Idol Headlines for 12/16/07

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Z100 Jingle Ball Rocks NYC

Every year, tens of thousands of lucky fans get to see a who who of bands perform for the Z100 Jingle Ball. And this year was definitely an early Christmas present to those lucky enough to nab a ticket to the Madison Square Garden gig.

On the vocal/pop end of things, fans were treated to performances by the Backstreet Boys, …American Idol Jordin Sparks, and Alicia Keys……..

Gossip Girls

TV exposure cuts both ways for Duran Duran

Nick Rhodes and John Taylor of Duran Duran are talking about celebrity, specifically the differences between the teen-pop machine that plucked them from art-rock obscurity and thrust them into megastardom in the early 80s and the same machine making stars of blemishless youngsters today. And then Taylor makes an extraordinary complaint.

…Now it all ‹American Idol, ƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  he says, nearly sneering. …It all about TV…………


Will Give-Backs Become Contagious?
Buyers Say More Networks Will Need to Pay Cash to Underserved Advertisers

….Fox was the only network not facing a ratings drop-off, posting a 3.4% uptick compared to last year. And the network is headed into January with American Idol — which has the potential to be an even bigger ratings juggernaut than usual since it will face little competition. Fox will also get a monster ratings draw in February with the Super Bowl….

Broadcasting & Cable

Gospel singer Grant coming to Longview

…Also performing will be Mandisa, who was placed ninth in “American Idol” last year, and Daniel Kirkley, described as a “classical/pop” artist…

Daughtry came ready to rock

It was apparent that Chris Daughtry was feeling much better than he was in April when he last played Charlotte following a show in Florida that he’d canceled due to illness.

“I’m not sick this time, so it’s all good, ” he said a few songs into the set Saturday at Ovens Auditorium. He was physically and vocally stronger and more outgoing than at the spring show, which made the entire performance better…….

The pace of fame: fleeting and frenetic
The need for a constant feed of gossip and what’s new cheapens the nature of celebrity and what’s of lasting importance.

….Strangely enough, penguins, as in “March of the Penguins, ” “Madagascar” and “Happy Feet, ” seem to be hanging on. Perhaps they could offer a few tips to former “American Idol” darling Sanjaya, who was reduced to a has-been mere moments, it would seem, after the pinnacle of his fame….