Jason Castro: A Whole Slew of Performances, Plus Good Day New York

Jason Castro has hit the road with Matt Hires, and I’ve got a slew of videos here from some of his recent performances.

Sidenote: Jason visited my niece’s high school (he loved the funnel cakes!) yesterday, and she got to shake his hand “Jealous much?” she asked me? Ha! I’ll be seeing him perform in Boston on Thursday, so maybe not so much!

After the jump, Jason visits Good Day New York, He performs his single “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again” at 106.1, The Corner (A full 1 hour show will be broadcast tonight at 9 pm ET HERE.)  And on Sunday, he sang at the Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA.

thanks castrocopia

Videos after the JUMP…

Good Day New York – Interview:

Good Day New York: Performance (Let’s Just Fall In Love Again):

106.1 The Corner

Jason Castro – If I Were You – Live at the Jammin’ Java

Jason Castro playing Love Uncompromised live at the Jammin’ Java

Jason Castro playing Hallelujah live at the Jammin’ Java

Jason Castro playing Closer live at the Jammin’ Java

Jason Castro playing Let’s Just Fall In Love live at the Jammin’ Java

Jason Castro playing It Matters To Me live at the Jammin’ Java

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  1. I seriously love this guy!

    Enjoy the concert in Boston, MJ! You’re in for a treat.

  2. Same Cage
    01/27/2010 at 2:59 pm
    I seriously love this guy!

    Enjoy the concert in Boston, MJ! You’re in for a treat.

    I second that!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, MJ :-)

    Have fun at Cafe 939! (See if you can check on my sons admission status while your there – Sunday is so far away, LOL!)

  4. Thanks for the videos, mj, :-). I’m not as readily able to go see him or any of my other favorites, so I live vicariously through others’ experiences. I guess you and your niece can compare notes once you have seen him, lol. I also read someone’s blog a while back concerning her impression of him and the fact that he went to her daughter’s high school. She did not have the best of first impressions about him, and neither did several of her readers. They thought he looked like a girl. Hopefully I, and maybe her daughter having seen and heard him, has changed her mind.

  5. I can’t edit, but I meant to say, her daughter’s middle school.

  6. Always have liked Jason – hope his tour goes well. I’ve enjoyed his EP – looking forward to his album.

    In that If I Were You – Live at the Jammin’ Java video he is so cute at the “drop out of school” adlib part :)

    Beautiful: Hallelujah live at the Jammin’ Java

  7. Love! So sad to miss him Live on this tour. Looks like so much fun and great venues. Very grateful for all the videos though. Thanks! Very Awesome.

  8. mj, I don’t know if this is your niece’s school or not, but here is a treat for at least 1 student at this one. He gets to play Jason Mraz’s song, “I’m Yours” with Jason, :-D. Such a cool gesture on his part. Thanks to castrocopia and the school’s youtube account. The quote below comes from the entry castrocopia had up, along with a video of Jason at the school, before the youtube link.


    Castro helped make dreams come true for aspiring Haverford High musician Nick Quartapella by recording a duet with him in the high school’s new TV studio before heading to a gig at World Cafe Live.

    The video of “I’m Yours,” a song written by Jason Mraz, will be aired on H-Vision and the district Web site.

    “It was awesome. I’m still shaking,” said Quartapella, 17, who has his own band, The Management.

    “I thought it would be really cool to play with a famous musician. His story inspires me a lot.”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZkeb1zo_u0 (LizLemon at castrocopia says that he is “one brave kid” to do this, :-)

  9. Thank you very much for the videos, MJ. I can’t wait to watch all of them. Jason’s great live. Have a good time at the concert Thursday night.

  10. I must get to my daughter’s computer this weekend. I love this guy and congratulations to anyone who gets to meet Jason! I wish him a successful tour!

    Edit: His hair is getting really long!

  11. He has started playing “crazy” by Gnarls Barkly at his shows…way better then when he did it during idol concert tour…his guitarist he is touring with has a wicked solo

  12. Thanks again for the Jason info! Love that guy and I for one am jealous of your niece AND you, have fun tonight and give him a hug for me if you get close enough! Ok? :-)

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