Idol Headlines for 4/10/08

“American Idol” Finalists Will Sing Lloyd Webber Tunes April 22

As previously reported, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber will be one of the mentors during the current season of FOX’s “American Idol” competition.

According to the Really Useful website, the remaining “Idol” finalists will perform Lloyd Webber tunes on the April 22 broadcast of the famed singing competition.

The broadcast will also feature footage of the award-winning composer guiding the contestants as they perform his songs on the set of Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

The April 23 “Idol” results show will feature Lloyd Webber performing live with the contestants.

‘Idol’ puts its stamp on postage

American Idol, whose voting system helped popularize text-messaging, is going old-school with its newest communication concept: U.S. postage stamps featuring the show’s winners.

As part of the Idol Gives Back fundraising effort, stamps featuring the six Idols and this year’s winner will be available to fans. If the limited editions ‘  100, 000 20-stamp sheets for each Idol ‘  sell out, Idol Gives Back would get about $7 million, Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe says.

That would be a step toward topping last year’s $76 million raised for foreign and domestic charities, says Lythgoe, who hopes to break $100 million. The stamps are “a great idea, especially for philatelists. I think it’s a little bit iconic, too. It’s great for Idol.”

The stamps are not being sold in post offices. They’re available online only at PhotoStamps ( or linked via, a product of, which offers USPS-approved, Internet-based postage services.


American Idol: Idol Gives Back 2008

Tonight’s show was a hybrid of new material interspersed with the recorded segments from this past Sunday. But in true Idol tradition, they pretended that all were happening at the same time. They set up the Top 12 on stage with laptops to take live calls from donors during the show; a nice touch. Even Ryan bantered with a few of the callers live throughout the show.

Recap: ‘Idol’ Gives Back 2008: Minute-by-Minute

On Thursday (April 10) night, American Idol will eliminate another contestant, punishment for Tuesday’s mighty mediocre Inspirational Songs Night. But Wednesday is all about giving back, which is why the 150 minute telethon is called, um, Idol Gives Back. But if it’s Wednesday and Idol is on, I’m recapping. So here it goes…


‘American Idol’: ‘Idol Gives Back’

Thank goodness Ryan Seacrest kicked off tonight’s edition of Idol Gives Back with the reminder that, at its heart, the event is all about raising money for disadvantaged children. In doing so, he gave me the perfect excuse to send my inner cynic to bed early, so he wouldn’t pester me all night with snarky asides like, ”Why does Fox insist on putting subtitles on the screen for foreigners who are speaking perfectly understandable English?” Or, ”If American Idol really wanted to give back, couldn’t they have shaved a half-hour off the telecast and not forced us to turn on our TV sets at 7:30?” Or, ”And why do folks continue to encourage Robin Williams?”

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ Gives Back: David Archuleta Gets Chatty With Fans, Presidential Candidates Don’t Make The Cut

The edited version of “Gives Back” did not include, among other things, the much-hyped, pre-taped packages featuring the three presidential candidates ‘  Republican John McCain and Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The producers did find time, however, to promote Daughtry’s visit to Africa, and mention the names of each and every multinational corporation involved in the fundraiser (the companies were the first to contribute a combined $15 million). The night also included a message from U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who committed to funding 20 million bug nets that would be distributed to help prevent the spread of malaria throughout Africa. And in a video segment, a stone-faced Cowell met with a recently evicted family, beleaguered by chronic illness, in a ramshackle Harlem, New York, apartment.


Stars Take the Stage for ‘Idol Gives Back’

The “American Idol” stage was veritably overflowing with star power Wednesday night as the A-List came out to support “Idol Gives Back.”

BRAD PITT, REESE WITHERSPOON, ROBIN WILLIAMS, DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM, and ELLEN DeGENERES were just a few of the big names who appeared on the program.


‘Idol Gives Back’ mixes laughs, songs and appeals for cash

There are two ways a celebrity summit like Wednesday night’s “Idol Gives Back” charity telecast can achieve razzle-dazzle nirvana: through staged spontaneity or grandeur. When the first occurs, as when Fergie did flips across the floor while rocking out with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, we viewers are plunged into the fun of the moment. Unexpected gestures by our favorite stars collapse the distance between us and them.

In the second case — as when Carrie Underwood, perched on a stool in an iridescent Farah Angsana gown, offered up George Michael’s ballad “Praying for Time” with grace, compassion and dignity — we are lifted up beyond the day’s irritations and momentarily made better. We might even reach for the phone and pledge the money we’d planned to spend on iTunes.


American Idol Needs to Give Me Back the last 2.5 Hours of My Life

I have to be honest. I kind of loathe …Idol Gives Back. No, not kind of. I actually loathe …Idol Gives Back. As a fan of …American Idol, I return each week for my biweekly dose of 64 slices of American cheese. If I wanted to be reminded about the world around me, I never wouldve switched over to FOX from CNN. ) I only want to see the Idols perform. Having the rest of the musical acts there is the same sort of crappy over-produced lipsynching frakkery one could find watching the Grammys or the VMAs.

But ¦this is the big event of the night. And even though many of the outed Idol fans in my life are planning on not tuning in, Ill be here for the duration blogging about what I see.

Here we go.


More than ‘Angels’ watching you, David Archuleta

I just read an interesting Idol-related tidbit from New York magazine. First let me say, I couldn’t agree more with Slezak about David Archuleta’s beautiful …Angels” on Tuesday and the fact that it was far superior to Jessica Simpson’s whiny 2004 cover (though any true Robbie Williams fan knows neither rendition can touch the RW original.) But I did get the distinct impression from young David’s introduction video that he discovered the song just for this special Idol week.

In fact, it’s clear he’s been singing it far longer, judging from this clip of a school event. The footage is completely unscandalous; indeed, it’s pretty cute how Archuleta’s pubescent tenor swims around in the deep end of his voice box trying to hit those low notes, while girls swoon and (I imagine) contemplate what a perfect theme song it would be for the future “Archangels” fan club.


American Idol: Archuleta is a sneaky little S.O.B.

Here is why I dont trust David Archuleta. He made it seem like he just ‹discovered ‹ the song Angels during his pre-performance interview on Tuesday night.

Then video like this pops up ¦.


‘American Idol’ Hopeful Jason Castro’s Secret Weapon: Bruddah Iz

Like Castro’s earlier performance of Jeff Buckley’s impassioned cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah, ” which was hailed by the “Idol” judges for its originality, the dreadhead’s take on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was praised once again for its brilliant execution. But both Castro and judge Simon Cowell made sure credit for the arrangement was given to a Hawaiian treasure named Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, who was affectionately known as “Bruddah Iz” by the island dwellers.

Unfortunately, Kamakawiwo’ole will never know just how much his version of the song helped Castro’s cause, as Bruddah Iz ‘  who, at last count, weighed 758 pounds ‘  passed away more than a decade ago, due to a weight-related respiratory illness. He was only 38 years old.


Former Miss Australia visits Michael Johns

Perth-born American Idol hopeful Michael Johns knows all of Australia is behind him, and is pleased to be …doing it for Oz, according to a leading American musician.

Jazz star Michael Lington and his wife, former Miss Australia Shivaune Christina, paid Johns a visit on the American Idol set and thinks he on track to win the competition.

…He is doing amazing and I think his chances (on the show) are very, very good, Lington told AAP.

Australian Idol’s LA auditions canned already

AUSTRALIAN Idol’s Los Angeles auditions have been canned after judge Kyle Sandilands pulled out due to scheduling problems.

The United States auditions were due to be held on Sunday with Sandilands presiding over the judging.

Just hours after Tina Arena and Darren Hayes were announced as guest judges to scope the talent at the show’s London auditions, an Australian Idol spokesman said Sandilands’ conflicting schedule had caused the endeavour to be scrapped.

Star Exclusive: Syesha Mercado’s Hard-Knock Life

It’s a long way from a sometimes homeless childhood to TV super-stardom ‘  yet that’s the road American Idol beauty Syesha Mercado had to travel on her way to becoming one of the top 10 finalists of Season 7! But the Miami resident’s megawatt smile is not just a reflection of her singing success: Her once troubled parents, Jose and Zelda Mercado, are in a better place ‘  and closer ‘  than they’ve been in years!

Early this season, Syesha, 21, and dad Jose, 50, appeared on Idol and discussed his drug and alcohol addictions ‘  “I remember him being in and out of my life, ” she has said ‘  and they happily reported that he’d recently completed a rehab program. Now Jose and Zelda, 50, cheer their daughter on together from the show’s live audience, and one of Syesha’s three sisters tells Star she deserves the applause as much for her strength in overcoming her family’s fractured and hard-luck past as for her vocal talent.

Star Magazine

‘Idol’: Jon Peter Lewis Quizzes You!

Welcome to the American Idol Top 8 Uninspired True/False quiz. [Insert clever comment about Idol not giving back here.] I’m Jon Peter Lewis and I’ll be your host. I’ll be listing some true and false statements and providing the correct answers. Let’s start with some easy ones:

I threw something at my TV. (True)

I didn’t destroy it as I hoped. (True)

One more song about flying without wings or the like and I’ll throw it down some stairs. (True)

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Okay, let’s try a few more.

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’: Too much is never enough

It began with a blood-curdling scream; a scream so piercing and primal that it could mean only one thing. An adolescent girl was just minutes away from seeing David Archuleta in the flesh.

Last night was my first time attending an “American Idol” taping, and during the long walk from my car to the theater, hordes of “Idol” fans trekked along with me. They wailed across the parking lot, bellowed through the metal detector, and yelped into the holding area.

LA Times

Idol Banter: Stumbling for inspiration

The challenge on tonight inspiration-themed show, then, was for contestants to pick a song that seemed personal, yet hit a demographic home run. Tonight selections probably told us more about each contestant future than any other week so far, because it forced these strivers to consider not simply what they care about in pop, but what they think could bring them enduring success. For …Idol-style stars, the ability to inspire equals arenas filled, albums and downloads sold, return visits to the Idoldome secured. It was time for our sweet kids to get careerist.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ gives Fox Tuesday win

Reality shows jockeyed for position Tuesday night, including the debut of CBS’ “Secret Talents of the Stars” and the second week of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Fox won the night with “American Idol” (24 million viewers, 8.9 preliminary adults 18-49 rating and a 24 share) despite the veteran series dropping 7% this week to register its lowest Tuesday performance since 2003.

The “Idol” dip barely impacted “Hell’s Kitchen” at 9 p.m. (11.7 million, 5.4/13). “Kitchen” was down only a tenth from last week’s premiere despite having a smaller lead-in. The performance suggests that, with a little help from “Idol, ” Fox’s usual summer series might be able to maintain a consistent top-shelf performance in spring.

Hollywood Reporter

Phil Stacey from ‘American Idol’ swings by Flint area to promote new album, which debuts later this month

SWARTZ CREEK, Michigan — He sat on the edge of a hard plastic chair, gently strumming his guitar, his soulful voice telling stories of love, freedom and kindness.

The dozen or so people who were sitting just feet away in the small conference room last week at the country station WFBE-FM (95.1) weren’t the audience you’d expect for Phil Stacey, a rising star on the country charts and past contestant of “American Idol.”

“I’ve performed for 50, 000 people in Miami to 20, 000 people in Knoxville and the next day singing in a club with 50 people, ” Stacey told The Swartz Creek News. “Give me a microphone and I’ll sing. … I’m just thankful I can do it for a living.”


Who Rocks More: Bon Jovi or Daughtry?

And that’s why you’ve gotta imagine Chris Daughtry and his band of merry wankers are absofreakinlutely stoked about the gig they’ve lined up on their current tour, opening for Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and the gang. Really, has there ever been a more appropriate pairing in the history of rock ‘n’ roll? A year and a half after its release, Daughtry, the band’s self-titled debut, is still going insanely strong, having sold 4 million copies in the States alone, and boasts four bona fide hit radio singles with “It’s Not Over, ” “Home, ” “Over You” and “Feels Like Tonight.” Hey! That sounds like the story of another band named after its lead singer’s surname’ although, to Daughtry’s credit, while Bon Jovi also released a self-titled debut, that band didn’t really strike it big until its third release, the chart-busting Slippery When Wet.

Dallas Observer

Q&A with Jordin Sparks
Sparks talked about the upcoming tour, some down time she enjoyed in Arizona and how she has grown since her days on American Idol.

Question: When you and Alicia both appeared at Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, you said that you hoped to take a hike in the desert with Alicia and get to know her. Did you two find time for that?

Answer: I didn’t get a chance to go hike with her, although it probably would have been a lot of fun. We were sitting in the same box at the Super Bowl, so I got to talk with her a little bit there. She was very, very nice.

AZ Central

Has anyone seen Anwar Robinson?

While he didn’t make the final cut, New Jersey-based singer Anwar Robinson gained a lot of support from urban viewers around the country that year. With his baby-faced looks, wide vocal range, and long locks, Robinson seemed destined for fame. Country singer Carrie Underwood eventually took home the top prize in 2005, but what’s been going on with Robinson since he was voted off American Idol?

The answer is rolling through West Palm Beach this weekend, wrapped in an unlikely package. He’s now starring in the rock opera smash, Rent, playing the lead role of Collins. Robinson says working in theater is still something he’s surprised about, considering he had no acting background before he got the part. Unfortunately, that means his solo career is somewhat on hold. But he hopes that acting is helping him build up new skills in the meantime.

Broward Palm Beach

Spamalot Star Clay Aiken Lends a Hand to Planet Hollywood

Clay Aiken stopped by the Planet Hollywood in Times Square, just around the corner from the Shubert Theatre where he’s playing Sir Robin in Spamalot. The American Idol runner-up and pop phenomenon joined the likes of Jack Nicholson and Whitney Houston by preserving his hands for display on the restaurant’s wall of fame. The adorable Aiken surprised lunchtime diners who looked on as he plunged hands-first into the cement. And need we mention the throngs of so-called “Claymates” who follow the pop star… oh, everywhere?

Bo Bice: The TV Squad Interview – VIDEO

Now Bo’s out promoting See the Light, his latest album which is more true to his southern rock roots. But that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to take a break from his touring schedule to spend some quality time with the kids down at American Idol Camp this summer. The program, which began last year, is for 10-15 year olds and runs in five two-week sessions throughout the summer.

There, kids can go to learn about the music industry and hone their craft as musicians, as well as experiencing all the traditional things that make summer camps fun, just with the added bonus of hanging out with and learning from Idol alumni like Bo. For more on Idol Camp check out the official American Idol Camp website. For more on my chat with Bo Bice, follow me after the jump.

TV Squad

Musicians Arrive At The 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards

Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie, Melanie Brown, Natasha Bedingfield, Elliott Yamin and Sara Bareilles, were just a few of the celebrities to hit the red carpet at the 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards. The event honors the songwriters and publishers of ASCAP’s most performed pop songs of 2007.

Access Hollywood

…Im a Song Guy ‘ The NGH Report Exclusive Interview with Jon Peter Lewis

American Idol 3 Jon Peter Lewis has a second album coming out shortly. How does it differ from his first? What does he think of this season? And why does he say Joseph is God? To find out, youll have to read this exclusive NGH Report interview!



While Nashville audiences often get a chance to see many of the nation and world finest performers in concert, they dont always have the opportunity to join them during their renditions. But that precisely the point of Sunday Community Hymn Sing at the Laura Turner Concert Hall in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center (2:30 and 7:30 p.m., One Symphony Place, 687-6400, $10’15).

Guest conductor David Hamilton will be leading the Nashville Symphony along with the Nashville Choir and a host of great singers. The performing list includes Melinda Doolittle, Amy Grant, Bill Gaither and Travis Cottrell.

Nashville City Paper

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