Idols in Concert – 05/23/2019

No concerts to report (Ed Sheehan and P!nk reported filling up many of the top 50 spots), but we can still track finale singles.

Two days after The Voice winner and four days after the American Idol winner were announced and both still have songs in the top 5. People wonder why contestants keep singing “Hallelujah”, but it is a crowd pleaser. For Maelyn Jarmon, it was her best received song going to number 1 and sitting at 4th this morning. Laine Hardy’s coronation single is called “Flame” and it got as high as number 2. It was sitting at 5 when I checked this morning. Laine’s “Hurricane” was performed during an earlier week and is 66th. Maelyn’s other performances are “Wait For You” at 12th, “Unforgettable” at 25th and “Stay” at 38th. “Proof I’ve Always Loved You” from Gyth Rigdon is 19th and his “Once in a Blue Moon” 52nd. Andrew Sevener has “Rural Route Raising” at 40th and “Lips of an Angel” at 54th.

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