Idol Headlines for 12/19/07

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Daughtry appeals to the masses at Hard Rock

Can someone please explain the appeal of Chris Daughtry?

Oh. That right. The guy was on some TV show.

Daughtry sold-out concert for a wildly enthusiastic crowd on Tuesday at Hard Rock Live was more of a testament to the power of American Idol than a glimpse at a distinctive talent likely to build a long career.

Without Idol, it impossible believe that the trite emotions and utterly predictable musical formulas behind these songs could draw such an enviably broad demographic:

Children. Soccer moms. Long-haired, old-school rock and rollers. Older folks. Young professionals. All there to root for Chris Daughtry.

Such loyalty made it hard for the three opening acts ‘  Dirty University, You Are I Am and the Midway State ‘  to garner much attention. In fairness, it was a long time to wait for the main attraction.

The Midway State, the third band on stage, actually was greeted by a smattering of boos, but soldiered on anyway…….

Orlando Sentinel

Blake Lewis: An Audiophile with Style

American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis stood out from the rest of the Idol contenders thanks to his unique style and beatboxing ways. In a recent interview, the break-out star tells us how he stays in touch with his fans using MySpace, gives advice to budding artists, and explains what the Kaoss pad does to his voice.

Can you tell me about your new album Audio Day Dream? Why the name? What can we expect to hear?

My band’s actually called A.D.D. and its been our name for about four years now. It came about because of my drummer and I ‘ everyone thinks we have both have A.D.D (he definitely does). Same with the live show. Our show is very wild, and we go through many different types of music. It’s kind of an live electronic jam band, but like synth pop. And just like the record, it will hopefully take you on a journey from start to finish. We’re definitely high energy, and so that’s where A.D.D came from………


Kellie Pickler hits the Big Apple

….She recently became part of a tradition when the USO invited her to go to Iraq to perform for the troops. This was her first trip overseas.

…It was the most amazing experience of my life, she told Meredith Vieira. …It was an incredible experience for all of us.

Pickler performed several acoustic shows for the troops saying the experience was awesome to be a part of.

…We grabbed lunch and dinner and always sat down with the guys to talk, Pickler said. …It was nice to be able to go and bring a little home to them. It was a good learning experience. I feel like I have a better understanding of everything that going on and there no greater learning experience than hands on.

Pickler sang ‘Santa Baby’ off the Hear Something Country Christmas album and dedicated it to the troops….

“American Idol” Finalist Jones Bows on Broadway in The Color Purple Dec. 19

Broadway’s The Color Purple adds another “American Idol” veteran to its cast Dec. 19 when LaKisha Jones makes her Main Stem debut in the award-winning musical at the Broadway Theatre…………


Mixing models with critters, Metrozoo is prowling for new donors

….”It’s the first event of its kind to reach out to a different audience, ” said Cindy Castelblanco, the zoo’s public relations manager.

The Irene Marie agency put together a committee for the Happy Zoo Year! party that includes Victoria’s Secret model May Andersen and agency clients Cindy Taylor, former host of Wild On E!, American Idol finalist Christina Christian, Deco Drive co-anchor Louis Aguirre and Playboy model Joanna Krupa….

Miami Herald

OT: Annual Christmas Rant

….And now the new addition for 2007:
4. I’m getting kind of tired of all of the American Idol wannabes polluting the airwaves. I don’t care if your name is Carry, Kimberly, Yamil, Ernesto, or Sneaky Pete…if you’re going to cover a classic song at least do something distinctive with it. I have no problem with new interpretations of carols. Destiny’s Child did some great Christmas work a couple years ago…it reflected their style and was very nice. But if you’re going to do a song that was a signature piece for Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Judy Garland or somebody and you sing it exactly like they did other than adding a couple of silly grace notes and hopping to the third on the last note and then you call it YOURS? UGH! Just hush up your made-over, TV-faced selves and give me Bing, Frank, Perry, Andy, and Judy. Thanks….

Blazers Edge


Now that Billboard has declared DAUGHTRY’s self-titled CD the #1 album of the year, when can we expect to hear the follow-up? With any luck, hopefully in 2008. CHRIS DAUGHTRY told Reuters, “It’s a little early to tell. We’re doing some writing when we have the opportunity, and we’re going to be working on getting it out some time hopefully next year — when we get it right.”



DOES Fantasia Barrino have a bun in the oven? Yes, say several reliable bloggers including celebrity writer Jonathan Jackson, who credits Atlanta rapper Young Dro with being the father. Barrino’s flack didn’t get back to us, but an upcoming visit from the stork might explain the star’s numerous absences from the Broadway smash “The Color Purple, ” which she’s just left……