Jeremy’s American Idol Tour 2009 Providence Recap

Hi everyone. I went to the American Idol concert in Providence on Sunday and it was awesome! I had a great time with my mom dad and brother. Here’s a little background information on me. I am sixteen years old and have been watching American Idol since the beginning. Each season I have had a favorite or two and I’ll just quickly go through them. In season one my favorites were Kelly and Tamyra, season two my favorite was Kimberley Locke, season three my favorites were diana and jennifer, season four my favorites were all of the top 3, season five my favorites were all of the top 6 minus Taylor, season 6 my favorite by far was Melinda, season seven my favorites were David Cook and Syesha (I love her and can’t wait to see her in dreamgirls!), and this season my favorites were Adam and Allison (I have a little crush on her), though I also thought Danny had a very good voice.

Anyways, I thought that the group this year was overall excellent, minus a few week links which I will get to later. First off, I want to say before I start that I’m sorry if I offend anyone personally, but to put things in perspective, last year I had to deal with a lot of people on here insulting Syesha in ways that I didn’t feel were appropriate (i.e. insulting who she is as a person) but to each his own. Just remember please that this is my opinion.

So we arrived at around 4 at the stadium, and immediately ran to the barricades. Michael was there signing autographs! He is a really great guy, we got to talk to him a little bit. Then we heard screams from the other end and saw Danny walking down the line. My mom died (she loves him) and had me take a picture. You know, many people have said some mean things about his attitude, but he seemed like a very nice guy and took his time with the fans. One couple even brought there puppy and Danny took a picture with them while holding the puppy, haha! Anyways, it didn’t seem like anyone else was walking out, so we went and ate dinner. After dinner we went back and who was there…Matt! He is a really funny guy and joked around with everyone. Then, I thought I was gonna die! Allison was walking towards us looking fine with her red hair (it is so bright and vibrant in person). Anyways, I couldn’t help myself and I yelled out “Allison will you marry me?!” she looked up and thought about it for a second and then said “Okay!” Later she went on to tell me how serious she was about getting married to me, and we had a pretty long conversation together. It was awesome! and i got a great picture with her! Now…on to the concert. I am just going to recap everyone one by one, then at the end grade each individual song. Here we go!!!!!!!!!

MICHAEL – I was shocked! Michael sounded great! He had a lot of confidence and energy up on the stage and both of his songs were extremely entertaining! He is a likeable performer! He was one of the biggest surprises of the night. My whole family loved him also. At one point during his first song, a bra was thrown on stage and he picked it up and twirled it around! LOL!

MEGAN – First off, I have to say that Megan is drop dead gorgeous. Her hair wasn’t in an afro thank god (only works for Nadia and Syesha) and she looked stunning. Her first song was outstanding, she sounded just like Amy Winehouse, but the second song was somewhat screechy (which is ironic because that was the Amy Winehouse song). Anyways, my dad and brother liked her a lot, and my mom liked her first one.

SCOTT – Second surprise of the night! Scott was phenomenal. His voice is extremely pleasant to listen to and stronger than on television. I personally liked the second one better, probably because I know it better, but both sounded great! Oh and his jokes were not funny, but he seems like a nice guy. My whole family loved him as well, especially my mom who couldn’t say enough nice things about him.

LIL – Lil got everyone really excited. People were bopping around during her songs. She was pretty much the way I expected her to be. She delivered her songs in a strong, but kareoke way. Also, I think that she has some breath control problems because on single ladies she wasn’t getting all the words out. Oh, and I wished there had been more dancing on single ladies, it was a bit of a let down. My family felt the same about her as I did.

ANOOOOOOOOOP – At first I thought people were booing! haha. Anoop had some love in Providence, and it was easy to see why. His voice is like silk, it is very smooth. I liked his first and last song, but the middle one wasn’t great. I am a fan of his voice though and I wish him a lot of success in the future. My mom said she was pleasantly surprised, my dad thought he was okay, and my brother was a fan.

MATT – Easily the best in the first half. He came out on fire, guns blazing with Hard to Handle. He is stunning to watch play the piano, it’s truly amazing. The only bad thing I would say is that I wished that Georgia on my Mind had come last because it was magnificent, and You Found me had been in the middle. My whole family thought that he was the highlight of the first half.

The group number was great, I loooooved Scott and Matt’s piano duet, and I thought the listening to Lil and Anoop rad was fun and entertaining.

ALLISON – This girl is on fire when she is on stage. She got a lot of love from the crowd. I can’t believe she is only a year older than me! He stage presence is incredible and I loved every note that came out of her mouth. Also, she didn’t drop that many words from so what as far as I could tell. I would say that my favorite of her set was barracuda. My family was made up of allison fans from the beginning so they said that she did not dissapoint, and it was the first time all night that my parents stood.

DANNY – On the show, I thought that Danny was good but didn’t know how to control his voice. Well, let me say first off, that he has a lot of fans and I think will do well after the concert. His voice is sooooo powerful live and has a gravellyness that I think sounds great.
The crowd was digging him! I personally thought that his dancing was fun and enjoyable, but my favorite of the set was PYT, although the country songs were good too (the final song he sang earned him a standing ovation from the whole crowd). In addition, I felt that his speech was moving and kind hearted, I don’t know why some people have a problem with it, but the crowd loved it and him. My dad and mom were always a fan of his voice, and loved him, but my brother had never really been that into him. However, after this concert he had been converted.

ADAM – Let me just say that I think that there will never be another Adam on the show ever again. This guy is from a different planet. For me his set just flew by, and it was the best by far. His voice is superb live, and it is riveting watching his perform. I can’t even write that much because words can’t explain how special it was to be in the same room as Adam and hearing him sing. My family has vowed to buy his album the minute it comes out, and none of us have any idea how he didn’t win. He had the most cheers out of anyone by far!

KRIS – WARNING: I am going to be completely honest about my feelings for Kris. Let me start by saying that I never was a fan of Kris’s voice. I though it was weak and undeserving of the American Idol title, but I tried to go into his set with an open mind. Well, I lasted about 30 seconds into it and then couldn’t take anymore, and it seemed like neither could the crowd. Before his first song, the crowd cheered really loudly for him. However, as each song passed they grew quieter and quieter. The only time they perked up again was when Adam came onstage during Hey Jude. Also, a lot of people got up and left the stadium while Kris was performing, there was one section that was almost empty which I found a little rude. Now I know people will say that it’s because it was a school night, but last year I went during a school night, and no one left during David Cook’s set. Now, I know that Kris was sick, so maybe that is the reason why he had the most off notes out of all of the top 10, but that doesn’t excuse his lack of performance ability. During all of his songs he either looked down at the instrument he was playing, or had his eyes closed, and it put a lot of people off, at least the ones I talked to after the concert. I mean, the point of being a perfomer is to draw people in like adam, allison, and danny, not push them away, like I felt Kris did. Also, after the performances from adam, allison and danny, Kris’s set just was a mood killer and a dissapointing end to an otherwise wonderful night. I just don’t see Kris having much of a future in music after this tour ends. My dad, who was somewhat of a Kris fan, said that Kris was the biggest let down of the night, and my mom, who didn’t like him from the start, said he was one of the worst there. Then there was my brother, who had some words to say about Kris that would not be appropriate for me to repeat.

Finally his set was over and the whole top 10 sand Don’t Stop Believing, which was a great way to the show, but just emphasized how out of depth Kris really was to the rest of them.

Anyways, I hope I didn’t offend anyone too much, I was just being completely honest. Overall it was a great night and I had fun with my family. I would pay to go see allison and adam in concert and will probably buy their albums. Anyways here are my performance grades.

In Love with a Girl – B+
Closer – B- good but I like him better doing country

Put your Records on – B+
Tears Dry on their own – C-

Bend and Break – B
A Thousand Miles – A-

Be Without you/Just Fine – B
No One – B+
Single Ladies – C+ fun and love the song, but not great vocals on this one

Always on my Mind – A
Mad – B
My prerogative – A-

Hard to Handle – A-
Georgia on my Mind – A+ my first standing ovation of the night
You Found my – B

Group song – B+

So What – A-
Crybaby – A+ Standing Ovation
Barracuda – A Standing Ovation

PYT – A so much fun to dance to
Maria Maria – B+ great, just not my favorite
What Hurts the Most – A- really really good, but he should watch out for shouting
My Wish – A+ Standing Ovation

Whole Lotta Love – A+ Standing Ovation
Starlight – A
Slow Ride – A+ lots of bras; Standing Ovation
Mad World – A+ hauntingly Beautiful; Standing Ovation
David Bowie Medley – A+ great dancing!; Standing Ovation

Heartless – B relatively good
Aint no Sunshine – C would have been B but the last note was horrendously out of tune
Bright Lights – C+
Hey Jude – C- Extremely forgettable
I don’t even remember his fifth song, sorry

Don’t Stop Believing – A-

Those who Surprised me:
– Scott
– Michael
– Matt

Those who blew me away:
– Matt
– Allison
– Adam

Those who lived up to expectations:
– Anoop
– Danny

Those who met expectations:
– Lil
– Megan

Those who were a let down:
– Kris

So thanks for reading my recap! Let me know what you think!

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