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AMERICAN IDOL: Jeremy Rosado is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, March 8 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

Jeremy Rosado is set to speak with reporters at 12:30 ET. I’ll be liveblogging his conference call here. I’ll also be adding any additional media that pops up, so watch this space.

ETA:  Jeremy constantly said he was grateful, and praised God quite frequently–I cut out much of that for brevity.  He also seems not to understand what he’s supposed to do next.  I have a word for you Jeremy…and it’s networking!  Read on as he answers questions about his Idol journey.

  • On Steven and Jimmy saying he was in  trouble, “It definitely didn’t help, definitely  made you think you were the one going home, but at the same time hoping and praying that the outcome would be in my favor.  I’m grateful for the four of them bringing me this far. They obviously saw something.   Last night Jennifer told me she wanted to keep me. Made me feel pretty good.”
  • On having Jennifer in his corner, “It was amazing. I will be forever grateful to her for being on my side and fighting for me down to the last minute. I am so blessed.”
  • On his roommate Colton, “He became my big brother, completely.  I’m going to miss him so much, and all my other brothers and sisters from the show. I love them so much. That’s probably going to be the biggest thing I’ll miss.”
  • Did he have a big cry after,  “Definitely happened, definitely cried, a lot. Cried and prayed and called my mom, saw my dad.  I’m still deveated but I’m recovering. I know only the best things are going to come from this. American Idol is a humongous platform, and I’ve been so tremendously blessed to be on the show.”
  • Some of the things he expects to happen, “I  love acting and singing,  hopefully maybe some TV, movies or something, record deal–the big dreams.  Hopefully someone will reach out to me. We’ll see what happens.”
  • Would he try out for X Factor or Voice, “No. American Idol is the show that I’ve always wanted to audition for. This show has done so much for me. Two reasons that I wouldn’t audition–the first is that they won’t take me, because I’ve made it this far on to this show, and second, I think American Idol has done a lot for me, and has given me a huge head start on my career. I’m hoping for doors to just open, just from having this in my life.”
  • Immediate plans, “Got some more  press to do over the next week. That’s pretty much it  for now. I get to go home to my family and my church for a bit.  I hope and pray something happens.”
  • As a wildcard, did he think he was on borrowed time going into the rest of the shows, “That’s a rough question. I felt like I had something to prove, because I didn’t get voted in to the Top 13.  I was hoping that what I’d done the night before–it wasn’t my best– would get me through.”
  • Any details on how the vote between the judges went, and why Steven and Randy voted against him, “I know that she was trying to save me. I’m not sure what happened with the other two.  I’m forever,  grateful, not only to her, but  to Randy, Steven and the producers.  All their votes got me to this point, I wouldn’t be here. I believe that Randy didn’t think my performance was very strong the other night, that’s why he didn’t want to put me through.n I’m blessed to have their support the whole way.”
  • Did he think he deserved to stay instead of Elise? “I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone.  I know that everyone who is there is amazing.  I think my performance was strong enough to still be in the competition. I thought I would still be there today. But in that moment when we were standing there together, I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t going to be me. Elise is amazing, and she so deserves it.  I’m sad it had to be me, but at the same time I’m happy for her.”
  • What did he think of the “judges twist”? “I will never know if I was the one with the lowest number.  I kind of wished it was done the regular way.  I could have seen how it played out by America. By the same time, she’s amazing. It might have just been her, anyway.”
  • Is he headed back to the infection disease clinic? “I love my co-workers, but I don’t want to go back right now. I’m going to keep doing everything with the press this week. I’ll be on Live with Kelly on Monday, and the Today show on Tuesday.  I’m excited about the future.”
  • How much will Jennifer Lopez figure in his post idol career, “I haven’t’ heard anything at all. I love her. I’ll be forever grateful for the way she fought for me.  That would be awesome–her helping me out in some type of way. As of now I haven’t heard of anything.”
  • What was his connection with Jennifer, “That was a huge blessing. She saw something in me that was special to her. I honestly believe that it was just my heart. I laid my heart out on my sleeve every time I performed. I know she felt it.”
  • On fellow Tampa contestant, Shannon Magrane, “I love Shannon. She’s one of my best friends on the show, in life now. Definitely very close with her. We auditioned right after each other, and I didn’t even know that she was from Tampa. Every time we flew to Hollywood, we would be on the same plane together. We’ve really just become best friends. She’s amazing. I hope she goes very far.”
  • How did he feel about singing Stevie Wonder, “I was scared. Nobody will ever be Stevie Wonder.  He’s one of the greatest of all time. I was hoping that I could do my own thing with the song. It definitely worked–Jennifer, she loved it.  Steven liked it too. Randy not so much–I thought it was pretty good for what it was.”
  • What advice does he have for other Hispanic kids, “Love your dream and chase after it, don’t let any person on this earth tell you that you can’t.   The impossible can be possible. I’m here. I’ve always dreamed about being in the Top finalists of American Idol. Number 13, number one, number 7, whatever it is, I’m here. Praise God for that. You’re time to shine will come.”
  • Why does he think they saved Elise last night? “Elise is amazing, she truly is fantastic.  I guess compared to my performance, mine was–I guess Randy thought it was a little rough, and Jimmy as well.  I didn’t think it was that bad. She deserves it. From the bottom of my heart, I’m so happy for her.”
  • What would he have done differently, “Sang better I guess– I don’t know what I could have done. I thought that my journey was pretty good. Can’t change what’s already done.”
  • His relationship with Jessica Sanchez, “I loved Jessica Sanchez. She’s awesome. She was one of my closest friends. We are both Latino. I’m blessed to have met her. She’s going to go far and do great.”
  • Does he see himself doing  more Latin American based shows, “I’m open to the idea of opening up to the Latino community–the market of Spanish music, doing Spanish version of the album–it would be awesome. That’s a whole new area to open up.”
  • If he could go back would he have picked another song?  “I probably would have. It wasn’t a bad performance.  I thought I did pretty good. I’m not sure what I could have done differently. I sang my heart out–and I put my heart out on my sleeve, and got eliminated. Which stinks, but what can you do?”
  • Who does he want to win this show now, “I honestly can’t pick anyone. I honestly love each and every one of them. They are all in their own right, absolutely amazing. Every one of them deserves to still be there. I’m excited to see how it all plays out, and who ends up being the winner.”
  • Did limited screen time hurt him? “I think that could have played a part. I can’t be upset at the producers for the way it was edited. I was featured on the show and they brought me this far. It’s what was meant to be.”
  • Is there a particular AI contestant who has inspired him, “I saw the last episode of the very first season, when Ryan Seacrest said the winner of American Idol…from that moment on– Kelly Clarkson has completely inspired me. I said wow, this is what I want to do.”
  • Did the addition of a 13th guy play into his elimination? “It could have played a part, but I would never know.  All I know is that they gave me an incredible opportunity to be standing on that stage for the past few weeks.”
  • Has he auditioned for Idol before? “I actually auditioned 5 times for the show, and this was the first time I made it to Hollywood.  I tried out consecutively for the past 3 or 4 years.”
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