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Bits and pieces give life to American Idols Live

…The much-maligned Malakar, dressed like an extra from “Miami Vice, ” mangled “The Way You Make Me Feel” and made the crowd cheer for the concert’s sponsor (“Scream if you love [breakfast pastries]!”) before pausing to joke about his (lack of) singing ability, announcing, “It takes a lot more than vocal prowess to make it on ‘American Idol.’ “…


On Tour with American Idol: The Chris Sligh Q&A

Though he barely made the cut for the American Idol top 12, Chris Sligh has no qualms about coming in 10th place in the reality competition. “I’ve actually got nine labels after me right now, ” says the curly-haired singer, who packed a portable recording studio to bring on the American Idols Live tour. “We’re not allowed to sign a record deal until the end of August, but I’ve been writing songs and it’s going really, really well.” Here is what else the Greenville, South Carolina, native shared with TV Guide in the midst of venue-hopping…..

TV Guide: You could go on America’s Got Talent with that trick.
Chris: I actually thought about going on America’s Got Talent this year but the auditions happened too early.

TV Guide: Did you really think about it?
Chris: No. I don’t feel like I want to whore myself out to another reality show. But my cousin was actually on America’s Got Talent. He made the top 10. He was the guy that did the female impersonations with the dummy. We’re a talented family, I’ll tell you that much right now. [Laughs] We’ve got ventriloquists and OK singers. It’s pretty awesome…

TV Guide

Thousands line up in Texas for ‘American Idol’ auditions

Standing outside Texas Stadium with thousands of other “American Idol” hopefuls this week, LaCondra Davies knew she was bound for Hollywood. Again.

“I know the game now, ” said Davies, 29, who was booted from the show last season after making the first cut. “You can’t give them everything at once.” ….

…Patrick Stephens, 23, said he auditioned in Birmingham, Ala., last year only to file out “like a loser.” His approach Monday was more laid back as he fiddled with an iPod — not rehearsing songs but instead watching videos of standup comedy.

“I don’t have an interesting back story if I get picked, ” said Stephens, a technical recruiter from Plano.

Those who advanced Monday must still pass another audition in front of show executives before getting the chance to sing in front of judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson for the taped portions of the show…

Tulsa World

‘American Idol’ auditions to draw big crowds

Stan Benis has lined up security for an Elvis Presley concert, helped organize the annual Berkshire Hathaway stockholders meeting and dealt with the mob around motivational speaker Zig Ziglar.

But the director of event operations at the Qwest Center Omaha has never tackled anything as unusual as this week’s “American Idol” auditions. They’re essentially two events, he says ‘  an outside gathering of as many as 15, 000 people beginning today and a concertlike audition inside on Friday.

Starting around 6 this morning, aspiring singing stars will line up outside the arena to register for auditions.

“Idol” producers are especially jumpy, Benis said, because they were disappointed with the lack of security workers and ushers at this season’s first two audition spots ‘  San Diego on July 30 and Dallas earlier this week….

‘Idol’ winner, other finalists offer their audition tips

Jordin Sparks has a message for the thousands preparing to audition for “American Idol” in Omaha this week.

Jordin Sparks sings in the May 23 “American Idol” finale at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.Don’t take rejection personally. The judges can be wrong.

A year ago, Sparks and her family drove 400 miles from Glendale, Ariz., to Los Angeles so she could try out for the singing competition……..

Waco woman made the cut in American Idol auditions, at least nine other Central Texans didn’t

Her name is Brittney Davis.

She graduated from Waco High School in 1999.

She sings in church.

But the 26-year-old signed contracts Monday banning her from saying much else about herself publicly.

After all, she could be the next American Idol….

…But Davis made it past two rounds of auditions in front of the Fox talent search producers and will sing Sept. 19 in Dallas in front of Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell ‘  18 days after the Waco native gets married.

Bridgette Boggess, a family friend, said Davis made it through because of her singing ‘  not a crazy costume or attention-getting gimmick.

…When she opens her mouth and sings, it does something to people, Boggess said. …She has a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful voice. You cant say, ‹She sounds like so and so. She has her own style of singing.

Boggess said Davis signed a contract banning her from singing publicly. The producers dont even want media reports to publicize where she works or goes to church.

At least until the show seventh season starts in January, Davis is the property of …American Idol. And that fine with her, Boggess said.

…This is her dream, Boggess said. …And she just a real nice, laid-back girl. She one of the ones whose voice you will just fall in love with…..

Justin Timberlake and Beyoncà © lead nominees for MTV Video Music Awards
British neo-soul singer Amy Winehouse is up for three awards

…British rivals Winehouse and Lily Allen will fight each other and former American Idol finalist Carrie Underwood, Gym Class Heroes and Peter Bjorn & John for best new artist. Best group will be decided among Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Maroon 5, Linkin Park and White Stripes…

OC Register

Soul Man Heads For Torrington

…Q: Your new book, “Heart Full of Soul” [Crown. $24.95]: What prompted you to write it, other than money?…..

Sycamore teen delegate meets with congressional officials on Capitol Hill

…Also participating in the JDRF congressional events were celebrities who have close ties to diabetes either personally or through friends and families including Trisha Yearwood, Elliott Yamin of “American Idol” fame, country western singer songwriter Steve Wariner, NBA rookie Adam Morrison, LPGA golfer Michelle McGann, NFL offensive lineman Kendall Simmons, NASCAR driver Dexter Bean, ESPN’s John Saunders and Brian Kenny, and retired New York Mets baseball player Todd Zeile…

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Front Page

The stars are coming out in Fitchburg next month, at the first Crocker Field Summer Concert Series event on Sunday, Sept. 9.

The show, sponsored by the Fitchburg Pride, features Grammy nominee Bellevue Cadillac, and “American Idol” contestant Ayla Brown, along some special surprise guests….

Fitchburg Pride

Anna Faris on the Set of House Bunny

Anna Faris is filming her new comedy House Bunny for Columbia Pictures and Happy Madison in these recently snapped photos in Los Angeles. Directed by Fred Wolf, the film co-stars Emma Stone, Rumer Willis, Kat Dennings, Sarah Wright, comedian Dana Goodman, and “American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee…


‘Idol’ finalist to perform anthem at TTU opener

American Idol finalist and current country recording artist Carmen Rasmussen will add her talents to the festivities when the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagle football team hosts its first home game of the 2007 season….


Kellie Pickler’s Sitcom On Hold

Last November, Kellie Pickler signed on the dotted line for a sitcom to be developed with 20th Century Fox for a character based on herself. The premise was Kellie would play “a naive small-town Southern girl who discovers that her biological father is the state’s well-respected governor.” But now, with the success of her music career, the fifth-season “American Idol” finalist is having second thoughts.

“Country music’s my whole life now. I want to establish myself as an important country artist while I have the chance, ” says Kellie in an interview with Ohio’s Akron-Beacon-Journal. “If I was working on a TV show, that would take 14, 15 hours a day. When would I fit my music in? When would I tour?” ……..

Constantine Maroulis
Laughable lyrics and second-rate songs from a sixth-rate ‘American Idol’

…X-Factor: If you have problems finding the record, send your complaints to Maroulis’ record company, Sixth Place Records. He owns it.


Honorary Emmy doesn’t save ‘American Idol’

Oh, come on! The announcement that the TV academy is giving “American Idol” a Governors Award for its “Idol Gives Back” special wreaks of cronyism considering guess who’s telecasting the Emmycast this September. yep, Fox network. Big coincidence, right? All Emmywatchers know that TV’s most popular TV show is poised to possibly become Emmy’s biggest loser if it gets shut out again this year. So far it’s had 22 losses, no wins. That’s just three defeats shy of the record held by “The Bob Newhart Show.” With Fox in charge of the Emmys this year, this “Idol” freebie award sure looks ridiculously suspicious.

But if “Idol” producers now think that this Governors’ Award rescues them from the Biggest Loser Fate, they’re wrong. As all kudos nuts know: honorary awards don’t count. If “Idol” loses all 7 of its current nominations, it’ll still becomes Emmy’s biggest loser because it’ll have lost competitive awards. You don’t win or lose honorary awards. Take Peter O’Toole at the Oscars, for example. After failing to win this year for “Venus, ” he emerged as Oscar’s biggest loser, having 8 defeats, no wins. That was widely reported despite the fact that O’Toole received an honorary award a few years earlier.

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