling really happy. And you’re gonna see more of me.”
  • Did he have a song choice for Country week? “Actually, with the country pick, that was intimidating for me. If I ever got to sing country, I bet I was going to be not only the first Puerto Rican finalist on Idol, but the first Puerto Rican singing country ever in the history of Puerto Rico. I had a few songs picked, like ‘I Know You Won’t’ by Carrie Underwood and ‘Anyway’ by Martina McBride.”


  • What she’ll miss most about the mansion, “Probably the practice room. We had, like, a big spacious area in the house that was–it had wonderful acoustics, and a keyboard, y’know, just good stuff down there for us to practice. So I’m glad they had that down there for us, and I’m really gonna miss that ’cause I used to go down there all the time and practice my scales and practice over my song (laughing) I think I’m really gonna miss that part of the house.”
  • She things the judges save is a good idea, “I think that’s actually a good idea. Like, amongst other things they’ve gotten to do this year, with the Top 36 and the wildcard and the Top 13, I think it’s great, y’know, they’re giving people extra chances to get closer to reaching their dreams and to reaching their goals and I think it’s a great idea.”
  • Why she sang the Jackson 5 song, “The Jackson 5, y’know, they were really young when they did it, so I thought It’d be a good idea for me to also do something that they did when they were young. It’s a beautiful song with a great message and I really liked it.”
  • Did she have a song choice for Country week? “I had various songs I was thinking, something like LeAnn Rhimes or something from Carrie Underwood.”
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