Idol Headlines for 4/2/08

Idol’s Gone Country

Idol isnt holding back, with legendary Dolly Parton in her first stint as …mentor to the nine remaining contestants as they sing her songs Tuesday. The results show will feature Parton performing her current single, …Jesus & Gravity.

The Clark Brothers also are set to take the stage Wednesday, with their performance available in video and audio Thursday on iTunes. The band is a recent winner of The Next Great American Band competition, and are said to release an album later this year.

Country Hound

”American Idol”: Welcome to the Dolly House

Watching the nine remaining American Idol contestants perform selections from the Dolly Parton songbook tonight, I suddenly experienced a childhood flashback to those picture puzzles that used to come in My Weekly Reader ‘  you know, the ones where you’d have to look at a scene and pick out the items that didn’t belong. The whole jam-packed episode could be summed up as ”good performance, ” ”good performance, ” great performance, ” ”can opener hanging from the banana tree.”

In other words, that’s my complicated way of saying that Ramiele Malubay and Kristy Lee Cook simply and unequivocally do not belong on the same stage as Carly Smithson, David Cook, Michael Johns, Jason Castro, David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado, and Brooke White, a septet of singers who might, if they collectively pull it together and consistently perform up to par, live up to the early-season mantra that we’re looking at the most talented group! of finalists in Idol history.

Entertainment Weekly

Dolly Parton does not inspire on ‹Idol

It was Dolly Parton week on …American Idol, which had to be a little unsettling for the country music legend. Parton claimed a strong attachment to her material, saying, …I always think of my songs as my children.

If that the case, it hard to rationalize the decision to leave the custody of her songbook to the likes of the …Idol singers and judges, even for just a couple of nights. While the judges liked some singers takes on the material better than others, nobody gave a truly memorable performance.


American Idol: Top 9 Perform

Did anyone fall for Ryan’s April Fool’s Joke that the show was going to be pre-empted for a Simon Cowell-led edition of Moment of Truth. Oh, I totally fell for it. I started turning off my computer and was all like “Hey, no review tonight!”

TV Squad

‘American Idol’: Dolly Parton Days

Well, forge our pigeon, it’s Dolly Parton night on “American Idol”! How much weirder can this show get?

The answer is “a lot, ” if you count the spine-freezing demonstration the country star gives the Idolettes of her ability to play “9-to-5” sans guitar by clicking her acrylic dragonlady fingernails against each other.

The first clue that it’s gonna be one of those nights is the pink straw that has appeared in judge Paula Abdul’s magic Coke cup, suggesting even the queen of optimism needs a more direct delivery system to ease the pain of the next hour.

Washington Post

American Idol: Where will Ramiele Malubay work?

So the pre-wife and I got into a huge fight last night over American Idol. When Ramiele Malubay gets sent home tonight, the pre-wife thinks she is going back to work at Forever 21. I had to completely disagree and say she obviously works at Express. We both agreed to just say ‹the mall and call it a tie.

Other random Idol thoughts that came to me while I was forced to watch because Tuesday night TV sucks and there is no baseball on (seriously ESPN2, the NIT? Nothing like a tourney to crown the 66th best team in college hoops.)


American Idol: Don’t Ruin This by Forcing Another Dolly Week

Even though The ‹Crest tried to trick us by threatening an all-Simon …Moment of Truth (also known as the viewer call- in segment on results night), the April Fool was on me. Dolly Parton week was actually highly entertaining ¦in a good way (mostly)!

However, what did The ‹Crest mean when he said he wanted to …touch letters when talking to Vanna White? Sounds kinky. He also revealed that he knows what a French pedicure is. Oh, Seacrest, you guy guy.

I started to believe in the magic of Dolly this afternoon when I read some of her more colorful quotes on What a neat lady! Dolly spritely presence almost made up for Paula lack of sequins.

Here how the Top 9 fared:


Parton Me: ‘American Idol’ Top Nine Performs

Wednesday (April 1) night is Dolly Parton Night on American Idol, with Dolly serving as guest mentor, which will force surly judge Simon Cowell to balance his hatred of country music with his love of kissing up to celebrity visitors. As for me? I suspect the entire show will feel like an hour-long April Fool’s joke (though hopefully less lame than the one Ryan Seacrest uses to start the show)…


Idol Tracker: Lambs to Triumph?

As previously noted in this column, the emergence of The Chosen One, David Archuleta marks not merely the arrival of a strong contender, but the fulfillment of Idol prophecies. Reared on Idol from his earliest days, (as demonstrated in this historic video shot during Season One, of the Great Clarkson passing the torch to the baby David), The Chosen One was shaped in his infancy in the model of the show. Whereas in the B.T.C.O. era, contestants from Clarkson to Sparks flailed around attempting to discern the will of the electorate through a glass darkly and shape themselves according to its will (although young Jordin, who dropped by the Idol dome tonight, may be the John the Baptist of this parable, presaging the way for the savior of the tweens).

But in The Chosen One, as the crowd in the Idoldome Tuesday night once again shrieked to discover, we have a candidate who seemingly effortlessly, as naturally as donning a hoodie sweatshirt, can sing face to face to the hearts of American Idol sleeping giants ‘ the tween girls. For years, this speed dialing voting block has awaited its true champion, hurling third rate contenders like Kevin Covais, Anthony Federov and Sanjaya Malakar to the upper reaches of Idoldom.


Oregon American Idol Kristy Lee Cook

Whether she enduring Simon Cowell catty critiques or bouncing back with a crowd-pleasing performance of …God Bless the U.S.A., Kristy Lee Cook has kept smiling and surviving ‘  all the way to the Final 9 on …American Idol. The cowgirl from the tiny Southern Oregon town of Selma (find it on a map) sold her …really good barrel horse to pay her way to Philadelphia to audition for the seventh season of …Idol, the top-rated show on TV.

The 24-year-old likes camping, fishing and kick-boxing ‘  and she training for cage-fighting. She recorded a country-music album called …Devoted, which was released in 2005.

Oregon Live

David Cook’s Blue Springs Beginnings

Plenty of eyes are on David Cook around the Metro, especially in Blue Springs where the American Idol finalist grew up.

Twenty years before the big stage of Hollywood, David Cook had to take the stage in front of elementary school classmates at Thomas Ultican Elementary School. He said music teacher Fredalyn Gentry gave him the push needed to get him started and he used the Idol national platform to tell her how much he appreciated it.

“I’m a big baby, I just cried when I first heard him say thank you Mrs. Gentry, ” she said.

My Fox KC

Reese Witherspoon Teaches Troubled New Orleans Kids

Actress Reese Witherspoon is jumping on the Hollywood charity train…in New Orleans, Louisiana that is. She surprised children at a school by showing up to volunteer as a teacher for the day.

The Academy Award winner visited the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School in New Orleans, where local troubled and at-risk kids learn to become community leaders. The visit was filmed for the upcoming ‘American Idol’ charity television special called ‘Idol Gives Back.’

All Headline News

Blake Lewis on Sanjaya – I Was Never A Fan

He may not have walked away with the American Idol title ‘  but few who watched last season will forget Sanjaya Malakar. Turns out, castmate Blake Lewis didnt even want the aspiring singer on the show. …I was never a fan of Sanjaya, Lewis says in a new interview with a Jacksonville, Fla.-area radio station. In the interview (which you can hear above), the Idol runner-up says that Malakar made for …terrible television and even reveals that he was initially cut from the show.


Kelly Clark’s Road to Redemption Continues with Stop in Front of the Pope

It’s not reciting the words to “How Will I Know” 20 times and “I Will Always Love You” 30 times, but Kelly Clarkson is going to perform a penance of sorts later this month, when she’ll perform what could be seen as the ultimate diva jam: Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria, ” which she’ll perform for Pope Benedict XVI before he gives a speech in Yonkers, N.Y., on April 19. She’s calling this opportunity a “blessing, ” even though she’s Baptist and the oh-so-conservative Benny 16 will probably be thinking that she’s a fake Christian during her entire performance.


Jennifer Hudson to Perform at Halle Berry Silver Rose Gala

Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry is proud to welcome her friend and colleague Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson to bring a show stopping performance at the annual Silver Rose Gala and Auction, benefiting the Jenesse Center. Karen Earl, Executive Director Jenesse Center said, “It is thrilling to have Ms. Hudson join our event lineup. She is a true supporter of our work in healing families in crisis.” The annual Silver Rose Gala and Auction will be hosted at the Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows, Sunday, April 27th at 12 noon.

Urban Network

Cuties, Contestants and Crow’s-Feet

We spoke to an Idol, Jordin Sparks, who seems to have matured since winning season six singing comp…or maybe it was the gigantic wedges the already too-tall gal donned on the Day-Glo carpet that made her seem more grown-up. Jordy gave us her take on who’s gonna steal Idol all the way to the bank: …David Cook. It was just phenomenal, ‘Billie Jean’…it was amazing. But was it just as good as collaborating with heartthrob hip-hopper Chris Brown on the single …No Air? Says the swooning Sparks, …I cant believe he singing to me…He smelled really good, trust me. Well take your word for it, reluctantly. Come to think of it, C. Brown 18 as well…was there some sorta superjuice parents were slurping back 18 years ago when they conceived their totally talented tots?


Alice Cooper and Jordin Sparks Featured on All-New Episode of the …Building Phoenix Show

Alice Cooper and American Idol Jordin Sparks are featured on an all-new episode of …Building Phoenix, the award-winning television program showcasing development in the city of Phoenix. The episode premieres at 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 2, on PHX 11, the city news and information station available to Cox and Qwest Cable subscribers (for additional airdates and times visit

Former mail carrier ‘Baby V’ still knows how to deliver
Before her big break on Idol in 2005, Vonzell Solomon spent the previous year and a half as a rural mail carrier in Fort Myers, Fla.

Thanks to the job, she was better prepared than most to face Simon Cowell.

“Little dogs are always the feisty ones, ” she says.

Almost three years later, Baby V no longer delivers mail, but she might be the only Idol finalist with the backing of the federal government. After Idol, she was a celebrity spokeswoman for her old employer, the U.S. Postal Service and helped unveil a new stamp.

USA Today

3, 000 will get refunds for concert Clarkson event canceled over NCAA concerns

About 3, 000 people will get refunds within the next few weeks for a Kelly Clarkson concert that was canceled at Kinnick Stadium, officials said Monday.

The April 18 show was a part of MSL Entertainment’s 2008 Gridiron Bash, a series of concerts and events at more than 20 NCAA Division I football schools in the country in an attempt to generate revenue and rev up fans.

Concerts all over the country were canceled last week because of confusion in NCAA regulations about student-athlete participation, said Shawn Garrity, MSL president and a former linebacker at Syracuse.


Richmond remembers Elliott Yamin’s No. 1 fan

Claudette Goldberg Yamin was one of a kind.

She was down to earth, quick with a quip, could cook a mean burger and loved a good chat. She also achieved a certain celebrity as her son Elliott’s biggest fan.

Family, she often said, meant more than anything.

Mrs. Yamin, 65, died late Monday night at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. Elliott Yamin said yesterday that she died of multiple complications after being in the hospital less than a week.

Elliott Yamin said his mother died peacefully. “She would love nothing more to see her name in the paper, ” he said. “She loved attention. She’s probably smiling down right now.”

Yamin, his brother and sister and their uncle were with Mrs. Yamin in her last moments.

“We were all able to see her off together, ” he said.

In Rich

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