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‘American Idol’: One Fine David

It took 4 months, 42 episodes, 24 semifinalists, 3 intermittently infuriating judges, a small army of Swaybots, a handful of botched lyrics, 97.5 million votes, and one particularly soul-crushing bit of promotion on behalf of Mike Myers’ latest (alleged) comedy, but American Idol’s seventh season has finally come to an end.

Entertainment Weekly

Cook victory shows ‹Idol judges dont get it

Simon Cowell said on Tuesday night that David Archuleta had scored a knockout victory in the “American Idol” finale. Instead, the voters scored a TKO of their own, punching out the opinion of the “Idol” judges.

David Cook was crowned the winner of “Idol” on Wednesday, and it wasn’t a nail-biter. Ryan Seacrest called the final margin of 56 percent to 44 percent a significant amount when it comes from a total of 97.5 million ballots. What had been seen as the closest competition in ages wound up being what appears to be the biggest rout ever, with Cook winning by 12 million votes.


‘American Idol’ Champ David Cook On His Big Win: ‘Tonight Was Just About Exhaling’

‘An apology from Simon is a pretty rare gem, ‘ Cook says of judge’s unexpected mea culpa.

LOS ANGELES ‘  That certain rocker dude from season five (we’re looking at you, Daughtry) might not have been able to nab the “American Idol” title, but on Wednesday night (May 21), America made up for its past mistakes.


‘American Idol’ In 60 Seconds

MTV News’ ‘Idol’ expert Jim Cantiello boils down a week’s worth of stunning performances, pitchy notes and shocking eliminations to a bite-size minute.


American Idol Finale Live from the Nokia

5:00 P.M.: And so it begins. The judges makes their grand entrance to Paula and Randy tune, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” playing in the background. Some 7, 000 people bark for Randy, and scream for Paula, who stunned in a red gown. Of course, Simon drew the largest cheer.

Then, the two Davids, dressed in white in white and in a boxing stance, came on stage. They shake hands – and here we go!

5:07 P.M.: With Ryan Seacrest’s announcement at the top of the show that one David received 56 percent of the vote while the other got 44 percent, watchers wondered whether they now knew who won.

LA Times

American Idol Diary: A Behind the Scenes Look at Finale Week

Wednesday night …American Idol finale, in which David Cook was crowned as the winner of Season 7, was a TV entertainment spectacle comparable in scale only to the Oscars. Yet unlike that event, the …American Idol crew has just one week to pull it together. Richard Rushfield — the first journalist ever allowed to observe rehearsal for the show finale — recorded this diary of the week leading up to the show.

LA Times

Paula Dishes on New ‘Idol’ David Cook

We’re with PAULA ABDUL only minutes after the big announcement that DAVID COOK is the new “American Idol”! Does she think America made the right choice? What does Paula have planned now that ‘Idol’ is over? Check out our vid to find out!

ET Online

‘American Idol’ Finalists David Cook And David Archuleta: What Might Their Future Hold? Experts Weigh In

We probably won’t hear the results from this season’s winner, 25-year-old rock interpreter David Cook, or runner-up David Archuleta, until December, but he presents a unique opportunity for the “Idol” brain trust. For the first time in the show’s seven-year history, an “Idol” winner has a shot at launching a bona fide rock career, which would be a switch from the pop, country and R&B winners of the past. We asked a number of music industry veterans (none of whom are directly associated with the show) what they would do with the first top-two males since Ruben and Clay, if given the chance.

One person who is particularly excited about both finalists, but especially about Archuleta, is Michael Riley, senior vice president/ general manager of Radio Disney. Riley was rooting for both because, at its core, “Idol” helps raise the profile of music that’s fit for kids and families.


‘American Idol’ Finale: David Cook Upsets Archuleta, After Record-Setting Votes

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest called it “the closest competition we’ve seen, ” and while that remains up for debate, it certainly drew an audience willing to text and phone in their support.

With approximately 97.5 million votes cast, this season’s tally shattered the show’s previous record by more than 23 million. In just four hours, last night’s vote came close to matching the count cast in the 2004 election. Seacrest revealed early on ‘  before the first commercial break, astonishingly ‘  that the season-seven finale tally was split 56 to 44 percent.


Big David Climbs to the Top of American Idol

The finale concluded with Blue Springs, Mo.’s favorite son crooning the winning ballad from this year’s Idol songwriting contest, “Time of My Life” by Regie Hamm.

Then, although the homebound audience didn’t see it, the man of the hour was reportedly supposed to shout , “I’m going to Disney World!” when asked what he was going to do next.


A Surprise as Fans Pick a 7th ‹Idol

It was a winner by a knockout on Wednesday in the finale of the seventh season of …American Idol, but the victor was not the contestant who appeared to have delivered the decisive blow on the final night of competition one night earlier.

David Cook, a sometimes sullen 25-year-old rocker from Blue Springs, Mo., was named the winner of …American Idol on Wednesday, receiving 56 percent of the 97.5 million votes cast after Tuesday performances, easily defeating David Archuleta, a 17-year-old balladeer from Murray, Utah.

It was in many ways a surprise victory. During Tuesday competition, all three of the program judges seemed to endorse Mr. Archuleta as the winner. To many in the 7, 000-seat Nokia Theater here, Mr. Archuleta final performances were more electric. Simon Cowell, the sometimes petulant judge who rarely is at a loss for words, seemed to speak for the other judges at the end of Tuesday show when he said Mr. Archuleta …came out here to win and did so by …a knockout.

NY Times

American Idol: Your American Idol Revealed (season finale)

Forty-two episodes later we’re finally ready to find out who is going to take home the crown of the next American Idol. Look at all those faces up there, and now it’s all come down to the Davids. The lingering question is if they’re going to be Idols the likes of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson; sales in the millions with mantles full of awards; or will they find mainstream success more of a challenge, like Taylor Hicks or Justin Guarini (I know he came in second but let’s face it, at this point first and second are almost interchangeable as far as getting a shot at a career)? The show’s an hour early and an hour longer, clocking in from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Eastern Time. That means you have two hours to chat live right here with your friends and frenemies about which David should win and how stupid they are for disagreeing with you.

TV Squad

Reality Check: David Cook Crowned ‘American Idol

Well, it isn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last but I made the wrong call on this year’s “Idol.”

You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult. I mean, I had 50-50 chances, right? And all signs were pointing toward Archuleta.

He seemed to get more shrieks from the obsessed prepubescents.

His “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” on Tuesday night was probably the best performance of the season.

Fox News

American Idol: It’s any David’s Game Unless You’re Named Hernandez

I knew something was up when the Idol Internet Powers That Be pulled my post about MSNBC prediction of who would win and why. Maybe there was some truth to that rumor? If there wasnt, why bother trying to hide it? Methinks the Powers That Be might just be protesting too much. And MSNBC was right about the winner. Hmmm ¦ Censorship is just the coolest.

But enough about that. It finale time! While neither of the remaining two was a favorite of mine throughout the season (Michael Johns), it was obvious that the fans of both Davids were rabid. This point was driven home by Seacrest when he announced that a record 97.5 million votes were cast on Tuesday night. That only a few more than came in for the Oregon/Kentucky Democratic primaries combined. One David got 56% of the votes. The other got 43%. Ron Paul picked up the remaining 1%.


Photo Gallery: ‘American Idol’ Finale

David Cook was crowned the next American Idol Wednesday night.

My Fox KC

TOLDJA! Cook takes “American Idol”

Tell me if you’ve heard this before. A frontrunner seems virtually assured of victory early in the campaign, only to watch as a cool, confident newcomer steals the mantle away. Desperate to make changes, the new underdog banishes a meddlesome family member and begins changing its image seemingly every week. Finally, the onetime all-but-assured winner, now trailing hopelessly, makes a shameless attempt to win over American hearts and minds … but it’s too late. The cool dude has got his voter base locked up. It’s over even before it’s over.

I’m just sayin’. I think I’ve seen this reality show play out this season already.

Kansas City

Teleprompter use angers ‘Idol’ fans

Did American Idol devolve into a glitzy round of karaoke?

That’s the charge leveled by some observers surprised that teleprompters rolled during Tuesday’s showdown between David Archuleta and David Cook.

USA Today

Fun, fashion and a few raised brows on the ‘Idol’ red carpet

LOS ANGELES ‘  The battle between the Davids ‘  Archuleta and Cook ‘  forced at least one former AmericanIdol finalist to take sides before Wednesday night’s show. Sort of.

Constantine Maroulis of Season 4, showing plenty of chest hair in a black suit and unbuttoned orange shirt, predicted that Archuleta would win. “But Cook will sell more records ‘  and hopefully write me a song.”

Others arriving at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live were irritated that the judges were obviously pro-Archuleta during Tuesday night’s competition. Jolie Fisher, who was rooting for Cook, said, “Maybe the judges shouldn’t judge the final night because they really swayed things.”

And Paula Abdul said fellow judge Simon Cowell overstepped when he called each of the three rounds for Archuleta. (Cowell would have none of it, though. “Who knows?” he said. “We could sway it the other way and get people to pick up the phone for David Cook.”)

USA Today

‘American Idol’: Three Alums’ Final Thoughts

Since the top 12, ex-contestants Chris Sligh, Nadia Turner, and Jon Peter Lewis have been sizing up season 7. Now they share what the post-”Idol” life is really like — and, of course, make guesses on who’ll win tonight

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ still on top, but at a crossroads

When David Cook was announced as the winner of “American Idol” on Wednesday night at the Nokia Theatre, the most dramatic upset in the show’s history was just another twist in a season that has tested the still-vibrant franchise.

The 25-year-old became the first performer in the rock music mold to win, amassing 56% of 97.5 million votes, to 44% for 17-year-old prodigy David Archuleta, who sings in the pop balladeer style that had previously dominated “Idol.”

Before the verdict was announced, Judge Simon Cowell praised both contestants for being “nice people, ” underscoring the fact that the Fox hit has achieved its success with a G-rated strategy that reaches across cultural divides — ethnic, economic, generational, even musical.

LA Times

Has American Idol Become More Relevant than the Oscars?

While describing the triumph of David Cook over David Archuleta as “the most dramatic upset in the history” of America’s top-rated show, L.A. Times writer Richard Rushfield notes that “American Idol, ” “remains the only show able to consistently deliver vast numbers of viewers, eclipsing even the Oscars . . . .

“The show seems in the finale to have rebounded from its ratings decline. It premiered to an audience of 33.5 million total viewers, according to figures from Nielsen Media Research, putting it ahead of the Oscars telecast to become the season’s No. 2-rated program, trailing only the Super Bowl.”

By contrast, the recent Oscars had 32 million viewers ‘  its lowest tally ever. Unlike “American Idol, ” TV ratings of the Academy Awards telecast continue to tumble year to year. Are TV viewers telling us something?

LA Times

Finale wrap-up: “American Idol”

May 22, 2008 | Sometimes the snow comes down in June. Sometimes the sun goes ’round the moon. And sometimes — every once in a while — the people who vote for “American Idol” get it right.

On Wednesday night, they got it right. They anointed the smartest, most intriguing, most authoritative performer this program has seen in many a season, and in the same stroke, they made a case for “American Idol’s” relevance, at a time when it was seriously in doubt.

Things weren’t supposed to play out this way. The crown was supposed to go to a sweet, underage, daddy-whipped crooner from Utah. And, to judge from the last few months of press clippings, we were supposed to put “American Idol” firmly behind us. Ratings are down. Fans are grumpy. The fix is in, the formula’s tired, the audience is aging. It’s time to get real. It’s time to get rid of Randy. (Well, actually, that’s true.) It’s time to get rid of Paula, who binds her breasts the way Chinese women used to bind their feet and who says things like “I look at you up on that stage, and you’re standing in your truth.” It’s time to dispense with the whole charade that winning this show boils down to anything more than having fans who can hit “redial” a million quadrillion times on their enV cellphones.

Morning After: David Cook On FOX 4

Just hours after being voted your American Idol, David Cook spoke with FOX 4’s Dave Froehlich about the big win on the FOX 4 Morning Show. Get more interviews, photos and chat live at the links below!

My FoxKC

Murray teen relieved long ‘Idol’ journey over

LOS ANGELES – In a dazzling night of bombast, glitz and musical icons, it was only one superstar who mattered Wednesday – the winner of this year’s “American Idol.”
When Ryan Seacrest announced that David Cook was the new “Idol, ” Utah’s David Archuleta felt only one emotion: relief.
“Now we just get to do what we love to do without it being a competition, ” he said to reporters after the finale of the seventh season of “American Idol.”

Salt Lake Tribune

Cook becomes more than hometown Idol

In a landslide Wednesday night, David Cook, the pride of Blue Springs, became the newest American Idol.

Although judge Simon Cowell had heaped praise on David Archuleta and predicted that Cook song choices for Tuesday night final showdown had sunk his chances, voters across the nation saw it differently. The alt-rock style of the 25-year-old bartender overwhelmed the softer approach of the 17-year-old balladeer from Murray, Utah.


For once, the right guy won “American Idol!” David Cook

By a margin of 12 million votes, KC’s DC — David Cook — took home top prize in the singing contest, despite the fact that it was widely assumed he would come in second.

A tearful Cook, gracious even in victory (which is sometimes harder than defeat), put his arm around young David Archuleta, 17, the teen who was supposed to win. He sang the winning song — “Time of My Life” — which was actually not too bad at all this year — a first.


American Idle?

(CBS) With 25 million viewers, “American Idol” is the biggest show on TV. But if “Idol” really is as its infamous judge Simon says ¦

“This show is about finding a star, ” he says.

American Idol has hit some sour notes, something that Wednesday night’s two finalists understand.

“I think a lot of people see this show as a golden ticket and I don’t think that’s the case, ” David Cook said.

And David Archuletta: “You know, now you have to show how you can handle what’s given to you.”

CBS News

Trouble in Paradise

By the time you read this nonsense, one of our beloved Idol phenoms will probably have kissed their reality fame au revoir, so we weigh in on the good bad, and Abdul-utely crazy antics on AI years past, par-tick ’08. And why is our fave misunderstood couple’s PDA comin’ to a halt? Plus, Orlando Bloom is so not kidding anybody. Why does he keep trying?


Utah’s Archuleta popular on ‘Idol’ red carpet

David Archuleta got another taste of what the future may hold for him Wednesday, walking the red carpet outside the NOKIA Theatre at L.A. LIVE before the “American Idol” finale.

He was there only briefly. Long enough to have his picture taken with the top two executives at the Fox network ‘  and that will be a LOT more of that kind of thing if he sticks it out in show business. Long enough to essentially jog past all the writers and photographers gathered to talk to him and take his picture.

Running down the line, he had time for nothing more than “Hey!” and “Can you believe this?” And, of course, “Gosh!”

Well, he did add, “Tell everybody back in Utah I love them!” but that was just because he (and he alone) probably recognized the placard indicating Deseret News on the fence between the actually red carpet and the pen where they kept the media.

Which is the best American Idol finale?

Anyway, last night’s epic battle got me thinking about past American Idol finales and whether any of them were this much of a contest. It seems like we’ve gone into most of the American Idol finales with obvious winners. Here’s a breakdown of the past American Idol finales, and whether they stack up to last night’s performances:

TV Squad

‘American Idol’ changed Seattle stars’ lives for the better

With the close of another “American Idol” season we thought it appropriate to check in with two former “Idol” contestants who held Seattle — and the nation — in their thrall just a year ago.

Bothell’s beat-boxing B-Shorty, Blake Lewis, finished second last season to Jordin Sparks. Finishing at No. 7: Federal Way’s Sanjaya Malakar. (All three had auditioned for “Idol” at KeyArena.)

Lewis’ loyal Blaker Girls drummed up local support that blossomed into a national fan base, which came back weekly to propel him to the season finale last May. Malakar became an early sensation more for his modern-day Shaun Cassidy appeal than for his singing ability, thanks to a legion of screaming Fanjayas.

Seattle PI

Networks see record viewership losses in 2007-08

Even as American Idol’s two Davids sing their last tunes tonight, the TV season ends on a sour note for the major networks.

Combined, the top 5 broadcast networks lost 3.4 million viewers this season, their biggest one-year decline, thanks in part to the three-month writers’ strike. But audiences began bailing last fall, well before the walkout shut down much of the industry.

Only Fox saw year-to-year gains (helped by its turn with the Super Bowl), despite an 8% decline for top-rated Idol. The network wins its fourth consecutive season among young adults ‘  and its first among viewers of all ages, snapping CBS’ five-year streak.

(For the May “sweeps” period, which also ends tonight, CBS claims a victory among total viewers, and Fox wins the young-adult crown.)

USA Today

Pop Tarts: Kellie Pickler’s Success Due to New Breasts?

LOS ANGELES ‘  “American Idol” alum Kellie Pickler may not have taken home Best Newcomer at the ACM awards over the weekend, but the country crooner attracted more screaming fans and fighting photogs than even the likes of Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks on the red carpet and backstage.

But according to “American Idol” Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe, Kellie should be attributing her burgeoning fanbase to her burgeoning breasts.

“She’s acquired two accoutrements that (naturally) photographers and men love, ” Lythgoe explained while preparing for the “American Idol” finale in downtown L.A. earlier this week. “I’m not sure what it cost her, but obviously it was well worth it.”

Fox News

Bo Bice Reveals Baby Name

Bo Bice ‘ who came in second behind Carrie Underwood in 2005’s American Idol ‘ is revealing the name of his unborn son, who’s due in August.

“[We’re] having a little boy [and] we’re going to name him Caleb, ” he told PEOPLE exclusively at the show’s season-seven finale Wednesday night.

This is the second child for Bice and his wife, Caroline Fisher, who are already proud parents to 2-year-old Adian Michael.

Taylor Hicks exclusive interview ‘ part 2

GULF SHORES, Ala. — When Birmingham-native Taylor Hicks was singing his soul out on stage in 2006, fans in the Yellowhammer State were screaming out theirs in support. “It just seemed like the momentum was getting bigger and bigger, ” reflected Hicks. “The Soul Patrol was getting bigger and bigger. The weeks really lined up for me, Elvis week, then Rod Stewart week – some of those variables that allowed my to shine as an artist.”


Katharine McPhee Wants to Star in Janis Joplin Biopic

Katharine McPhee will soon be heading to the big-screen in …The House Bunny, her feature film debut. But could the former …American Idol runner-up already be looking past the summer time, and into singing …Summertime?

That the word straight from McPhee herself, who told MTV News that she wants to one day star in a musical biopic of one of rock greatest songstresses.

…Janis Joplin, she enthused of who she would want to portray in a musical film. …Im not opposed to movie musicals or anything. Id have to think about that [if I every got offered].


On the Scene: ‘Idol’ Top 2 performance night

I gotta admit, PopWatchers, I got totally swept up during last night’s American Idol. I think it was something about the goosebumps racing over my skin during the Davids’ first songs that just washed away my better (i.e. snarkier) instincts for the rest of the night. Not even the sight of Constantine Maroulis’ hedge-row of chest hair could shake me from my Idol-soaked reverie ‘  well, okay, the sight of that V-shaped plantation of curly hair did cause my snark demon, Smirkelstiltskin, to dance a tarantella of abject glee on my shoulder, but, really, the pickings were otherwise pretty slim for the poor horned dude.

Entertainment Weekly

American Idol Week Thirteen: The Long Awaited Battle of the Davids

“For me, this whole thing has been a progression, ” said David Cook last night, immediately after singing Collective Soul’s “The World I Know, ” the third of his three songs last night. Which begs the question: Why am I rooting for the guy whose progression is ending with a damn Collective Soul song? Simon Cowell had told Cook he should’ve reprised one of the 80s pop songs he’d transformed into goopy buzz-bin leftovers, but Cook was evidently more interested in singing a song that really meant something to him. That’s nice and all, but it’d be a whole lot nicer if the song that really meant something to him wasn’t a character-free yarl-nugget that haunted alt-rock radio during its late-90s death-slide. In retrospect, I’ve mostly been pulling for Cook by default and because he’s the contestant with whom I’d rather drink a beer. He’s a smart, erudite, self-aware dude who’s evidently spent some time in the everyday adult universe rather than a cringing, stammering child whose commandeering stage-dad has kept him on the reality-show circuit for half his life, but that says absolutely nothing about Cook’s ability to make an album that I’d actually pay money to hear.

Village Voice

American Idol tour adds more dates

Tickets for the 2008 installment of the American Idols Live! Tour went on sale this past weekend, with second shows quickly added in four cities. The 50-plus date tour kicks off July 1 in Glendale, AZ and finishes up in Tulsa, OK on September 13.

A second date was added to the E-Center in West Valley City, UT for July 15 after the first show on July 14 sold out in 20 minutes. Second shows have also been added at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ (July 31), Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY (August 5), and the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO (August 30).


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