Idol Headlines for 10/11/07

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In Review
Clarkson delivers her hits and more at Turning Stone

The crowd was young Wednesday night at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino Event Center, many five, 10, even 15 years younger than the 25-year-old singer they came to cheer.

And cheer for Kelly Clarkson they did……..


‘Idol’ chatter: Former finalists to perform

They made their celebrity debut on the hit TV series “American Idol” and became known as some of America’s most talented singers.

But for finalists Justin Guarini and Kimberley Locke, entertaining is more than just singing, it’s also engaging with the audience and taking a few bold steps in new directions……..

LC Sun-News

Southeast group brings rock act to Show Me Center

For the first time in five years, students at Southeast Missouri State University will get a concert from a major-label act they asked for.
Not all of the university’s 10, 000-plus students will be excited about the Nov. 15 concert by rock band Daughtry, announced by the Show Me Center this morning. College students are notorious in their affinity for indie rock, not the kind of major-label, commercial rock former “American Idol” contestant Chris Daughtry’s band specializes in………


Daughtry far from idle as rock career flourishes

Chris Daughtry says he never really worried that he had just seen his big shot at a music career slip out of his grasp when he was voted off …American Idol.

…I didnt feel like that, he said. …It was definitely a shock to me at that moment in time. Youre in a contest, and you get to a point where you want to win it……

The State

Nokia Theater makes bow
Eagles to perform at venue’s christening

…Leiweke envisions a time when all the elements of L.A. Live will be used for a single purpose, such as a weeklong “American Idol” festival that would include the staging of the singing show’s finale, concerts and club appearances by former finalists and a fan fair that would involve the Convention Center….


30th annual Pride on Parade, Pride in Desert scheduled

…Among the scheduled acts are Gregory Douglass, American Idol Season 2 Finalist Kimberley Locke and the girl group Expose…


Dear Superstar: Kid Rock
Detroit favorite rock-country-hip-hop joker mouths off about his sex tape (sorry), his drinking habits (A.M. beer is A-OK) and his favorite pastime (antiquing, of course!)

…What current song totally irritates you every time you hear it?

American Idol in general irritates me. It sucks. I think they should allow songwriters in. Someone singing a song they wrote ‘  there nothing more powerful. But, whatever, theyre doing fine; they dont need me, and I dont need them. Somebody was bitching at me, …You talk sh*t about American Idol; there 30 million people who watch that show, smart guy. It the biggest show in America. Is that a fact? Last time I checked, there 300 million people in America. I wanna sell my music to the 270 million smart motherf**kers who dont watch that bull ­sh*t.


There Are Pop Culture Experts Whose Names Are Not Robert Thompson

Watch out, Robert Thompson: Looks like your monopoly on pop culture soundbites might be facing some competition.

Every lazy reporter dream, Thompson regularly supplies quotables on everything from American Idol to High School Musical from his office suite at Syracuse University. Thompson is usually referred to as a …pop culture expert. Around Jossip HQ, he referred to as …Syracuse University best branding mechanism.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Emily Friedman found multiple pop culture experts at universities who are not Robert Thompson for an article about legal liability at reality TV shows……..


In case you missed it … Ralston grad gets cut by ‘American Idol’

Milena Aguero, a Ralston High School graduate, was the first to get a thumbs up from “American Idol” producers at the show’s August auditions in Omaha.

She wasn’t so lucky Tuesday.

That’s when the 18-year-old was one of about 300 to audition for higher-level producers at the Qwest Center Omaha convention center……

Bellevue Leader

Mother Goose Parade is calling on Hollywood for some sparkle

…Among the bevy of young stars scheduled to perform or appear are Corbin Bleu of …High School Musical; singer Jesse McCartney; …American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee; and Mario Lopez from …Dancing with the Stars. …

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