Idol Headlines for 7/21/14

Tonight’s The Bachelorette will bring back Andi’s suitors for some lulzy confrontations you won’t want to miss. Shnugs live snarks it all! 8/7c pm ABC.

West coast American Idol audition bus tour stops at the University of Missouri Kansas City.

COUNTRY ROCKS YOUR SUMMER ON “CMA MUSIC FESTIVAL: COUNTRY’S NIGHT TO ROCK,” AIRING TUESDAY, AUGUST 5 ON THE ABC TELEVISION NETWORK – Just when you think it can’t get any hotter, more superstar performers have been announced for “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock” airing TUESDAY, AUGUST 5 (8:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Adding their chops and charm to the special are Luke Bryan, Eric Church with special guest Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert, Lady Antebellum, and Blake Shelton with special guest season-two contestant on “The Voice” Gwen Sebastian. – Read more at Zap2it

Sony Music Fights Lawsuit Alleging Cheating of ‘American Idol’ Stars – Five months after the record company founded by American Idol creator Simon Fuller brought a blockbuster lawsuit against Sony Music Entertainment for allegedly cheating artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood, a New York federal judge is being asked to make an early determination about the claims. Sony was among the record majors that extracted $105 million in settlement from file-sharing LimeWire. Does the money trickle down? In a motion to dismiss filed late last month, Sony argued that it isn’t obligated to credit 19 such money. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Guitar stolen from Constantine Maroulis’ band at Hamptons bash – A thief at a Hamptons charity gala with the theme, “Let’s Misbehave,” took the concept too literally. After “Rock of Ages” star Constantine Maroulis and ’80s cover band Jessie’s Girl rocked the Love Heals gala at the Wölffer Estate Vineyard on Saturday, “some idiot stole the bass guitar from the band,” that had played for VIPs including Nicky Hilton, Sonja Morgan and Eric Ripert, a source told Page Six. But, the spy added the caper may not go unsolved for long.
“The thief was no genius — he was photographed [at the event]. The cops are confident he will be tracked down,” our spy said. – Read more at The New York Post

Baby Girl on the Way for Danny Gokey – The American Idol alum, who is expecting his second child with wife Leyicet, has found out the sex of their baby on the way, Gokey announced Sunday on Twitter. “We recently found out the gender of our baby forming in my wife’s stomach. Here’s what we found out!!” he Tweeted, with a link to an Instagram video post. In the clip, the couple — who are already parents to 18-month-old son Daniel Emanuel – are at their ultrasound, waiting for the big reveal. – Read more at People

Catching up with David Cook: Rock singer and American Idol winner – Massapequa – Rock singer and songwriter David Cook sat down and chatted with me on his tour bus after his concert on July 18 at John J. Burns Park in Massapequa, New York. The American Idol season 7 winner played as part of the “2014 Music Under The Stars Summer Concert Series,” to a great turnout. “We came through here at 89 North last fall and the crowd was great. The crowd was certainly bigger this time with the same energy. It is definitely ‘Strong Island.’ I was happy to be a part of it,” he said. – Read more at Digital Journal

Don’t Stop Him Now: Adam Lambert Talks Queen Tour, Next Album – I kind of think your album Trespassing was ahead of its time by a year or so. It had Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams on it, then a year later Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” blew up, and now Nile and Pharrell are everywhere… You know, it’s funny. I think what’s funny about the music business, that I’ve learned kind of the hard way, is that part of it is the music — you have to have good songs, obviously, or else your product isn’t there — but so much of it is about timing and positioning. The business of music is really tricky, and everything has to kind of work in unison, in harmony, to make for a successful release. And that’s just something I’m still learning about. I think with this one coming up, without being able to give away all the details of the business plan, it’s a much different situation: different label, different producers, different people involved, different management. It’s all going to be a different ballgame, so I’m really excited. – Read more at

Some cinema operators could refuse to carry the Paul Potts biopic, although The Weinstein Co. always has the option of renting theaters. – In a bold move, The Weinstein Co. and Yahoo are teaming to make the Simon Cowell-produced film One Chance available for streaming this fall on Yahoo Screen 10 days before it begins rolling out in theaters. The British independent film, directed by The Devil Wears Prada’s David Frankel, is based on the real-life story of Paul Potts, a bullied shop assistant and amateur opera singer who became a YouTube phenomenon after being selected by Cowell to appear on Britain’s Got Talent (Potts would go on to win). James Corden, who won the Tony for best actor in 2012 for One Man, Two Guvnors, stars as Potts. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I was surprised to see Michael Sarver (S8-10th place?) on my Rate the Music survey. There were two ‘new songs for consideration’. I listened-sounds like he is still trying to make a crack at the Country market. The first sounded very traditional country which I thought was interesting given the current country radio-perhaps he is anticipating a return to country roots in that format. Second one was a throw back bluesy country ballad. I didn’t recognize his voice at all-sounded like someone else-maybe Craig Morgan? Neither were anything different but sounded decent enough.

  2. Someone heard on iHeart radio station announcing the festival for this year. The names mentioned are the usual, but then they heard Adam Lambert, actually the last one mentioned (w/o Queen). Anyone else hear this?

  3. yeah I don’t follow him but someone RT a tweet onto my timeline about him releasing a new single soon. I’m guessing he’s doing it independently. I just saw him (but didn’t talk to him) at Matt G’s show at the Hard Rock in Nashville a few days ago.

  4. I haven’t seen any announcement about the iHeart festival for this year yet. I did see the iTunes festival in London — Sam Smith tweeted about headlining that.

  5. James Corden playing Paul Potts sounds great. He’s an excellent actor. I just saw him in “Begin Again” this weekend.

  6. the names people are hearing in these promos are the names of people who performed in past years. The announcement for this year is on Wednesday (altho sometimes there are leaks a day or two early). The only performer officially announced to date is Ed Sheeran. Once they make the announcement there will be new promos with the names of this years performers

  7. I heard someone tweeted that but it was just someone joking around.

  8. Danielle Sacco @DanielleSacco
    Returning to my #Idol fangirl roots today — interviewing #KrisAllen! Any q’s? @PaulaAbdul should I pass along a hello? :)

    ETA: Kris is in CA this week to do promo for Horizons.

  9. Thanks for the Digital Journal interview with David Cook from the Massapequa, Long Island show this past weekend – they also printed a very nice review of the Friday night show…

    “There will be a lot of exciting things happening in Cook’s near future. “There will be a new record, new music and new shows. ‘New’ is the word,” he said.”

    “New” is a better word than *S**N* – and I also am becoming rather fond of the word NEAR. *wink*

  10. Kris Allen @KrisAllen
    Thanks for havin me @PerezHilton! #horizons

  11. It’s hard for me to imagine Michael sounding like Craig Morgan. But I haven’t heard him at all lately, the last I recall is that Ferris Wheel song.

  12. I really like this from David Cook:

    “I owe the fans the world and hopefully I can deliver at some point”

  13. Yahoo Music @YahooMusic
    Don’t Stop Him Now: Adam Lambert Talks Queen Tour, Next Album

  14. Oh Danny…I hate to tell you but a baby doesn’t come from the stomach. Your lack of anything resembling an IQ is brought to the forefront once again.

  15. Yes. It’s been released in basically every single country except the US. It was supposed to be released here last March ,but got changed to August and now looks like it will only be released online . Paul was supposed to tour here last May but it got canceled.

  16. American Idol Audition bus rolled into Kansas City today. David Cook got a mention.

    One contestant who made it through is from Blue Springs, the same
    Kansas City high school where former idol winner David Cook attended.

    He was the winner of the school’s first David Cook scholarship set up
    by the idol winner for students at his alma mater headed to college.

  17. Perez promoted Kris with his second album too. Interesting, I don’t think Perez had anything to do with Adam second album era.

  18. Good thing he didn’t. PH is an a**hole of the biggest magnitude. I wouldn’t want Adam any where near him. Hope Kris has better “promo” than this lined up.

  19. I had no idea David set up a scholarship at his high school. Don’t think many of his more diehard fans knew that. Not sure what the qualifications are for winning the scholarship. Is that described in the last paragraph?

  20. I don’t think Adam’s people will be calling Perez for album 3 neither. He doesn’t need Perez but to be fair Perez has been nice to Adam since Adam has been single again ;)

  21. Wasn’t that for the Queen iHeartradio Festival? I know he was there.

  22. I remember they were showing previews of the movie in theaters. Now that it’s been brought up again, I have wondered whatever happened to it.

  23. .They showed a sneak preview on AGT last year. It’s really a shame that it hasn’t been released here. I met Paul in 2009 and he’s a super nice and talented guy.

  24. no they did a sit down talk re the album during album/single promo time

  25. Just curious. Because it almost sounded like this was it and it doesn’t sound right.

    New this year the true believer initiative; a $50,000 prize for the person who encouraged the winner to try out because they believed in them.

    They mushed together these two separate facts.

  26. Maybe this time he will have a label that will actually release singles that are representative of the album rather than a couple of singles that he was forced to release that sound nothing like the rest of the album. I also doubt it will be a cover album.

  27. During the Christmas season? That’s when his first single came out.

  28. Perez still has a lot of followers and a fair amount of influence. It doesn’t matter if an artist likes or gets along with an interviewer — the artist will usually generally still do the interview if he/she/they thinks it will benefit them.

  29. On a lighter note, I had to laugh at this comment on the People article:

    “So sad that she ate a baby girl.”

  30. Perez really doesn’t have any influence anymore. A lot of top artists don’t even want to go near him anymore.

  31. “who are already parents to 18-month-old son Daniel Emanuel”

    Of course, Danny named his son after himself. lol

  32. “I had no idea David set up a scholarship at his high school.”

    News to me as well, Sassycatz. I guess that’s just another one of those things we don’t hear about unless someone else mentions it, because he doesn’t talk about it.

  33. A lot of families do name their first born son after the father. Maybe it was her choice. ;)

  34. But this is Danny, a pretentious self-righteous religious egocentric singer.

  35. So Adam does have a new label, can’t wait for the business plan to unravel.

  36. How do you really feel? This made me laugh, mostly because all of this would be news to Danny. By the way, I happen to agree with you.

  37. I swear someone should write a movie parodying this man’s behavior. It’s like he’s so oblivious to just how he comes off. The whole “my dead wife” thing sounded like he killed her for fame, fortune, and an insurance claim. Don’t grill me. I know that was not the case but he really doesn’t get how self-important he came across.

  38. Not the least surprised he has/had a new label. Never doubted he did. I am kinda caught between that rock and a hard place. I wish QALwould continue a while longer, especially since they are just beginning to hit their stride. Especially due to the advanced age of both Roger and Dr. Bri. They have a certain momentum going. AOn the other hand I really want new Adam music. I’ll buy anything he puts out. It’s a real Catch 22 thing.

  39. And all along I thought I was the only one who thought him self righteous prig with an ego the size of Texas.

  40. Well I hope it helps. You hear so little about Perez these days it’s like he disappeared after he went to war with Gaga. She may have not have ruled the charts this time around, but she’s still a force to reckon with. Wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.

  41. Without Queen doesn’t make sense as Adam doesn’t have new music to,promote.

  42. Anyone see 5th Harmony on Wolf Watch after this week’s Teen Wolf episode?

  43. Heard it did pretty well in the UK and Japan…Paul Potts is mostly popular in Japan and Korea.

  44. He’s got nearly 6 million followers on twitter and over 1 million FB likes, so somebody must still be paying attention to him *shrugs*

    I just know that when he posted the vid of Kris’ acoustic session for him a couple of years ago, it got a lot of hits and comments. So maybe that’s why Kris went back to him this time. I saw that he did an another acoustic session for them which they will be posting soon

  45. HabitatSHR ?@HabitatSHR
    @ofarevolution & @Phillips w/ our first #RAD2014 homeowners b4 last night’s concert! Thanks for the VIP experience!

  46. He is on some lady talk show. Not The View. This is the one with Connie Chung and Sarah Gilbert. I see it when I visit my Mom at her assisted living facility. He’s off his game. I think he aspired to be a sort of Joan Rivers snark-a-holic, but he can’t take the heat. Making enemies with Gaga was definitely a case of biting the hand that feeds you.

  47. You mean The Talk? That’s Sarah Gilbert and Julie Chen (and some others, All women). Perez is not a regular on that show,

    If you want to look, I posted an interview with Chris Colfer, he appeared on The Talk earlier today (Monday).

  48. Adam’s supposed to release an album early this year. I think the I Heart Radio concert is closer to November, so it is possible Adam would release a single by then.

  49. lol True. Adam always has a nice way of getting across what he really means.

  50. Oh geez… Connie Chung. I’m still living in the 80’s. I like the show when I’ve seen it (which is only when I visit my mom because it comes on after her soaps! :)) It must be the day of the week because Perez seems to show up almost every time. Mostly, I like Sharon Osborne.

  51. He doesn’t need Perez

    That’s funny. I think that most PR people would clamor at any publicity. Getting put is beneficial for everyone involved.

  52. I’m sure when Adam releases his single, Perez will want to interview him as well. Adam doesn’t have a CD yet whereas Kris does. They’re not competing anymore. They’re separate entities with completely different music. There are bound to be people who still get into that Idol bubble and want to interview them both. There are bound to be people who only want Adam or Kris but not both. There are bound to be people who don’t want either. It’s all good. Publicity and promotion are always good. For both of them.

  53. The iHeart radio festival is on September 19 & 20. I would be surprised if Adam is on the bill as a solo artist, as he probably won’t have his new music out by then. If he is, though, that’s great.

  54. LOL! Who’s competing? I think you misunderstood my post. I just don’t consider Perez to be “good” promotion. I’m not at all concerned about the promo Adam will get. He has a top notch team behind him. He knows it’s not just about making good music. All the stars need to align so to speak and hopefully in the new era they will.

  55. yes, but there lies the crux of the matter, PH is not good promotion……

  56. There’s some history between Perez and Adam, that makes me think Adam will not be calling Perez for album 3 either…..not to mention the hundreds of disgusting comments posted about about him on every article Perez has ever done on him…why would he voluntarily put himself forward for that?

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