Idol Headlines for 8/11/08

American Idol Arrives in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Thousands of inspiring singers from all over are flocking to the River City for their shot at fame.

American Idol is holding auditions for season eight of the hit reality TV show. Jacksonville is one of only eight stops.

Wannabe Idols began lining up outside the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena over the weekend. Cherilyn V. Mallari, 19, of San Diego, California, is the first in line.

First Coast

With 7, 000 people in line Idol Auditions begin Early\

By the time the sun came up this morning, the line had almost reached the football stadium. And still they came. Up from Naples, over from New Orleans.

Patrick Lynn, American Idol senior producer, said he had expected to have about 3, 000 in line by then. But he estimated the crowd at more than 7, 000.

There no real reason to be there that early, Lynn said, but there they were.

‘Idol’ finalists get another moment in the spotlight

True to its roots, the American Idols Live! tour, featuring this season’s 10 “American Idol” finalists, started out with a commercial: a giant Pop-Tart mascot helping to fire up Saturday’s crowd at the Worcester DCU Center. There was also a lot of shilling for Guitar Hero, complete with a “music video” featuring the singers (just like on the show!), and two awkwardly blocked, brutally harmonized group numbers.

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Multi-talented Idols on tour cook up a winner of a show

WORCESTER’  Ten Idols performed at the DCU Center Saturday night, but in the end it was really a one-man show.

David Cook, who took the top spot in the seventh, and most recent, season of American Idol (the Fox TV music-and-money-making juggernaut) left no doubt that voters got it right when they made the Missouri-born rocker their No. 1 choice. His five-song set likely would have been deemed brilliant even by acerbic Idol judge Simon Cowell.

Hold off on the testy e-mails all you diehard fans of other idols. There were other bright spots, notably David Archuleta, Cook 17-year-old runner up, who came in a solid second on the DCU audience shriek-o-meter. Archuleta four-song set, including …Angels and …Stand By Me, was delivered with the panache of a performer twice his age. His voice was incandescent, soulful and strong. Although it still a new thing, singing on a big stage in front of thousands of people seems natural. He is obviously born to it.

Cook, Idol cohorts give lukewarm performances

It was a pop culture addict dream.

The nation largest popularity contest brought its Top 10 elite for three hours of covering other people hits, fitting into archetypes and expressing disbelief toward fans ardor.

…American Idols Live! has its moody rocker, its piano-playing sweetheart, its shameless shucking of a new video game during an overlong intermission and its three minutes of compassion.

Boston Herald

American Idol Runner Up Checks Out the Balance Board

What happens when you become American Idol runner-up? You get invited to the Teen Choice Awards to play some Wii. Somehow, that just doesnt seem as good as winning! Thanks to Andre for the heads up.

GO Ninintendo

Up Close With The American Idols – Kristy Lee Cook

For most contestants American Idol is their once in a lifetime shot at stardom. But for some, like Kristy Lee Cook, it is also a second chance. Cook, along with fellow contestants Carly Smithson and Michael Johns, was signed to a record label in the past. Seven years ago Cook was signed with Arista-Nashville under Britney Spears Superstar label. As with Michael Johns (who recorded an album with Maverick Records), Cook deal fell apart before an album was ever released.

Video Blog: American Idol Auditions, Kansas City

This past Friday, American Idol rolled into Kansas City to hold round one auditions for Season 8. Of course, I grabbed my camera and video blogged the craziness. It was great ‘  I really met a lot of cool people in the couple hours I walked around. One thing I found surprising, the majority of people were practically fighting to sing for the camera ¦and they were actually all pretty good! Check out my audio blog on Utterz and my video blog below. P.s. Youll be crackin up when you meet …Mr. Banana Man, a memorable character for sure. Enjoy!


‘Walk’ to stardom: ‘Idol’ alumnus Bucky Covington off to a ‘good start’

As he recounts his relatively quick route to country music stardom, “American Idol” alumnus Bucky Covington sounds as surprised as anyone at his rapid ascent up the charts.

“I went from working in a body shop to red carpet treatment overnight, ” said the affable North Carolina native, who will headline the Wam Bam Country Jam at the Midland County Fairgrounds on Tuesday. “But we’re off to a good start. Everything keeps ticking.”

Trio of country songwriters land on dance floor with ‘Fall’

The last place a country songwriter generally expects to land is on the dance charts. But that’s exactly where hit songsmith Sonny LeMaire found his song “Fall” a few weeks ago.

LeMaire, Shane Minor and Clay Mills co-wrote the ballad that Clay Walker initially made into a Top 5 country hit. Kimberly Locke later recorded the same song as an adult-contemporary pop tune and landed LeMaire and Co. their first No. 1 dance hit.

Joshua’s Training

Drew Tomlinson drops a note regarding the reference of “So You Think You Can Dance” winner Joshua Allen as “untrained.”

I am a choreographer and dance instructor. I own a performing arts studio in Texas called Rhythm nation Studios. And want you to know that Joshua had 6 years of training with me.

I’m kind of getting frustrated that the media wants it to look like that he has had zero training, when in fact I worked very hard on Joshua Allen.

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