Idol Headlines for 5/13/08

‘American Idol’ Power List: The Top 3

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Top 3 Power Rankings: Here Comes David A.!

The Top 3 Power Rankings
61.3% David Cook
29.7% David Archuleta
9.0% Syesha Mercado

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Wake me when ‹American Idol is over by Dave White

This will sound incredibly ridiculous to just about every single person reading this, but it actually my job to sit on my couch and watch …American Idol with my friends. Im sorry if you have a really boring sales meeting coming up in 15 minutes and youre just killing time on the Internet until then and I just made you start daydreaming about how awesome it would be to get paid money to watch TV. But that my job. Really.

Of course, then I have to write somewhat detailed recaps of the show. Recaps that go on for thousands of words where I analyze …Idol-related issues of monumental importance.


‘Idol’ coaches weigh in on the three who remain

Three contestants. Three songs to perform. One goal. THIS ¦ is American Idol. As the semifinals drama heightens, our coaches detail what each singer needs to do to win.

‘IDOL’ CHATTER: The coaches panel has even more to say

USA Today

Sob story success American Idol hopefuls bounce back from painful pasts and make it to finals

Good singers with a sob story are loved even more.

Which could make the top three finalists of the seventh season of American Idol well-loved, judging from their heart-rending family histories.

This year’s unscripted drama has story lines that go deeper than someone’s job at a gay strip club or someone’s former recording contract.

Behind the sweet, shy smile of 17-year-old frontrunner David Archuleta is a tough family background.

In 2002, the marriage of his parents Jeff, a jazz trumpet player, and Lupe, a pop/Latin singer and dancer from Honduras, was so shaky they filed for divorce, reported the National Enquirer.

Electric New Paper

‘Idol’ drama hurts so good ‘  but it does hurt

Watching American Idol these days is like suffering through the most dysfunctional relationship I’ve ever had.

At first, I’ll admit, it was hate at first sight ‘  as demonstrated by a passionate 2002 column nailing Idol as “a gussied up, lip-synching carnival that passes off children who can warble an Elton John tune as artists worthy of a recording contract.”

Anyone who met their future mate in negative circumstances can relate.

St. Petersburg Times

Three Players, Nine Songs

Dreadlocked Jason Castro, who admitted he had a tough time remembering lyrics from two songs that he knew last week (not to mention two he didn’t from Neil Diamond the week before), almost looked relieved upon being eliminated last week on ” American Idol.”

Now, at least, he won’t have to try to learn three songs to sing before TV’s biggest weekly audience.

So, after the ouster of Castro last week, when he stumbled during a Bob Marley tune and forgot some Bob Dylan lyrics, Tuesday’s semifinal will feature Syesha Mercado vs. the Two Davids ‘  Cook and Archuleta.

Test your ‘A.I.’ I.Q.

The seventh season of “American Idol” is nearing its final note, and this go-round featured all the typical “A.I.” staples: Paula receiving transmissions from distant planets; Simon being mean; Seacrest being sycophantic.

And of course, a crew of crooners of questionable talent vied for the title.

Now it’s down to the top three: hot rocker David Cook; sweet 17-year-old David Archuleta; and the elegant Syesha Mercado.

In honor of this enduring talent show, we offer the “Idol” I.Q. Test:


Miles Siggins Idol’s Fashion Police

When …American Idol sneezes, American culture catches pneumonia. Across the Internet, beside the water coolers, on magazine covers and morning news chat shows, every inch of each week show is subjected to scrutiny worthy of an International Atomic Energy Agency spot inspection team. Every misstep comes under the remorseless spotlight of America pundit army.

And of all the iffy decisions each contestant makes, none ‘- not picking a terrible song, forgetting a lyric or flubbing an interview segment ‘- is as likely to earn a singer the collective wrath of the nation as a bad fashion choice. …Pitchy singing can be forgiven. Skeletons from one past are gladly shoved back in the closet. But if you are a 17-year-old singer with a reputation more wholesome than Betty Crocker’s, as David Archuleta’s is, and you step on stage in leather pants, neither God nor man nor the Fox network can save you.

LA Times

Why I’m not rooting for David A. to win ‘Idol’

The news about David Archuleta’s dad, Jeff, being banned from Idol rehearsals was the nudge I needed to set down some thoughts I’ve been batting around in my head. (There’s lots of empty space up there, plenty of room to bat thoughts around.) The topic: Why it would be better for everyone concerned if David did not win the Idol crown.

If I’m being honest (one of my favorite Simon qualifiers), much of that belief is founded upon my aversion to his style of music. Similarly to just about everyone, I was impressed early by David’s precociousness and bowled over by his rendition of Imagine, lyrically sanitized as it was. Since then, nearly everything he’s done has been a variation on this theme — ballad or ballad-like tempo, inspirational or impersonal message, runs around the melody line to show off his vocal skills, not seemingly to invest the song with greater significance. (He’s far from the only Idol in history to indulge in this practice, of course.) In other words (Frank Sinatra’s, actually, adapted liberally), it’s the song serving the singer, not — as Sinatra’s credo was — the singer serving the song.

USA Today

Vocal coach denies Archuleta’s father is ‘stage dad from hell’

David Archuleta’s vocal coach confirmed today that the “American Idol” singer’s father, who has been accused of being “the stage dad from hell, ” has been prohibited from working with his son on the show.
Coach Dean Kaelin said the move to keep Jeff Archuleta from helping with David’s songs was based on “fairness, ” not about allegations that Jeff has been a distraction or because he told his son to use additional lyrics that cost producers extra money.
Kaelin was referring to news reports that Jeff Archuleta was booted from rehearsals because he disobeyed producers’ orders. The Associated Press, along with Internet tabloid site, reported that Jeff Archuleta had his son ad lib partial lyrics from Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” during last week’s performance of “Stand by Me, ” forcing producers to pay for rights to two songs. According to the stories, that led to the ban.
“This whole things with the words is ludicrous, ” said Kaelin, who has been working with David and his father during the show’s run. “[David] easily would have sung that in front of producers, directors [during rehearsals]. Why wouldn’t anyone go up to him and say, ‘You can’t sing that, ‘ or go to Jeff? And nobody did.”

Salt Lake Tribune

David Cook T-Shirts Benefit American Cancer Society

T-Shirts celebrating American Idol contestant, David Cook , are in demand.

The American Cancer Society began selling them Friday during Cook’s homecoming tour. They are $10 and 20 percent of the cost goes to the American Cancer Society in honor of David’s brother, Adam. Adam Cook suffers from brain cancer.


Here what to do about David Cook clothes

David Cook of Blue Springs is running up high performance scores on …American Idol. But as for his sartorial ratings? They are not as terrific. How would the experts help him? We asked a couple of Kansas City stylists.
Add a little polish. Lose the sloppy style for a long and lean look. Were not suggesting that he be transformed into Ralph Lauren. But our experts have the right idea.


We ask KC experts to straighten out the debate over David Cook hair.

You know youve become famous when America starts arguing over your hair. That what has happened to David Cook, the Blue Springs rocker whose powerful voice and edgy perormances have earned him a spot in the finals of …American Idol. So, yeah, he can sing. No argument there. But his hair? That a different story. It all the rage on the Internet.


Lessons Syesha Taught Me

This is a time of endings. Tomorrow, cycle 10 of America Next Top Model will draw to a close, and Tyra Banks will bid us farewell till the fall. (Or, rather, till her talk show airs on Thursday afternoon.) Next week, our country will anoint its new beacon of hope’ not in a presidential primary, but with the finale of American Idol season seven.

Oh, and in about three weeks I will graduate from Harvard.

Naturally, Im reflecting. What meaning have I found? What friendships have I formed? What lessons have I learned? The first two are easy’ the answer to both is David Archuleta. If you dont know who he is, Archie (as insiders call him), is a current Idol finalist, an adorable seventeen-year-old phenom who, if there is any justice in the world, will soon be declared this season winner.

The Crimson

Syesha fans keep party going

Die-hard “American Idol” fans have been packing into Mattison’s City Grille in downtown Sarasota for the past 10 weeks to show their support for local contestant Syesha Mercado and tonight will be no exception, but get there early. The show last Tuesday started at 8, but by 7:15, it was standing-room only with additional stadium-style seating set up on the sidewalk.

The restaurant creates an array of signature menu items each week, like the Fan-esha appetizer, Pizza Mercado, the Syesha Salad, and a Syesha Cocktail. Syesha fan Lynn Hudson said, “We never get this kind of excitement in Sarasota; I’m getting chills.”

Herald Tribune

Jennifer Hudson MIA from Sex and The City London Prem

So where’s Hudson, and why wasn’t she at the big splashy international premiere of her first film since the wildly successful “Dreamgirls”?

“She is busy working on her new album, ” according to her ID-PR publicist. “She’s not doing any of the international press, just the domestic.”

Oh. ‘Kay. Then.

So that means we’ll see JHud at the New York premiere May 27 at Radio City Music Hall. Why do I think she’s gonna perform, along with Fergie, that night? Just call it a hunch.

Los Angeles Times

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to honor Zeile, Dodgers

LOS ANGELES — Former Dodgers third baseman Todd Zeile and the club will be honored this coming Thursday, May 15 at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s annual fundraiser gala, “Finding a Cure: A Love Story, ” at the Beverly Hilton. The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a cocktail reception and silent auction, with dinner to follow at 7:00 p.m.

Singer and American Idol favorite Katharine McPhee will also be on hand for a special performance, as will surprise Grammy Award-winning performers.


Singer Clay Aiken is finally starting to figure out style

Clay Aiken has always seemed like the most bewildered of the American Idol graduates ‘  his instant fame cut with a bit of what-just-happened? caution, his music a hit-or-miss split between what he wants and what he’s supposed to want.

Five years later, on his second full album of originals, On My Way Here, Aiken is starting to figure it out.

He is at his best when he wraps his big voice around big ballads, usually ones with big messages attached. He maximizes the drama on As Long as We’re Here to poignant effect, with booming phrases that would make Celine Dion proud, followed by vulnerable questioning that emo leading men would secretly admire. He undersells Something About Us like it was a classic Johnny Mathis ballad and fills The Real Me with a quavering uncertainty that makes it work.

Asian star power in New York!

Guess who landed at the South Asian Excellence Awards (SAEA) in New York? Well, it was former tennis star Vijay Amritraj (in a black sherwani), with former American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar (right), actress Pooja Batra (2nd from right) and Janina Gavankar (left).

The celebrities were among others present at the event hosted by Sony Entertainment Television Asia to recognise and honour South Asian achievers for their accomplishments.

Who’d you spare: Brandon Rogers or Ace Young?

Former American Idol contestants Brandon Rogers and Ace Young guest on tonight’s episode of Bones (8 p.m. ET). Both play aspiring singers: Brandon’s character is credited as “Broadway Wannabe, ” while Ace’s goes by the name “Tommy Sour.” From the Fox teasers, we know that Ace is the one who bites it. But, watch the clips below and cast a vote for the Idol alum you would spare. (Why? Because I’m feeling puckish.)

Entertainment Weekly

Ryan Seacrest: ‘I Like What I’ve Heard’ of Lindsay Lohan’s New Music

Lindsay Lohan is going hip-hop on her next album ‘ and Ryan Seacrest is impressed.

“I’ve heard some of it, I like what I’ve heard so far, ” Seacrest told PEOPLE backstage at KIIS-FM’s annual Wango Tango concert in Irvine, Calif., on Saturday. Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers performed at the show.

“Lindsay is taking it very seriously, ” said Seacrest, 33. “She’s working really hard. She’s working with great producers.”

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