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Reality TV Convention For Reality TV Fans

The second annual Reality TV Convention is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee at the Radisson at Opryland on June 30 & July 1, 2007. The 2007 Reality TV Convention is a reality TV fan-focused event that includes a meet and greet with reality TV stars, panel discussions on reality TV shows, and information on auditioning for reality TV shows…

… The Reality TV Convention draws in the most devoted and hard-core reality TV fans from all over the country. Many of the webmasters and writers for several of the top reality TV websites and blogs attend the convention…

Reality TV Magazine

Is super-skinny Nicole Richie pregnant?
Plus: Taylor Hicks may be singing on the cheating side of town

Is Taylor Hicks the ‘other man’?
Is Taylor Hicks singing on the cheating side of town?

The …American Idol winner was recently photographed with a woman identified as Caroline Lyders, the morning anchor for WISN-TV in Milwaukee. The two insisted they were just friends ‘  but they were later spotted smooching in a more-than-friendly way.

That hit a sour note with Lyders longtime boyfriend, insurance businessman Aaron Ruffcorn, reports Star magazine.

…[Lyders] was with our family for the [Christmas] holiday and we all had a lot of fun, Ruffcorn father Michael told the tab. …I know they have been talking about marriage for some time. The two have known each other since high school…


Contestants vie for Miss Jasper title

…Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas 2006, will serve as mistress of ceremonies and musical entertainment. Phillips is from Frisco and is the first African American woman to win Miss Texas. She was on season three of American Idol and was first runner-up at the Miss America contest…

The Jasper Newsboy

Daughtry to play State Fair

Dont take it too hard if you were shut out of …American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry sold-out show at Headliners on May 29. Daughtry will be one of this fall headliners at the South Carolina State Fair, which runs Oct. 10-21.

Concert tickets, from $10 to $15, go on sale Aug. 1 online at The grandstand, which holds 5, 000, will be all reserved seating.

The concert lineup includes:

The State

Peter Noone to headline June 9 Manalapan Day

…The appearance of Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone is a coup Gelfond still can’t believe the event organizers managed. He said the band’s management told him Manalapan had booked Noone at just the right time, just before the singer’s recent performance on “American Idol.”

“We were really lucky. We booked him before his recent ‘American Idol’ appearance. We were told the price was quite a bit higher after that to book them so we got them at just the right time, ” he said…

News Transcript

Pussycats Wanted
Local ladies strut their stuff for a crack at reality TV stardom

…There’s no judging at this event, just a small platform stage and two older white-haired cameramen to record the videos and send them to a producer in Los Angeles. The turnout is scant, especially considering it’s the only audition in Northern California, but Akilah Monifa, communications director of the CW Bay Area, says she’s satisfied. “It’s a very niche casting call, ” she explains. “This isn’t like American Idol or Survivor.” Last year, only eight or nine people showed up to the casting call in San Francisco, she adds…

East Bay Express

‘Hey’ Now! New Show To Reveal Paula Abdul’s Ups & Downs

…Fans will get to see the “American Idol” judge break down in the seven-part series, which also includes the former pop star getting hair extensions, trying on million-dollar diamonds for Grammy night, and even takes some time to poke fun at herself.

“The last time I had a hit record, Billy and Hilary were having sex, ” Paula says on the show.

She also shows off her own clothing designs for her upcoming film “Bratz, ” which she is producing.

“A lot of thought ¦ a lot of thought was put into this, ” she explains…

Access Hollywood

Welcome to the Ne-Yo show

HIP-HOP MUSIC: Multitalented 27-year-old has the songs and the voice to revive R&B

…The Camden, Ark., native first took to the stage on a dare, intending his version of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” to be a joke, but he earned awe instead of ridicule. Within months, he was in Los Angeles and part of the group Envy, which also included one-time American Idol contestant Corey Clark. Envy failed to catch on, but Ne-Yo found work as a songwriter….


‹Heroes, ‹Sopranos compete for critics awards
Television Critics Association narrows down its list of nominated shows

…The full list of nominees:

Program of the year: …American Idol (Fox), …….


Look out movies, here comes the McPheever

…OK, fine, good for her. Im sure moviegoers the world over can now look forward to catching the McPheever. But, the lead role right off the bat? Certainly, it worked out with golden results for fellow American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson. But, in general, Im a big fan of the walk-before-you-run theory on pretty much everything ‘  acting, knitting, skydiving, electrical wiring, you name it.

(Note to potential commenters: Yes, I realize that Katharine was in high school plays, studied musical theater at the Boston Conservatory and had a scattering of roles before she faced the gauntlet of Simon, Randy and Paula. That still doesnt automatically equate to …Hey, look at me carry this entire movie by myself. Now that I’ve said this, I’m sure her film will go on to be the sleeper hit of the year, win all manner of shiny statuettes and Barbara Walters will make her cry in her annual soft-focus Oscars extravaganza .. )…..


Underwood Fans Emailed by Hacker

Country singer Carrie Underwood’s MySpace page has been hacked by a cell-phone ringtone promotion…

Is Jordin Sparks Overweight?

…”Jordin Sparks signed herself up to be a plus sized model. It’s not going to be a surprise to her that she might be perceived as being slightly overweight, ” Roth told INSIDE EDITION.

Sparks, who worked as a plus sized model before “Idol, ” is often applauded for her positive body image.

And while Roth now says some of her comments were misconstrued, the controversy doesn’t seem to be bothering Sparks a bit.

Inside Edition

Season Five runner-up will play a self-obsessed young woman

Can McPheever spread from TV to the big screen?…

…The fifth “Idol” season may go down as the year of the aspiring thespian. In addition to the filmward-bound McPhee, other “Idol” acting wannabes from that installment include Lisa Tucker, who had a co-starring role in a Fox pilot this past development season, and Kevin Covais, cast in the indie comedy “College.”

YouTube star Esmee Denters signs to Justin Timberlake’s record label

Forget American Idol: 21 million YouTube views is what you need to get a record deal nowadays. At least, that’s the implication of the news that Dutch teenager Esmee Denters has signed to Tennman Records on the back of her massive YouTube popularity.

Not heard of Tennman Records? It was set up last month by a chap called Justin Timberlake, who’s acting as chairman and CEO of the label. Besides funding Esmee’s debut album, Justin’s taking her on tour with him as support at his upcoming Scandinavian dates….

Tech Digest

Movie Biz Catches McPheever

…While Last Caller will mark McPhee’s first time in movies, she has already logged tube time beyond Idol. In February, she made a cameo appearance as herself in Ugly Betty. Several weeks earlier, she turned up in an Webisode of the YouTube series lonelygirl15.

Last summer, shortly after the fifth season of Idol wrapped, reports surfaced that McPhee was one of the prime contenders for the lead in the long-gestating Wonder Woman movie, though she quickly shot down those rumors, telling Entertainment Weekly that taking on the role, should it be offered, would be a “huge mistake.”

McPhee’s eponymous debut album has sold 330, 000 since debuting at number two in February. She is scheduled to show off her singing chops at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser on Wednesday.

In the meantime, however, McPhee isn’t the only Idol alum looking for some post-show success…….


Event makes it easy for troops to phone home

…For some attendees, the event entertainment was the main draw.
…American Idol contestant Leslie Hunt performed, as did the Moods, a Motown act…

…Again this year, the event was taped. A disc will accompany the Operation Uplink calling cards so recipients can see what people are doing on their behalf.

Chicago Suburban News


British music mogul SIMON COWELL has vowed to age gracefully and stay away from the cosmetic surgeon’s knife. The American Idol judge, 47, admits he works hard to keep in shape and is determined to do the best with what’s he was given. He says, “I wouldn’t have plastic surgery, it looks ridiculous on guys. “I’d never dye my hair either. Everyone thinks I do, but I never have. “I do 100 press-ups before I get in the bath in the morning, then at work after a meeting, I’ll shut the door and do more.”