Idol Headlines for 11/03/07

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Writers Strike – Who needs writers, anyway

….In fact, buy every camera you can grab and mount ‹em everywhere. Reality shows arent (officially) scripted in any formal manner, so they can be cranked out by the greasy trunkful. Let see …Border Patrol Bloopers and …AmsterCam and …Who Wants to Survive Ebola and …Survivor: DMV and …The Slaughterhouse Funniest Animals and …The Corner of Clyde Morris and LPGA Where All the Cars Wreck and …Celebrity Upskirts. Let turn on the paparazzi cameras and follow drunken teen actresses and pop stars morning, noon and night. Let run …American Idol nonstop until the judges snap from exhaustion and Simon just starts punching contestants one after the other. That’s some good TV, there….

New-Journal Online

On the town

…Joining in the tribute were YMF Interim Board Chairman Michael Gleason; Ryan Seacrest; Ty Treadway; Michael Feinstein; Katharine McPhee; violinist Stephanie Yu – winner of the YMF/Merv Griffin Memorial Scholarship; 16-year-old Canadian singer Cody Karey; Mort Lindsey – Griffin’s orchestra leader for more than 20 years – and the YMF Orchestra under the baton of Sean Newhouse, who performed Griffin’s hit “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” and Lindsey’s orchestral version of the “Jeopardy” theme…

SGV Tribune

Dog Loosed from Goose Parade

…TMZ has learned that Dog has ditched the 61st Annual Mother Goose Parade, where he was originally scheduled to be part of the “Walk of Fame, ” along with celebs like Katharine McPhee, Drake Bell, and Roselyn Sanchez. Lucky for animal lovers, Sylvester the Cat, Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird will be there…


‘The Next Great American Band’: If only they could sing…

Two bands got cut from The Next Great American Band this week, and I was shocked at who they were. They seemed like two of the most potentially popular bands on the show, playing the sort of music you’d hear on the radio today — and forget about three seconds after the song was replaced by a commercial. Who knew the American public liked idiosyncratic, personal music? Certainly not most record companies …

Spoiler seems to be the hardest word…………….

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In with a whimper, not a bang
Only a threatened writers’ strike is saving several mediocre shows from getting axed, writes Andrew Ryan

….The plodding season start is sharply mirrored here – Canadian viewers essentially subsist on American network programming. It’s no secret the most-watched shows in America are also the most-watched shows in Canada: Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, various incarnations of CSI and Law & Order and, of course, Dancing with the Stars. “It’s kind of surprising that the cheesy Dancing with the Stars is still so dominant, while the recent Fox series The Next Great American Band did nothing in the ratings, ” Catlin says….

The Globe and Mail

Exclusive Interview: Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, Judge on ‘The Next Great American Band’

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson knows his music. A veteran of the music industry for twenty years, Dickson has for small labels, bug labels and has been integral in bringing many bands to the world’s attention. Originally from England (where he was friends with American Idol’s Simon Cowell), Dicko moved to Australia a few years back and has been a staple on television ever since, most notably as a judge on Australian Idol. His newest gig has brought him, for the first time, to the United States as a judge on FOX’s The Next Great American Band. We talked to him earlier this week about his new job, coming out to the States and the pressures of being the …bastard judge. ……….

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American Idol Sweetie Kellie Pickler Talks Breast Implants, Cleavage

….She made the confession on Dallas’ “Gene & Julie” morning radio show, the magazine reports in this week’s print edition. “Before the interview with Kellie, we were joking about what there was to discuss with her other that those huge breasts, ” disc jockey Gene Gates told The Enquirer. “They certainly seemed to be the biggest topic of discussion.”

In past interviews, Kellie, 21, would not confirm the implant rumors. Even when she appeared on “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, she refused to come clean. “I like to keep it a mystery, ” she said. The magazine claims that Kellie told the Dallas DJs that she is very happy with the outcome of her surgery.

National Ledger

A tidal wave of titles

…..’Rock Band’ sneak peek

American Idol and country-rock singer Bo Bice will be demo-ing the upcoming music game Rock Band at the Wal-Mart Supercenter at 1700 Dallas Parkway in Plano today before the game hits shelves in a few weeks.

He’ll be playing the game with a few members of the audience and then signing autographs.

The event takes place from 2 to 4 p.m.

Dallas News

The Next Great American Band: Episode 3

The field of bands narrowed by two tonight on The Next Great American Band. So, we’re down to ten bands who specialize in various genres. I’m not sure how much I enjoyed the way they did the reveal of the two bands going home. It seemed a bit needlessly cruel, kind of like cruel and unusual punishment…………

TV Squad

Walt Disney Records to Release Enchanted Original Soundtrack on November 20

….Multi-platinum recording artist Carrie Underwood performs the final song “Ever Ever After, ” produced by Mark Bright. Says Underwood, “It’s actually one of the more difficult songs I’ve sung, but it’s really cute and it’s really fun, and it fits so well with the movie.” The song also gave Underwood the opportunity to team up again with video director Roman White, who has directed 6 of her videos including “Before He Cheats, ” “Jesus Take the Wheel, ” and current hit “So Small.”

Though Underwood has been responsible for many memorable songs since winning American Idol, she acknowledges that there is something about recording a song for a Disney film that truly makes you timeless. She describes, “It’s really amazing to think that someday kids will know all the words to this song – just like I know the words to a lot of other Disney songs that have become classics.” …..

Mickey News

Kanye, Avril in the lineup for Jingle Ball

Kanye West, Avril Lavigne, Timbaland, Good Charlotte and current ‘American Idol’ winner Jordin Sparks headline the 2007 KDWB Jingle Ball, which returns to the Target Center Dec. 7. It follows several years of lower-profile Jingle Balls held at the Myth in Maplewood……

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