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‘American Idol’ Castoffs Speak: Garrett Isn’t Worried About Being Pale, Colton Tells Ellen To Give Him A Call

Someone has to be the first to go, and on Thursday’s results show, Garrett Haley, Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella and Colton Berry were the unfortunate four. We caught up with season seven’s inaugural castoffs to talk Simon’s harsh comments, whether they were surprised by their ousters and what’s next.

Berry, like Haley, suffered from a lack of screen time in the early rounds, but the bubbly theater geek tried to make up for it with his self-proclaimed Ellen DeGeneres resemblance and a high-energy performance of Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds.” Unfortunately, the 18-year-old from Staunton, Virginia, was sent packing the first week. We caught up with Berry to talk about Simon’s hurtful comments and his future on Broadway.

Q: Simon encouraged you to quit the music industry after you were voted off the show. How did you feel about that?

A: Simon’s job is to be Simon Cowell. There’s no one else in the world like Simon Cowell, and that’s who he’s supposed to be. I expected him to say something like that. I also kept in mind, and I think America kept in mind, when he said that comment, he did pick the top 24. Out of hundreds of thousands of people, he picked us to be the top 24 singers in America, so obviously we’re all gonna continue on with music careers. That’s who we are. And obviously he had a hand in putting us there. I think he was being kind of a little hypocritical, but he’s Simon. But everyone loves him and I love him for who he is.


N.J. ‘American Idol’ loser: I’ll still sing!

Joanne Borgella was one of the first contestants voted off “American Idol” Thursday night, but the Hoboken native isn’t letting that tiny detail get her down.”It’s amazing to be part of the top 24, out of the hundreds of thousands that had tried out, and to be part of the crop that’s the best they’ve ever had, ” Borgella told reporters yesterday. “Twenty-three of us are going to have to go home at the end of the day. … I have no problems having left [the first week].”

New York Daily News

‘American Idol’ castoff Amy Davis gained some exposure in Maxim

Her short-lived stint on “American Idol” might have left you covering your ears, but these sexy shots of the already-eliminated Amy Davis on are a lot easier on the eyes.Davis was one of 1000 girls selected for Maxim magazine’s 2007 “Hometown Hotties” contest. Over a period of ten weeks, the photos of the everyday buxom babes were posted on and narrowed down to ten finalists by online voters. The winner scored her own steamy spread in the magazine.

New York Daily News

‘American Idol’ — The First Four to Go

For Garrett, it was a bittersweet occasion. He was thrilled that he made the Final 24, but when it came time for his first performance, it was his song choice that was most likely the reason he was eliminated — and it turns out the choice of “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” wasn’t really his.

“We are allowed to choose three songs from a list, ” he tells reporters. “Every contestant is for sure to get one of the songs; I didn’t get any of my songs, because they had given them out to all the contestants before that, so I just ended up with having to choose from the list again. I didn’t get to chose. They threw the song at me and said, ‘Sing this one.’ I took what I got and I did what I could with it. It is hard to make a ballad song pop out at the beginning. I did the best I could and I am happy with what I did.”

ET Online

Idol might have a star in the making

Only one week and four cuts into American Idol’s semifinals, and a ‘tween dream is already being touted as the show’s potential winner.

David Archuleta, 17, wowed the trio of judges Tuesday with a genial, polished version of the Miracles’ Shop Around. Randy Jackson called it “really brilliant, ” and Paula Abdul said it was “a very brave and bold song choice.”

Simon Cowell, the only judge that really matters, called it the best performance “by a comfortable mile.”

Archuleta is undeniably talented and has an aw-shucks charm. But if he wins, I can’t imagine a future of real radio hits and critical acclaim. The former Star Search winner seems a better fit for a Disney Channel sitcom or musical movie, which, come to think of it, aren’t such bad gigs.

The Next Jasmine Trias? Fil-Am Ramiele Malubay Is A Hit On American Idol

2:47 p.m. Guam – The Filipino community all across Guam and throughout the United States has a new reason to be very proud. Ramiele Malubay’s stirring performances on television’s biggest show, American Idol, seen locally on FOX-6 Guam, have even got the notoriously caustic Simon Cowell gushing with praise. Do we have another Jasmine Trias in the making?

The 20-year Filipino-American from Miramar, Florida has been wowing the judges ever since her initial auditions in Miami this past year, in order to qualify for the American Idol Hollywood round. She counts her musical influences to be Aretha Franklin, Jackson 5, Mariah Carey, Lani Misalocha, and Regine Velasquez.

Pacific News Center

Boy from Oz an American idol. Even Simon says

A BOY from Oz is wowing millions in the United States’ top-rating television show.

Perth-born Michael Johns, 29, is in the final 24 contestants on American Idol and considered a strong chance to advance in the competition.

Even “nasty judge” Simon Cowell was impressed by his throaty version of the Doors’ Light My Fire, telling Johns he was “the most consistent contestant we’ve had”. “You have the natural charisma of a lead singer ‘  you have just got it, ” Cowell said.

The Age

‘Idol’ Cuts 4 but Keeps Irish Crooner

NEW YORK (AP) ‘  Carly Smithson progressed on “American Idol” Thursday amid controversy over her professional past. Smithson, 24, has made headlines for having a pre-“Idol” career: The Irish crooner recorded a debut album, 2001’s “Ultimate High, ” for MCA Records. It flopped ‘  after the label spent more than $2 million trying to sell it.

The show’s gimmick has always been to pluck talented young hopefuls from obscurity and make them into recording artists.

Besides Smithson, several of this year’s semifinalists are not exactly rookies in the world of music. Kristy Lee Cook once had a deal with Arista Nashville, and rocker Robbie Carrico was part of the pop group Boyz N Girlz United.

Associated Press

Nothin From Nothin Still Leaves 20

Question: How does one recap five hours of television?

Answer: By taking the easy way out.

I will only make commentary about extraneous stuff if it really mind-blowing and new. For example, all gay-baiting between Simon and Seacrest will be taken as a constant and not worthy of mention. Paula Silly-Talk also a given. Randy may receive some mention but only because I find him the single most annoying person on the show. In fact, Ill just get that out of the way right now. His new thing of saying, …WHAT?! as a form of delighted surprise is already a pain in my ass.

The Advocate

It’s shaping up to be a two-man race

And so after a brief interlude of basking in the spotlight, posturing on landing strips alongside private jets, walking the red carpet at the season-opening party and taking their first steps onto the “Idol” stage before tens of millions, as spring will eventually turn into winter the season of death comes once again to “Idol

The Top 24 they may be, drawn out of the masses to claim their place in history, but nonetheless, within the next three weeks, half of them must die.

As always in these early days, that news hits many of them very hard.

LA Times

American Idol Week One: Sucking So Far

If this season of American Idol has an official theme, it’s that the twenty-four men and women competing this year are the most talented set of contestants in the show’s history. I’m not quite sure how they’ve measured that, but Ryan Seacrest tells us over and over again that that’s what’s up. If this week’s shows, the first live broadcasts of the season, were any indication, Seacrest is leading us astray. American Idol is a f**king mess this year, and thus far I’ve only seen maybe three or four contestants who have any potential to do anything interesting once the season wraps up.

Village Voice

American Idol: Results: Out Like A Fat Kid in Dodgeball

Hewwo! I’m back with American Idol results! I’m live-recapping right now and typing my little fingers off. The bottom four are sent packing tonight, so I predict we’ll say “Au revoir, bitches!” to Spicoli (Garrett) and Ellen DeGeneres (Colton). As for the girls, I’m only sure about Amy Davis (girl, you’ve got a future career in being a trade show model), but she’ll be probably be accompanied by one of the older gals. America doesn’t like girls who went to their proms nearly a decade ago.

If people could text their votes for political elections the way they can for American Idol, the voter turnout in November might be record-breaking. Of course, we’d have accusations of people drunkenly voting for the wrong person (“I think I voted for Nader!”). FOX is seriously hyping up Don’t Forget The Lyrics featuring Boyz II Men, by the way. Did any of you watch it after the results show? ‘Fess up!

TV Gasm

“Idol” Banter: the ’60s undone

Were the coifs really that flat way back in the 1960s? The retro-cheezo outfits worn by the Top (for the last time) 24 during their awful opening medley made me long for the Milos Forman version of countercultural nostalgia, as defined in his messy, frizzy, fabulous 1979 film of “Hair.”

Of course, these “Idol” hopefuls weren’t even born then, aside from maybe Evil Michael Johns, who’s really more of a Val Kilmer-via-Oliver Stone kinda guy. Their idea of the swinging ’60s is Beyonce in “Goldfinger” ‘  a parody of a parody. The song selections our finalists have slaughtered and/or have been saddled with fit right in with the bizarre rewrite of pop history that “Idol”‘s producers have been authoring for years ‘  a revisionism in which both Elvis and the Beatles would have fit right in on the “Ed Sullivan” show, rather than upsetting millions and changing cultural history.

LA Times

Here’s what really happens on the red carpet in Hollywood

‘m not here to knock the Oscars or the movie industry; I just think such things are interesting.

After covering “American Idol” for a few years, I’ve come to regard TV awards ceremonies as similar “reality” spectaculars, employing all kinds of tricks behind the scenes.

I can talk about one part of the hoopla with a fair amount of certainty: the red carpet craziness before the show. I’ve actually been outside the Kodak, toes planted on the edge of the red carpet, for a similar event in 2005.

As a member of the press covering the “Idol” finale, it was my job to jostle among the media packed into a cordoned-off section of the crimson runway. Basically, we spotted celebs, shouted questions, got in each other’s faces and elbowed the more timid reporters into submission. You can bet that media for the Oscars’ red carpet does the same.

Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson on the ET Set

PAULA ABDUL and RANDY JACKSON talk to MARY HART about their collaboration on Paula’s new video, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow, ” this season’s “American Idol” — and why SIMON COWELL is being so mean!

ET Online

Stars rock Capital City

American Idol and 2008 America Music Award honoree Taylor Hicks also stopped by to record a greeting for the AIDB, capping it off with his signature head jerk and …Woo, Soul Patrol!

Hicks followers like Rhonda Huffman of Montgomery were out in full force.

…I am a Soul Patrol member, which means Im a BIG Taylor Hicks fan. He has the voice of an angel, and he a non-stop entertainer, she said. …His performance always knocks it right out of the park, and it great that he from Alabama, too.

Montgomery Advertiser

Enthusiastic audience in the mood for ‹Rent

After some groovy bass lines reminiscent of the theme from …Seinfeld, the show company dashed out onto the stage. After a brief introduction by Mark, an aspiring filmmaker, the cast all launched into a spirited rendition of the show title number.

From there, came the piano jazz-like …You Okay Honey? which brought together artist Collins (former …American Idol finalist Anwar Robinson) and drag queen street musician Angel (Kristen-Alexzander Griffith), then the vaguely Latin beats of …Light My Candle, in which HIV-infected lovers Roger (played by …American Idol: South Africa winner Heinz Winckler), a glum singer-songwriter, and Mimi, a drug-abusing dancer, meet for the first time.

The Times Tribune

Theater Listings

THE COLOR PURPLE For anyone who has walked by …The Color Purple and not noticed it, time is running out. The Broadway musical based on Alice Walker Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and produced for the stage by Oprah Winfrey, among others, will close on Sunday after 30 previews and 910 regular performances.

Ms. Walker epistolary novel is the story of Celie, a young black woman who survives a lonely, brutal upbringing to eventually find redemption through love, sisterhood and inner strength. The plot doesnt exactly scream …Let put on a show! but the production, which opened on Dec. 1, 2005, snagged 11 Tony nominations in 2006. Ticket sales were robust, and the production recouped its entire $11 million investment in less than a year.

NY Times

Full Length Sex and the City Trailer!

It’s here! The highly anticipated, full-length trailer for this Spring’s Sex and the City movie has arrived.

There’s Mr. Big and wedding talk, bawdy jokes as usual and an introduction to Carrie’s personal assistant, played by Jennifer Hudson.


Underwood in concert carries the night

In her first headlining Pittsburgh concert, Carrie Underwood wasn’t “pitchy, ” she was “just awwiight” or any of those other euphemisms for mediocrity you hear on “American Idol.”

Underwood brought pure star power and those golden pipes to the Petersen Events Center in Oakland last night before a packed house of adoring fans. She had some rock-star trappings working for her, like a digital countdown on the giant screen to pump up the crowd and a trap door that allowed her to rise from beneath the stage for the opener, “Flat on the Floor.”

Post Gazette

Carrie Underwood is everywhere: The Grammys, ‹SNL and soon, Sprint Center

Already this year she has collected two Grammys (her fifth and sixth), and her …Some Hearts became the most successful debut album by a female artist in country music history. Sales exceed 7 million copies. Her second album, …Carnival Ride, released in October, has gone multi-platinum, with sales already exceeding 2 million.

Tonight, Underwood will be the music guest on …Saturday Night Live.

On March 5 ‘  five days before her 25th birthday ‘  she will perform at a sold-out Sprint Center with one of country music biggest stars, Keith Urban. The two are co-headlining the …Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Carnival Ride Tour.


‹American Idol participant visits Lee

Lee University students and faculty were treated to a special concert Thursday in the Conn Center. Former Lee student and American Idol participant Phil Stacey made an appearance at his former alma mater and introduced tunes from his upcoming first country music album.

…If You Didnt Love Me is already getting airplay from radio stations around the country.

Stacey closed his performance with the Lyric Street Records release.

…I like all of the songs on the album, said Stacey as he joked with media representatives after his performance.

…We wanted to title the album ‹The Greatest Album Ever but thought that might be a little much, he said.

Cleveland Banner

American Idol’s Mandisa: Grammy And GMA Music Award Nominee Scans Over 100, 000k In 6 Months & Partners With Dreyer’s Ice Cream For ‘Hot Tracks’ Promotion

On the heels of her recent GRAMMY nomination (one of just three idol alums to be nominated), MANDISA has also been nominated for two Gospel Music Association Dove Awards for the coveted Female Vocalist of the Year and New Artist of the Year categories. In addition, the songwriter for her hit single …God Speaking was nominated for Inspirational Song of the Year. In addition, MANDISA label debut, …True Beauty has also scanned over 100k units in just 6 months, making it one of, if not the, best selling new artist project in the genre, as well as one of Sparrow Records fastest-selling new artists ever.

On top of this, Mandisa has partnered with EDYS ® SLOW CHURNED ® LIGHT ICE CREAM as they distribute one million free CDs at participating grocery stores across the U.S. As a part of their HOT TRACKS promotion. When consumers purchase any two EDY SLOW CHURNED Light Ice Cream products they will receive a free CD featuring eight full-length original tracks. This platinum pressing of one million CDs will include tracks by former American Idol finalists including Mandisa (Season 5) Justin Guarini (Season 1), Kimberly Caldwell (Season 2), George Huff (Season 3), Anthony Fedorov (Season 4), Constantine Maroulis (Season 4), Nadia Turner (Season 4), and Chris Richardson (Season 6). From February through April, CDs will be available at select EDY brand retail locations nationwide.

Bucky Covington’s the Boss

Bucky Covington is quickly finding success in country music, but one thing he hadn’t considered is that being an artist also means being a boss.

When he was growing up, his father owned a body shop and would sometimes voice his desire to just be a worker instead of the head of the company. As a kid, Bucky thought that was silly: The owner makes more money. But now that he’s had to hire musicians and a support crew, Bucky understands his dad’s viewpoint was rooted in the stress of being a leader.


Rock and Roll (to the show) Station benefit needs your help

Despite boasting a lineup of rock and country stars, Monday night benefit at Providence Dunkin Donuts Center to raise funds for the survivors of the Station nightclub fire is bombing at the box office.

…The show is not selling what we expected, said Live Nation booking agent Bob Duteau.

As of yesterday only 2, 800 tickets had been sold for the concert, which will feature Twisted Sister, Tesla, Staind Aaron Lewis, Boston Tom Scholz and Stryper as well as country artists Gretchen Wilson, John Rich, Kellie Pickler, Dierks Bentley and Randy Owen of Alabama.

Boston Herald

American Idol is for Idiots

What do you call a show with awesome contestants, controversial and compelling judges and a charismatic host? Dancing With the Stars.

The Top 24 was cut by four, blah, blah, blah. Here the recap of the results show, AKA Idol for Idiots.


American Idol Results One Minor Surprise

Anyone else think that this hour could have been better spent with the camera on Michael Johns for a full sixty minutes?

A few notes:


‘American Idol’: First Four to Go

It’s “American Idol’s” very first Elimination Costume Party. In honor of it being ’60s-music week, the 12 Idolette chicks are all going as the “My Fair Lady” racetrack scene on drugs.

The best costume trophy goes to Alaina Whitaker — or maybe it’s Kady Malloy, it’s so hard to tell this season’s blonde chicks apart — whose dress resembles the joker in a deck of cards.

All 12 Idolette guys are going as Michael Caine in “Alfie.”

Washington Post

“American Idol”: The torch is passed

And so as winter must follow spring, after a brief interlude of basking in the spotlight, posturing on landing strips alongside private jets, walking the red carpet at the season opening party and taking their first steps onto the “Idol” stage before an audience in the tens of millions, the season of death comes once again to “Idol.”

The Top 24 they may be, drawn out of the masses to claim their place in history, but nonetheless, within the next three weeks, half of them must die, and as always in these early days, that news hits many of them very hard.

LA Times

American Idol The First Eliminations (Or, Boo Hoo Fest)

Since American Idol was so sloppy this week, a number of people couldve been justifiably sent home. Out of the rejected foursome, though, I do wish that Colton had been able to stick around, since he one of the only contestants to have shown improvement since the Hollywood round. And since he improving, doesnt that mean he better than he was last week, when the judges put him into the Top 24? I wouldve rather seen Chikezie leave.

All Music

‘American Idol’ Bids Adieu To Four Contestants

America voted, and now it’s back to real life for “American Idol” contestants Garrett Haley, Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella and Colton Berry, who were all eliminated during Thursday night’s episode ‘  the first time during the seventh season of the top-rated series that the viewers have had their say.


Analysts: Apple brand benefits from Idol deal

Apple iPod enjoys a sizable share of the market for digital-music players. Its iTunes Store enjoys an equally formidable share of the online music market. And its brand remains one of the most recognizable in the world. So what can aligning its iPod and iTunes offerings with a television program do for Apple, even when the program in question is as popular as the Fox Network American Idol?

Plenty, analysts say.

…Apple involvement with American Idol brings a number of benefits, including more exclusives to iTunes, closer association with TV and music (particularly emerging artists), and exposure on one of the top-rated shows on television, said Ross Rubin, director of analysis at market-research firm NPD.


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