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This week’s Entertainment Weekly features  a story on American Idol Season 6, which they call the “weirdest season ever.”   That’s an apt description.   The  article (it’s online  too) features interviews with assorted producers judges and a paragraph or two on each of the Top 8 contestants.   Here, as always, are a few highlights:

  • Simon attributes   this year’s ratings dip to a less-than-stellar cast, ”We’re doing as well as we are doing with not a great cast at the moment, to be honest with you…They’re not the best bunch of kids we’ve ever had.”
  • Simon pegs the contest as a five-way race between   Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson, Jordin Sparks, LaKisha Jones, and Melinda Doolittle. me: I’ll bet ya a cookie that Sanjaya Malakar bumps one off–Lakisha probably–to make it to  the Top 5…
  • Regarding contestants thinking they don’t have to win the contest, Simon says, ”I think that we suffer from Jennifer Hudson- and Chris Daughtry-itis, which is people who didn’t win getting great careers and now a lot of the contestants believing it absolutely doesn’t matter…Sometime there’s part of me thinking, You genuinely couldn’t care less what we’ve got to say; everything’s going to go your own way now.”
  • In fact, Chris Richardson said, “‘You don’t have to win it…to me I’ve already won, being in the top 10 and going on tour [this summer].”

Carrie Underwood graces the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine me–maybe the dumbest magazine ever.  

Nothing much to say here–the  article on the inside  is the typical fashion-and love-chick-mag type story.   Although, Carrie did NOT talk about s-e-x in case y’all were wondering.

However, I could not resist posting a scan of the cover.   The headlines all around Carrie’s tasteful cover photo are  just…hilarious.

Now for something Completely Different

From the silly to the serious, Clay Aiken just returned from a trip  to Afghanastan as the goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

While in the capital city of Kabul, Aiken,  “visited schools that have implemented programs meant to ensure all children regardless of gender receive an education. While in Bamyan, Aiken visited a health clinic and women’s literacy center where many women learn how to read and write and experience formal education for the first time. The literacy program is one of UNICEF’s priority projects for the empowerment of women in Afghanistan…Aiken also visited water and sanitation programs as well as a program that reintegrates former child soldiers into mainstream society.”

While in the country, Clay went native, growing a beard and wearing traditional clothing.   You can read a Q&A with Clay here.

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