Idol Headlines for 12/23/07

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Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa host Disney World’s holiday celebration

….This year, the parade features Miley Cyrus, Josh Groban, Patti LaBelle, Jessica Simpson, “American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee, the Jonas Brothers, “Dancing With the Stars” couples and the Harlem Gospel Choir.

“I love, love, love Josh Groban, ” said Ripa. “I think his voice is just made for Christmas. And the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ people, they put on a heck of a show. And my daughter is very excited about the ‘High School Musical 2’ cast.”….

NYDaily News

‘Kennedy Center Honors’ turns 30 with flair

……..Ross: Smokey Robinson and Terrence Howard offer affectionate words. American Idol victor Jordin Sparks sings a Supremes medley. Vanessa Williams, Ciara and Yolanda Adams perform……

Orlando Sentinel

TV: Hot and cold in 2007

….8. Hairy-hare. He couldn’t sing, and he didn’t win, but for two months, American Idol’s Sanjaya Malakar, the Seattle-born son of a Hindu elder, proved that a boy with a winsome smile and fabulous hair could captivate America just as thoroughly as any drug-addled sexpot….

Buzzwords 2007
All We Are Saying

….What follows is by no means a complete list of the words that took our attention this year, but rather a sampling from the thousands that endured long enough to find a place in the national conversation. Although many were not first said or written in 2007, they are nonetheless the tattoos, scars and medals that differentiate this year from any other……

….-hawk suffix

Indicates a haircut similar to a mohawk. Sanjaya Malakar, a contestant on …American Idol, sported what he called a ponyhawk. Shawn Andrews of the Philadelphia Eagles described his haircut as a brohawk, something akin to a short mohawk on a black man. An older use is fauxhawk, in which the hair is styled in a vertical strip but none is cut….


On the Stage: Holiday Fare ‘  The Drowsy Chaperone, West Side Story, Xanadu and The Color Purple

….I know Fantasia has been derided ‘  rightly so ‘  for missing so many performances. But if she can work on her theatrical 8-shows-a-week stamina, there is nothing this woman cant do in the theatre. Every time I walk into The Broadway, I remember one of my early experiences of being blown away in New York by seeing Patti Lupone in Evita there. Lupone. Merman. Lansbury. After seeing Fantasia fully inhabit Miss Celie, Id gladly place her in that pantheon even though she only essayed this one role. I certainly hope there are more in her future. Believe me, I walked in a cynic. But I walked out a thankful fan. You dont often get to see a kind of innate greatness blossom in the perfect role. Maybe some day fifty years from now at a Gypsy of the Year contest ‘  the kids from A Color Purple won this year competition, by the way ‘  Fantasia can stride out as a 70-year- old diva with a lone pianist and cellist and thrill another generation of theatre lovers with …Im Here. I have no doubt she still will be.

Simon Cowell to ‘sue iTunes’

SIMON COWELL is considering launching legal proceedings against iTunes after fans were prevented from downloading X-Factor winner LEON JACKSON single.

Demand melted the music firm servers shortly after When You Believe went on sale at midnight on Saturday.

The problem was only resolved some 15 hours later leading to thousands of punters being unable to get their hands on the ballad.

Last year LEONA LEWIS winning single shifted an astonishing 50, 000 downloads on its first hour of sale.

The Scottish teen logged just 36, 669 sales in three days and record label bosses are furious.

An insider at SonyBMG said: …Everybody here is up in arms……………..

The Sun

Clark Brothers: The Next Great American Band

….The Franklin County Board of Supervisors and Rocky Mount Town Councile declared December 22, 2007, The Clark Brothers Day in Franklin Co. and Rocky Mount.