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AT&T: Overeager employees helped ‘Idol’ fans text

About 20 phones were brought to two separate parties in Arkansas, and two of those phones were capable of sending multiple votes by so-called “power texting, ” a person familiar with the gatherings said. A second person, with knowledge of the voting results, said Allen won by a large enough margin that a handful of voters could not have swayed the outcome.

Both spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment on the voting process or the Arkansas parties.

“Idol” prohibits “power voting” by text or phone, and has internal safeguards against the practice.

Associated Press

‹Idol Producers Stand by Outcome

LOS ANGELES ‘  Fox Broadcasting and the companies that produce …American Idol said Wednesday that they were …absolutely certain that the outcome of voting for the winner was not unfairly influenced by free text-messaging services offered to fans of Kris Allen, the winner, at viewing parties in Arkansas last week.

…Kris Allen is, without a doubt, the American Idol, said a statement issued by Fox and the two production companies, FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment.

AT&T, meanwhile, said it would advise its employees not to offer services that favor one contestant over another on …American Idol or similar shows.

NY Times

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‘American Idol’ Voting Controversy A Non-Issue, AT&T And Fox Say

Much ado about nothing ‘  that’s how Fox Networks and AT&T responded on Wednesday (May 27) to a New York Times report about watch parties in Arkansas at which AT&T employees reportedly showed Kris Allen fans how to “power vote” for the “American Idol” champ.

“Fox and the producers of ‘American Idol’ are absolutely certain that the results of this competition are fair, accurate and verified, ” read a statement from the show’s producers, FremantleMedia North America, 19 Entertainment and Fox Broadcasting Company. “Kris Allen is, without a doubt, the ‘American Idol.’ We have an independent third-party monitoring procedure in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process. In no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition.”


Larger than life, perfect for Vegas

Until last Thursday, I had never watched an entire episode of American Idol. Yes, Im one of the six.

As any halfway-conscious consumer of celebrity news would, I generally keep up with the Fox mega-competition in a vague enough way such that by May each year Im usually able to identify the two finalists the same way I know the teams in the Super Bowl every February. I dont actually care in either case, but nor do I clamp my ears and squeeze shut my eyes and actively avoid what will inevitably climb into my brain via any available pore or passage anyway.

I wouldnt have watched this finale, either, except that my 9-year-old nephew and 14-year-old niece, whom I was visiting in Pennsylvania, are nuts for the thing. It struck me as an opportunity to see how the folks who love this phenomenon interact with it.

Las Vegas Weekly

‘Idol’ winner Allen is ready for tour and album

NEW YORK ‘  A year ago, Kris Allen was planning on finishing college and getting a “regular job.”

The 23-year-old singer from Conway, Ark., says he was looking forward to getting married (he tied the knot last September) and knew he needed a career plan.

“I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve got to figure something out.’ I went back to college and I was gonna finish school and hopefully something would happen. Just kind of have a regular job, regular life and American Idol stepped in, ” Allen said in a recent interview.

Now the season eight winner of the Fox singing competition (he won the title last week over Adam Lambert) is looking forward to the American Idol summer tour, which kicks off July 5 in Portland, Ore.

USA Today

‘American Idol’ runner-up Adam Lambert joins the audience at ‘Hair’

Since Adam Lambert is known as much for his ‘do as his guyliner, it’s only natural that the “American Idol” runnerup would make a pit stop at Broadway’s production of “Hair.”

While enjoying the show Tuesday night, “Glambert” got some special attention from his ex-“Wicked” castmate (and current “Hair” star) Caissie Levy; she even dropped into her pal’s lap to give him a little love. Afterward, the “Idol” ventured backstage to take photos with the cast and crew and thank fans for their support.

NY Daily News

Adam Lambert on His Sexuality: ‘Keep Speculating’

Adam Lambert says role models come in a variety of different forms ‘ even in eye makeup, fingernail polish and tight pants.

“It’s a really, really cool thing, ” the American Idol runner-up says, “to be able to show people that you can be yourself, and you should be proud of yourself, and you should own who you are and what you’re about, and never make apologies for it.”

So to those who speculate about his sexuality, he has a message. “Calm down, ” he says, and “keep speculating.”

Adam keen on Queen but wont rock exclusively

…That a tough question because, honestly, how do you say no to being in Queen? said Lambert, sporting his trademark dark nail polish and blue-streaked hair. …I mean, that unbelievable. But at the same time, I do have my own thing to do right now, and that my goal. So if I could, I would try to do both. That the honest question. I would try to do both. I would love to perform with them anytime they wanted me to but I also have my record to do. So, well see.

Lambert, a former theater actor, has ambitious plans for his post-…Idol debut album.

…My record will be kind of a rock-pop-electronic-dance thing, he said. …I dont know how to describe it. I think it gonna take on a life of its own, as far as genre goes.

Associated Press

Talk About ‹Idol Worship

The opening moment of the …American Idol finale was dripping with irony. Considering that this was the most culturally polarized competition in the show history, it was amusing that finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen were both dressed regally in white. This, of course, underscored the greatest irony of all: that Adam Lambert, whose devastating talent all but guaranteed his win, instead lost the competition to Kris Allen, a sweet-faced, small-town folk singer. In what had to have been a disappointment to the show four judges and to legions of Lambert fans across the country, the finale proved …American Idol isnt really about talent.

Jewish Journal

5 Things You Didnt Know About Idol Winner Kris Allen

After shocking almost everyone ‘  including himself ‘  by winning the season 8 of American Idol last week, Kris Allen told reporters, …Im not a man of many words. We noticed! PEOPLE caught up with Idol dark horse from Conway, Ark., Saturday, and finally got him talking. Here what we learned:

Danny Gokey in Milwaukee promoting Sophia’s Heart Foundation

Milwaukee (WKOW) — Danny Gokey spent the day at home in Milwaukee promoting and raising money for Sophia’s Heart Foundation in memory of his late wife.

One week after appearing on the American Idol finale, Gokey spent Tuesday doing interviews and attending a charity event. His wife, Sophia, was born with a congenital heart defect. She passed away during heart surgery just before he auditioned last year at teh age of 27. She encouraged him to try out for American Idol. Gokey finished third.

Gokey appeared at a special going away party at the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee. He told the crowd Sophia’s story. He talked about how she battled heart problems one surgery after another. He talked about the moment he found out Sophia would not make it out of surgery.


Can 12-year-old beat Susan Boyle on ‹Talent?

LOS ANGELES – Susan Boyle may have captured hearts across the world with her beautiful singing voice, but after his semi-finals performance on Tuesday night …Britain Got Talent, 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi may be the reality competition new frontrunner.

Shaheen, one of a handful of breakout stars on the breakout UK show, which many Americans are following via YouTube, took to the …Britain Got Talent stage on Tuesday night and wowed his way into the semi-finals with a performance of …And I Am Telling You Im Not Going, from the musical …Dreamgirls.


Ecollywood: American Idol contestants embrace environment

Kris Allen may have won the American Idol title, but both he and Adam Lambert won a new set of wheels from show sponsor Ford, a Fusion hybrid. When I asked both post-show how they liked it, they gave it rave reviews. …The Fusion is beautiful. It so whisper quiet, marveled Lambert, who …working on being more green these days. As for Allen, he loves his new car. …It really quiet — I didnt even know it was on. Im really excited about it, and my wife is even more excited about it than I am, said Allen, who also been making greener endeavors. …I try to be very eco-friendly ¦little ways.


David Cook Says ‘American Idol’ Didn’t Change His Musical Goals

Since winning “American Idol” last season, David Cook has been finding his own way in the music world. But in the midst of his current Declaration Tour, Cook returned to the “Idol” stage for the season-eight finale last Wednesday.

“I love being there, ” he said. “It’s such a family atmosphere. … With everything going on and everything being so crazy with the tour, it was nice to just feel like I came home for a second.”

Cook continues to work closely with the charity Accelerate Brain Trust Cure on behalf of his late brother Adam, to whom he dedicated his finale performance of “Permanent.” All of the proceeds from the iTunes download of “Permanent” will go to the charity.


Review: David Cook makes em scream at Kuss

SPRINGFIELD ‘  He used to be king.

Now a week after bequeathing his …American Idol crown to Kris Allen, David Cook is just another guy playing third-generation grunge-rock.

So let be honest here ‘  it probably not the music that led to the fastest sellout in Kuss Auditorium history (three minutes and all 1, 500 tickets were gone).

It not every day that an Idol comes to town.

It not every day that Kuss Auditorium gets a show that appeals to people not already through menopause.

But with just one album to his name and no real breakout hit, the Idol emeritus on Wednesday night, May 27, came to Kuss ready for prime-time.

Springfield News

Stand Up to Cancer’s Dream Team

An all-star team of celebs will join Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) and serve as a public voice for the organization.

New members of the celebrity ambassador team include “Desperate Housewives” star Marcia Cross, actress Kirsten Dunst, “Brothers and Sisters” star Sally Field, singer Mandy Moore, “Brothers and Sisters” star Dave Annable, actress/author Fran Drescher, “Desperate Housewives” star Dana Delany, “Watchmen” actor Patrick Wilson, actress Sofia Vassilieva, and recording artist David Archuleta.

Extra TV

Idol winner Carrie Underwood’s signs in Checotah come down

The “Home of Carrie Underwood” signs have come down from highways leading into the country singer’s home town of Checotah.

Presented to the city by Gov. and First Lady Henry after her 2005 “American Idol” win, four signs have been removed from Interstate 40 and US Highway 69 in recent months, confirmed Louann Moore, the town’s deputy city clerk.

The four green signs with white lettering, two 18-feet-by-7 feet and two 14-by-6-feet, read “Checotah, Home of Carrie Underwood, American Idol 2005.”

Internet rumors are picking up momentum, but the reason for removal is quite simple, said Moore.

Tulsa World

Chris Daughtry

When I arrived at work this morning I was ready to pick up Melissa Painter and head out on a trio of consumer stories scheduled across our day but when I saw our operations manager scurrying around the parking lot rumaging through newscars looking for spare equipment I knew something was up.

He asked me if I could get my gear together because Chris Daughtry was on his way and I was the first shooter to hit the parking lot. And honestly, I was one of only a handful of shooters even at work today.


‘American Idol’ champ Taylor Hicks brings the star power as ‘Grease’ takes us back to Rydell High

Hicks, 32, whose fans dubbed themselves the Soul Patrol during his 2006 run on …Idol, reprises his Broadway role on the new national tour of …Grease, playing Tuesday through Sunday at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton. He reflects on his first professional on-stage role, one which he says is allowing him to observe musical theater from a unique vantage point.

…It kind of a small but flashy role, and it almost an introductory role as well, Hicks, a Birmingham, Ala. native, said via phone from a tour stop in Seattle, Wash. …It allowing me to begin acting for the first time and it allowing me to be in front of a live audience. It a signature role that has been made famous by different singers and actors. I just wanted to put my own spin on it so I designed my own costume and wrote some R&B horn lines. I ‹Taylorized it, so to speak.

Post Crescent

Terri Seymour Seeks Restraint From “Brazen and Deranged” Attacker

Terri Seymour filed for a restraining order against 33-year-old Janice Thibodeaux in Los Angeles County Court Wednesday, claiming that the woman, who faces charges of misdemeanor battery and assault for attempting to choke Seymour last Tuesday, is likely to attack again.

In the document, Seymour says that she was “viciously assaulted” by Thibodeaux, who has since “sought publicity for her wrongful act and stated to the media that they were intentional and that she does not regret them.”

E Online

Susan Boyle Involved in Two F-Bomb Outbursts

According to British reports, police intervened after the Britain’s Got Talent finalist, 48, cussed out two strangers in front of guests in the lobby of the Wembley Plaza Hotel in North London on Wednesday.

Boyle – the Scottish singing sensation who won over millions with a YouTube performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables and advanced to the finals last weekend with her rendition of “Memory” from Cats — was overheard yelling: “How f**king dare you! You can’t f**king talk to me like that.”


Simon Cowell Attacked by Fan

Simon Cowell was left fearing for his safety last night ‘  after an over-enthusiastic fan lunged at him outside the Britain Got Talent studios in London.

The female fan had to be restrained by Cowell security team after she tried to stop the 49-year-old star on his way home from judging the reality show.

…All the girls in the crowd got excited when Simon wound his car window down to wave at them, but one went too far and actually tried to stop him from leaving, a source told UK newspaper The London Paper.


‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Recap: Who’s Got the Moves?

Show of hands: On last night’s So You Think You Can Dance second two-hour audition episode, who cared to see anything more than 30 seconds of Alvin Antoine ”Tony” ”The Tony Style” ”Has Panic Attack After Blandly Bad Audition To Get More TV Time” Riendeau? Or Wislande ”I Wear This Shirt That Cuts Off Before My Bosoms Because Sometimes My Arms Get Cold” Letang? Or Dustin ”A Backstreet Boy Is My Second Cousin And I’m Still Pretending To Think It’s Lame When I’m Actually Still Totally Stoked And Bragging About It When I’m A Very 35 Looking 22” Dorough? Hands? Anyone? No? I thought so.

Entertainment Weekly

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