Idol Headlines for 5/1/08

‹Idol fans just didnt believe in Brooke White

Brooke White couldnt make enough …American Idol voters believe in her, and thus she found herself evicted from the competition on Wednesday.

White, who was joined in the bottom two by perennial elimination runner-up Syesha Mercado, had a tough time with the Neil Diamond theme on Tuesday. Simon Cowell referred to her version of …Im a Believer as …a nightmare, and while …I Am I Said was better, it ultimately didnt buy her another week on the show


Recap: Brooke runs dry on ‘American Idol’

After a Tuesday show that saw the musical attributes of the American Idol Top Five overshadowed by Paula Abdul’s perplexing and new-found ability to predict the future, which contestant would be heading home on Wednesday (April 30)? And why can’t Paula just tell us the results in advance and save me an hour?

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‘American Idol’: Never Mind the Bollix…

If Tuesday night’s performance episode of American Idol was, as Simon called it, ”officially the strangest” in the show’s seven-season history, then tonight’s results-show edition was perhaps its most disappointing.

Which isn’t to say that America got it wrong by sending home Brooke White, the wide-eyed nanny who for the last several weeks assumed the role of the show’s tortured artiste (emphasis firmly on ”tortured”). Indeed, while Brooke’s lovely warble made her a fan favorite early in the season ‘  particularly during her potent one-two-three punch of ”You’re So Vain, ” ”Love Is a Battlefield, ” and ”Let It Be” ‘  the weekly pressures of performing in front of a TV audience of almost 30 million appeared to take a gradual psychological toll on her, culminating in last week’s awkwardly flubbed lyrics and thudding false start on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ”You Must Love Me.”

Entertainment Weekly

Is Simon a Good Kisser? Welcome to Another Awkward Episode of American Idol

I just got home from a dinner out and I turned on my TV to find that American Idol is kind of crazy. Paula Abdul is making MC Skat Kat references! The first girl who Simon Cowell kissed’ and his first crush!’ is on the call-in segment and saying that he’s “aged very well”! Natasha Bedingfield performed a semi-hookless dance song that sounded like a filler track from 1988-ish Z100! The two girls are the bottom two, thus avoiding all “Jason was robbed” spoiler possibilites! Ryan Seacrest is pretty visibly addled, possibly because his saying “We’re out” instead of “Seacrest out” last night spelled his certain doom and also possibly because he’s still drunk from the bender that he so obviously needed after last night! Live-action commentary of the show’s final 15 minutes after the jump.


‘American Idol’ Reaches Its Final Four

After a Tuesday show that saw the musical attributes of the American Idol Top Five overshadowed by Paula Abdul’s perplexing and new-found ability to predict the future, which contestant would be heading home on Wednesday (April 30)? And why can’t Paula just tell us the results in advance and save me an hour?


Morrissey Promotes American Idol on Late Show

Lawsuits, anti-racism concert-funding, and all, Morrissey’s still got it. Above, a clip from his performance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. But wait, is that an American Idol T-shirt the ordinarily dapper tear-jerkist is sporting? Morrissey is of course not above any heavy-handed fit of irony, but has he made an about face on AI’s brand of popular-rule arts?

Moz fans might recall an interview the singer gave to Entertainment Weekly a while back. Asked to expand on his theory that sh*tty popular music was made all the more sh*tty by shameless promotion of the talentless, he said: “Idol is an easy target as [the contestants] are really just very simple children who are manipulated by truly awful grown-up people.” Fair enough, but has he decided on a tact different from trash-talking from the sidelines? Could he be hoping to earn a spot as an American Idol mentor so as to destroy it from within? More important, will we in time be made to endure Jason Castro’s ukulele version of “How Soon Is Now?”


American Idol Gets Ready to Shape the Songs that Shape Rock and Roll into Little Tiny Squares

The long trips into the past will continue on next week’s American Idol, when, according to a tipster quoted at MJ’s Big Blog, the top four contestants will sing songs from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s list of 500 Songs That Shaped Rock. On the one hand, ugh; on the other hand, given the Idol producers’ track record of knowing anything about current music, I guess that’s progress, since there are a few songs that were actually recorded in the past 20 years on the list. Anthony and I went through the list and tried to pick out which songs would be most appropriate for each remaining contestant. (Since we don’t have Paula’s psychic abilities, we selected songs for the five singers who are still in the competition as of this very moment.)


Pizza and Pop Lift Fox

Pizza night on …Hell Kitchen and the start of Neil Diamond week on …American Idol lifted Fox to No. 1 in the ratings on Tuesday. Nielsen estimated that 24.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the five remaining …Idol contestants square off at 8 p.m. After …Idol, Fox …Hell Kitchen delivered 12.3 million viewers, the largest audience ever in the series three-year history. The cooking competition led the 9 p.m. time slot among adults 18 to 49, but trailed ABC …Dancing With the Stars in total viewers in the hour (16.7 million).

New York Times

Paula Abdul hits a sour note on ailing “Idol”

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Scandal has always suited “American Idol.” From accusations of voting irregularities to the secret personal histories of contestants, Fox’s unequaled reality hit produces a flurry of new controversies every season.

Judge Paula Abdul alone has been responsible for countless woozy YouTube moments and at least one severe alleged infraction — a reported romantic relationship with a contestant during the show’s second season.

The more alarmed and critical the media headlines, the more “Idol” has thrived in the ratings.

“‘Idol’ is all about cast and controversy, ” said Fox president of alternative entertainment Mike Darnell in a recent interview. “So as soon as you get the right ingredients, the ratings go up again.”

‹Idol Judge Admits Rehearsal Guided Her

After being informed of her error during the broadcast, Ms. Abdul eventually explained that she mixed up her notes and had meant to comment on another contestant. But during a radio interview on Wednesday morning Ms. Abdul revealed that she had seen part of the dress rehearsal, which takes place about two hours before the live broadcast, and had mixed up the rehearsal and the live performances.

The issue raises questions about the credibility of the show, which each week is the most-watched program on television, recently attracting about 24 million viewers per episode, a third more than the next most-watched program, …Dancing With the Stars. The judges frequently warn the contestants that they have to inspire and excite the audience each week and that they risk elimination if they let their attention wane. …American Idol has long promoted that each contestant fate hangs on the live broadcast, when anything can happen. On Wednesday online chatter about Ms. Abdul mistake included some critics, like Michael Slezak on Entertainment Weekly, even raising questions about whether the judges are given scripted comments to recite about the contestants.

New York Times

‘American Idol’ Recap: Paula Abdul Gaffe Throws Off Jason Castro, Turns Off Viewers

Do I think Paula’s snafu proved that the show is rigged, as a few leading “Idol” bloggers are suggesting? Hell to the no. Do I think Paula’s snafu proved that she is completely worthless as a judge? You betcha. After all was said (and undone), Abdul’s comment calamity was just one “Gladiator!” away from out-crazying Liz Taylor at the ’01 Golden Globes.

While I’m all for aging eccentric biddies making live TV as exciting as possible, I’m growing tired of Paula’s “Where am I?” shtick. I think it’s time Nigel Lythgoe cast a new nutjob to play the role of Edie Bouvier Beale. On second thought, Paula’s Carnac the Magnificent bit should inspire Lythgoe to find an actual psychic to replace her. Jackie Stallone’s schedule is pretty open. And I think Miss Cleo could use the money. Or better yet, Dionne Warwick. Before she hooked up with an entire network of psychic friends, she was a singer. That’s what I call a crackpot jackpot!


‘American Idol’: What was behind Paula’s curious comments?

But now in light of the latest Paula Abdul flub, does having a good performance even matter? I mean, wow, there have been some questionable comments before, but giving comments to a performance that hasn’t happened yet is a little much to take. So I guess the question is, did she get the critique from dress rehearsal or was she told what to say by Ken and Nigel? My opinion is from dress rehearsal, which seems to be the lesser of two evils. I’ve been in so many dress rehearsals with the judges, which by the way is pretty unsettling if you’re not sure of all the lyrics. I would always wonder what they would use from those performances, but I never really thought they were taking notes. Apparently, I was wrong.

I think the idea of the judges being scripted is totally false. I’ve spoken with way too many of Idol’s influential people who have expressed genuine surprise at the outcome of a judge’s remark or a results show to think otherwise.

Entertainment Weekly

Details Released about David Cook’s American Idol Visit to Blue Springs

BLUE SPRINGS, MO. — FOX 4 has learned more details about a David Cook visit to Blue Springs, Missouri on Friday, May 9.

Cook will be in town for an American Idol hometown visit. This all assumes that he’ll advance into the final three on the show.

In the morning, Cook will be taping some promotions in downtown Kansas City. He’ll arrive in Blue Springs around 3:00 p.m.

A parade is expected to begin around 3:00 at the Durvet building parking lot off Adams Dairy Parkway near US 40 (100 SE Magellan Dr.).


Parade, Concert Planned For David Cook’s Homecoming

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Ten thousand tickets will be made available for David Cook’s visit and performance in Blue Springs, Mo., on Friday, May 9. That’s if he makes it to the final three on American Idol.

WDAF FOX 4 has learned more details about his hometown visit through Idol.

The American Idol contestant will be flown into the area Thursday night, May 8, by private jet from Los Angeles. He’ll be accompanied by an American Idol producer.

Cook is scheduled to do a noon performance before Blue Springs. A location hasn’t been decided yet. However, it’s possible it could be at the Power and Light District KC Live.

My Fox KC

Bikes and blues music take to San Bernardino city streets

San Bernardino area gear heads will have another festival to look forward to with the addition of the inaugural Berdoo Bikes and Blues Rendezvous to go along with the established Route 66 Rendezvous.

The San Bernardino Convention and Visitors Bureau has teamed with the San Bernardino City Professional Firefighters – Local 891 for the Bikes and Blues Rendezvous on Friday and Saturday on the downtown streets.

In keeping with the theme, organizers booked 2008 “American Idol” finalist Amanda Overmyer, the Harley riding rock ‘n’ roll nurse, to kick start the event by singing the national anthem at 6 p.m. Friday.

Portions of the event’s proceeds will benefit the Edward G. Hirschman Burn Center at Arrowhead Medical Regional Center.

Tyra and Clay Give Me 500 Reasons to Smile

Whether it’s on “America’s Next Top Model” or her daily chat fest, Tyra Banks is one of pop culture’s guiltiest pleasures. So to satiate your sweet tooth this afternoon, I am bringing you two minutes and 39 seconds that could in fact save the world. Take note, Madonna.

The clip in question comes from today’s episode of “The Tyra Banks Show” which incidentally is her 500th! Congats T! Anyway, for the celebration Tyra is giving back to her fans and one of her lucky viewers got to meet her idol: Clay Aiken.

The clip is beyond priceless when Clay goes from a wax sculpture to a real boy and scares the bejesus out of his numero uno. But things only get more hilarious when the trio heads backstage at Spamalot.


On the Scene: ‘Idol’ Top 5 performance night

After Jason finished his first song ‘  there’s a comment about being forever in Jason’s blue jeans that I’m strenuously trying to avoid here ‘  and we were at the ad break, Cook and Brooke shared a good luck shoulder squeeze, and then the rocker scooted across the stage to congratulate Castro. He checked the mic-stand height, and then sat in silence next to Ryan on the interview stools as some Idol roadies (though, I guess, they’re technically studioies?) fiddled with the guitar amp. Watching them sit there, I had two thoughts: One, Seacrest really needs to sit with better posture. And two, Cook’s hair was looking very Christian-from-Project unway-hot-tranny-mess-but-not-in-a-good-way. They execute the Cook-interviews-Seacrest gambit, give each other a “I guess that went well?” shrug, and soon enough Paula’s up and dancing as Cook sings about being alive. And when I said Cook was a mensch, I meant it; he stuck around after he was done specifically so he could give Brooke a good luck high five.

Entertainment Weekly

American Idol Week 10 – The fix is in?

It’s fun to think about the furor that might result from the revelation that America’s most popular TV show has been cooking and manipulating its results for the past several years, trying to ensure that another Taylor Hicks never happens just like the Democratic National Committee put in that goofy time-bomb superdelegate rule just so they’d never get another George McGovern. As much of a blast as it might be to see the show taken down in a media feeding frenzy like the 50s Quiz Show scandal, though, I just can’t buy that narrative. After all, if you were going to orchestrate a massive live-TV conspiracy, would you really want Paula Abdul as your point person? I don’t doubt for a second that Idol exec producer Nigel Lythgoe is doing whatever he can to make sure Archuleta wins the thing, but I very much doubt that his devious efforts include passing fake notes to a fruitloop like Abdul. More likely, I think, is the possibility that Abdul just spaced right out and proved why nobody should ever put her on live TV in any capacity again. Can we just send her home this week?

Village Voice

American Idol: Good Times Never Seemed So Far Away

Have you noticed how Seacrest never says that this is the best, most talented season of American Idol of all time anymore? Yeah, cuz it most certainly is not. Maybe if he replaced …best with …blandest and …most talented with …most overrated.

Right off the bat, I found myself tapping into Nigel subconscious and noticing that he most calculatedly put Castro (the one who might break up the David on David finale despite his best efforts to get his bum booted from the show) in the #1 spot, which has traditionally been the kiss of death. And he put Syesha (the next most likely to go home, though havent we been saying that for weeks?) in the pimp spot, presumably to drum up interest in the diva and dispel rumors of favoritism. Or maybe Im just a cynic.

On a more positive note, Pizza and Salad Paula was mos def in the house tonight. She was wearing not only leopard print, but also sequins and ruffles. Paula is really gunning for a spot on the fall season of Dancing With the Stars. Plus, she forgot to pretend during the …intermission between parts one and two of the insipid Neil Diamond night that she had heard only one song from each of the contestants. Someone forgot to tell Paula the plan.


Endgame: Networks finish season with flourish

Ex-…Idol contestants Ace Young and Brandon Rogers guest on Fox …Bones May 12. Star David Boreanaz might even sing. Everyone at the Jeffersonian becomes a suspect when the Gormogon serial killer is revealed in the May 19 season finale.

Boston Herald

Carrie Underwood at Stagecoach Festival

On Sunday in Indio, Carrie Underwood plays Stagecoach, the nation’s biggest country music festival, along with closing-day superstar headliner Tim McGraw and the man widely considered the greatest living country singer, George Jones. A week later, the “American Idol” alumna will be inducted as the newest member of the celebrated Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the spiritual center of country music for eight decades.

It’s a double-shot of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the 25-year-old singer from Checotah, Okla., who three years ago was just another wannabe star running the gantlet that is “Idol.” Even after her 2005 win, the country music establishment wasn’t quick to take her seriously. Who can forget the flap that exploded when Faith Hill apparently was caught in an on-camera hissy fit when Underwood’s name was called as female vocalist of the year at the 2006 Country Music Assn. Awards ceremony?

Calendar Live

Idol Banter: Time to Say Goodbye to Castro

Millions of Americans are sad tonight. Brooke White made it hard to not be sad, but I never liked her, and I’m sticking to my mild, self-satisfied buzz.

I am not sad that White is gone from “Idol.” She will be fine. She had the best exit song ever with “I Am I Said, ” an awesome Neil Diamond ballad that seemed tailor-made for her unmoored state, and she got through it despite one of her trademarked attempts to restart. She wept in a telegenically broken-hearted way, then turned her back on the camera’s prying gaze — her classiest move in weeks.

LA Times

Brooke White’s Long Goodbye Comes to an End

And so on a trail of tears, she left us. Perhaps the most emotionally demonstrative contestant in American Idol history, Brooke White at last had a reason for her tears, exiting at the close of a topsy turvy Neil Diamond week.

In most seasons, Oscar or Idol, …its an honor just to be nominated is not even a string of empty words but a phrase that can only be used ironically. But Brooke trajectory proves that this season a slot in the Top 12 did, in fact, mean something. While never a likely contender for the finals, no one can say Brooke White did not bring something distinctive to the show; a compelling husky voice, competent performing skills, largely good taste in song picks and a breakthrough for the singer/songwriter category which has never previously had much luck in Idol. And in the Idoldome Wednesday night while there seemed to be a general sense that this was about the right time for her, there was also genuine affection and appreciation for what she brought to the stage.

LA Times

Carly wants to come home and rest before mammoth Idol tour

AMERICAN Idol star Carly Smithson will be winging her way back to Dublin within the next few weeks.

In her first Irish interview since her appearance on the massive talent show, Carly told the Herald that a trip to her home town is the first thing on her …to-do list.

And Carly who left Dublin in a bid to follow her dream into the music industry wants to bring her tattoo artist husband Todd back home with her.

However, Carly will be back following her American dream within weeks when she hits the road for the mammoth Idol tour.

…I definitely would love to get back home in the next few weeks, …she said. … There’s going to be three months coming up where I can’t do anything as I’m going to be starting the Idol tour so I really want to go home and sit in my house for a while before that.

Independent ie

Even Paula could have predicted the Arizona singer’s ouster Wednesday night.

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest opened Wednesday’s episode by saying Tuesday’s buzzed-about pre-critique of Jason Castro by judge Paula Abdul might not have made for the strangest show in “Idol” history, as Simon Cowell had stated, but it certainly was one of the most hectic in recent memory. Things were much calmer during the elimination episode, which ended the long, tear-stained run of Mesa, Arizona, native Brooke White.


Paula Dishes on Brooke’s Goodbye

New Video: We’re with PAULA ABDUL for all her post-“Idol” commentary. What did she have to say about RYAN SEACREST’s kind words about her tonight? And does she think it was BROOKE WHITE’s time to go?


Personal Reflections on Talledega Race Day

Taylor tells me he is heading west for an “American Idol” commitment, afterwhich he will return to the Birmingham area to play a pro-am at the Regions Charity Classic…


Idol’s Josh Gracin performs ‘We Weren’t Crazy’ in our conference room!

There may not be any country singers left on American Idol’s seventh season, but not to worry: Season 2’s fourth-place finisher Josh Gracin stopped by the studios conference room to play his new single, “We Weren’t Crazy” (currently at No. 23 and rising on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart). Enjoy!

Entertainment Weekly

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