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Where ‹Idol Charitable Arm Reaches

But even as …American Idol and Fox Broadcasting prepare for their second annual star-studded …Idol Gives Back appeal on Wednesday, officials at the charity have declined to release a formal accounting of last year effort. A spokesman for the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund, the organization that oversaw the fund-raising and distribution, said its financial statements were being audited and would be released by the federal financial reporting deadline for charities in May.

Because Comic Relief had considerable experience in raising and distributing money for charity, the …American Idol producers relied on its infrastructure, through the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund, which was overseen by a group of American and British trustees.

This year, however, the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund is not involved in the project. Instead it will be more directly overseen by the producers of …American Idol under a new charity, which has taken the name of the fund-raiser, Idol Gives Back.

Last year money was roughly evenly distributed between charities working in Africa and those working in the United States, she said, but this year more of the money will go to domestic charities.

NY Times

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Brad Gives Back!

It was a night with no shortage of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, Robin Williams, Snoop Dogg, Fergie and many others, but the biggest treat for the audience at Sunday night’s taping for American Idol’s second annual Idol Gives Back broadcast was none other than Brad Pitt himself.

OK Magazine

Behind the scenes of an ‹American Idol taping

Sitting in the audience at last week’s live “American Idol” results show was akin to watching comic-book stars come to life.

You’ve seen them on TV, read about all their eccentricities online and know whose parents are good and bad. Seeing them all a few yards away felt almost surreal.


‹Idol hopefuls get help on song arrangements

The “American Idol” finalists decide upon their own arrangements, but get advice and feedback from the show’s vocal coaches.

The day after the live results show, the finalists select their song for the next week, once they learn of the theme and their options. Then, they work with the show’s professional staff, such as the show’s vocal coach, Debra Byrd, and arranger, Michael Orland (he’s the guy at the piano), on the arrangement. Later, musical director Rickey Minor and others score the songs after listening to recordings of the contestants’ initial performances.


A Cut Below

It Monday, and were pissed off. No reason necessary, it our column, and well pry if we want to. True, A.T. pissiness is fairly predictable at this point, but it’s worthwhile nonetheless. Let get to it before we settle our nerves with some joyful java and get nice again.
Riddle Me This: Simon Cowell is actually going after the wrong prey. It a waste, and quite frankly, shameful to watch the jowly Brit reduce little girls to tears. Dismissed Ramiele Malubay bloody disintegration went beyond compelling television and landed somewhere between Paula slurs and bangles’ just pathetic. And what with attacking tatt-lovin Carly Smithson outfits? She not into Kitson. How fab. Leave the megalunged woman alone.


American Idol: Inside look with Jason Castro’s friends

How did the rest of the American Idol contestants react when Ramiele Malubay was shown the door in the emotional results show? And what was it like to sit on the front row near the American Idol stage? What happens between the commercial breaks? The McMillan family of Rockwall found out firsthand, getting front-row passes from the Castro family to see last week’s show and hanging out with Jason in Hollywood. Read about their experiences at our TV blog. Also, see how Rockwall’s bigwigs assess Jason’s performance.


Idol David Cook’s Family Crisis

David Cook quickly bounced back from his brief hospitalization due to high blood pressure and heart palpitations, but the American Idol finalist is coping with more than the weekly eliminations.

His older brother Adam Cook is battling cancer, sources confirm. David hasn’t spoken about it, the sources add, out of respect for his brother ‘ and because he didn’t want to seek sympathy votes. But he has performed with an electric guitar emblazoned with his brother’s initials “A.C.”

Cook is not the first idol to compete while dealing with a personal crisis.


Idol Vocal Coach: David Cook is the Dark Horse

Us: Last week, Syesha Mercado and Chikezie really wowed us with their unique takes on the Beatles tunes. Do the contestants have control over their arrangements?
DB: They have input. Most times, they don’t have any ideas at all. Every now and then I get a contestant who will say ‹Byrd, I have an idea and I absolutely listen to their idea. And if it is a fabulous idea, I say ‹go for it. As Chikezie sang his song, I said ‹Chikezie, why did you choose this song? I don’t get it, what drew you to this song? And Chikezie said, ‹I hear it with the banjo and I hear it with the fiddle. And I said, ‹Now I get it.” As soon as he said that, I could hear it. And that is what you saw on TV and that is what we love. He was inspired to do it that way, which is extremely cool, but most contestants don’t go that far.


Jay-Z and Beyonce married

The wedding reception was reportedly attended by more than 200 guests, including producer/music mogul Jermaine Dupri and his girlfriend Janet Jackson, R&B singer Usher, rappers Wyclef Jean and Kanye West, producer Pharrell Williams, and Knowles’ Dreamgirls co-stars Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Foxx.


For ex-‘Idol’ singer, life may not be sweet, but it is creamy

Sure, being on “American Idol” opens some doors. But he thinks things may be tougher on him because of his fame. He is unsigned, a musical free agent.

“You can go into a record label, and they don’t want you because you’ve been on the show, ” he said.

Now, every bit of exposure helps. He never knows where a break could come.

“Anything you can do – it can be a clip of your song on a Rhapsody commercial – and your single could just blow up.”

So Richardson, 24, is looking for his shot at a place where the doors open automatically.

Hampton Roads

Greek Independence Day Parade Marches Along Fifth Avenue

The parade commemorates the 187th anniversary of Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire.


Among the highlights was a performance by former “American Idol” contestant Constantine Maroulis.

My Fox NY

SeaWorld San Antonio celebrates 20th birthday

The official anniversary ceremony will be at 10 a.m. Thursday outside the SeaWorld gates. Haley Scarnato, a San Antonio native and former American Idol contestant, will sing the national anthem.

Also planned are the reuniting of former general managers; a color guard salute to the military; and performances by the U.S. Army Medical Command Band from Fort Sam Houston and by a local children’s choir.

Dallas News

Leona Lewis: The Next Mariah Carey?

Or this bon mot from Simon Cowell: ”Leona has the potential to be up there with Mariah Carey.” Yeah, right. Totally normal.

Granted, Cowell has motivation to be effusive about this talented singer: He coached her to fame ‘  and a win ‘  on Britain’s The X Factor, an American Idol-like talent show that has judges grooming the acts. ”I’m aware that when you make a statement like that, you’ve got to deliver, ” says Cowell, who co-produced Spirit along with music impresario Clive Davis. ”But I believe in all my heart that she really is that good.”

Entertainment Weekly

Emmy-Winning Composer, Peter Buffett, Donates Song To V-Day

(PRWEB) April 8, 2008 — Peter Buffett, an Emmy-winning composer and musician, is pleased to announce the donation of his song, “Can We Love?” to V TO THE TENTH, the 10th anniversary of V-Day taking place in New Orleans on April 12 at the New Orleans Arena. Mr. Buffett will perform the song live at the event, and free downloads of the track will be offered online at and other leading portals in the weeks surrounding the star-studded celebration, which features Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda and musical performances by Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson, and Charmaine Neville.


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