Idols In Concert – Stats – 05/14/15

One Direction hits Cape Town to make some major moola in front of a sold out 50K+ crowd. Lindsey Stirling continues to be a major success in her format selling out a concert in Monterrey, Mexico. The Sing-Off Live Tour hits the famous Warfield Theatre in San Francisco.

In other news, the labels are making major money again. Thanks to those “unprofitable” streams (somebody is making money on them), they are moving up on the positive side of the ledger. The Warner Music Group now makes more revenue from streams than they do from downloads. Meanwhile, Universal is seeing a 7.5% increase from Q1 last year ($2.69 billion). ‘Notably, the company writes, “growth in subscription and streaming revenues more than offset the decline in both digital download sales and physical sales.”‘ Maybe Scott and others need to stop griping about the streaming services and have a chat with the labels. That seems to be the sinkhole where all the revenue is going.

One Direction, Johnny Apple
April 1, 2015: Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town Stadium: 51,060 of 51,060 (SOLD-OUT): $2,467,080

Lindsey Stirling
April 29, 2015: Monterrey, Mexico: Auditorio Banamex: 3,000 of 3,000 (SOLD-OUT): $96,011

The Sing-Off Live Tour
April 8, 2015: San Francisco, Calif.: Warfield Theatre: 1,562 of 1,724 (91%): $55,403

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