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Rumor Alert: There’s so much crap on the internet, I don’t know whether to believe it or not BUT the site RumorFix is reporting that Kelly Clarkson will return to Idol on April 14 to sing “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean and David Cook will take the Idol stage on April 21 to perform his new single.

@IdolWorship tweets, “Little blind item for you faithful Idol Worshipers: which contestant is singing an @adamlambert Idol favorite tonight?? Exciting!!”

“American Idol” is saving my family

For nearly a decade, my children and I managed to successfully avoid the brunt of “Idol.” We generally don’t watch television at night, anyway, and when we do, the occasion is far more likely to be a movie or special event than a competition. But when a casual curiosity about the new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez piqued our interest a few weeks ago, the kids and I found ourselves sucked, instead, into the drama of aspiring Idols themselves. Timed as the show was to our own crush of illnesses, middle school interviews, and devastating losses, it rapidly became a cathartic outlet for an unprecedented torrent of emotions.

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Simon Cowell Wanted to Meet Elizabeth Taylor

“I was literally only a week ago talking to someone about who we would like to meet, and I said Elizabeth Taylor, ” Cowell said. “Everyone who met her said she’s an absolute star. They just don’t make them like her anymore. She’s everything I used to love about old Hollywood, the epitome of a star.”

As for his judging panel on the upcoming “X Factor, ” Cowell isn’t sure if there will be four judges or not. “I haven’t made up my mind yet. Honest to god. What I do know — and I’m feeling more confident about now — is I’m determined to put together a panel who I like, who are fun to work with and know what they are talking about. I’m not playing the whole, ‘You got a celebrity, I’ve got to find a bigger celebrity!’ because you just end up with boring people.”

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Gary Allan, Kellie Pickler + More Are ‘Dressed to Kilt’

Can you imagine manly man Gary Allan wearing a skirt? Believe it or not, he’s going to! The ‘Today’ singer, along with Kellie Pickler, Kix Brooks, Big Kenny Alphin and Stealing Angels, will participate in the ninth annual ‘Dressed to Kilt’ charity event in New York City April 5 … sporting, of course, Scottish kilts.

‘Dressed to Kilt’ celebrates Caledonian culture and benefits Friends of Scotland, a non-profit established by Sir Sean Connery and dedicated to advancing Scottish interests in the United States. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Paralyzed Veterans of America organization and the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides assistance to injured soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Karen Rodriguez of American Idol stopped by our home station, 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, to perform her rendition of Selena’s, “I Could Fall In Love.” The 21-year old from New York was eliminated on March 17th, but that didn’t stop her fans from coming out to show their love and support at this intimate, private show. We’ll always remember how she lit up when she told us her favorite celebrity crush is Bruno Mars. He’s the total package, and his raw talent really inspires her. Check out her performance and tell us what you think – Was it a mistake to vote her off?

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@AmericanIdol tweets, “NO WAY!! Look who just walked in our door….. @CaseyEJames!! What the what?! Total surprise!!”

Sugarland is taping their performance for tomorrow today after the show. Casey will probably be in the audience!

Simon Who? ‘American Idol’ Still Dominates Ratings

Any hope that Fox’s rivals had that the acerbic British judge’s exit after last season would do serious damage to the talent competition has been dashed. It remains television’s dominant prime-time show, with its two editions last week easily topping anything else on the air.

The Nielsen Co. said that the show is averaging 25.1 million viewers this season, down by just under 2 percent from last year’s 25.5 million, despite losing its dominant personality. Cowell and fellow judge Kara DioGuardi were replaced by professional musicians Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

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OK! Interview: Reigning ‘American Idol’ Winner Lee DeWyze

Do you have any tour plans?

We have a bunch of one-offs coming up, a bunch of university shows. It’s going to be fun. We’re definitely getting a real tour together and the goal is to get out there by June or July. I just want to be out there playing.

Have you played shows with other Idol winners?
I played a show with David Cook in Napa. I played a show with Kris Allen. I got to really hang with both of them. They are great guys. David is a cool dude. I think Kris is a talented songwriter and he is a good singer. He’s done great for himself. I really respect those guys. But we’re all different. We’ve all got different sounds and different vibes. It’s easy to compare when we all have dark hair and we all play the guitar. But we’re not the only three guys in the world that have dark hair and play the guitar [laughs]. If anyone really took the time to listen to our music, they’d see that we are completely different artists with completely different sound. They’re both talented guys, they’re great, but I am just doing my thing.

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Lee DeWyze – KC103 Fan Chat

Lee reveals he’ll be playing in Asia “shortly”. He’s also working on a Mumford and Sons cover.

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American Idol’s Karen Wishes She’d Stayed Long Enough to Sing … Country?!

American Idol’s Karen Rodriguez may end up being remembered for singing in Spanish, but she was most looking forward to singing … country!?

“I would’ve loved to do country, as weird as it sounds, because I love to take risks, ” she tells “I love exploring different sides of me.”

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Casey James gives Sugarland Advice on their Upcoming Idol performance!

Sugarland on WhoSay

Via Sugarland

Simon Cowell Tells ‘X Factor’ Hopefuls to Stay Away From Jason Mraz, Remains Coy on Other Hosts

We also wanted to ask you how the UK and US pop markets differ from each other as far as the audiences go. Is one more fickle than the other?

It’s interesting you ask that question because I’m finding more and more that they’re getting much closer now. I was having this conversation with a couple of nights ago and he was telling me the importance now of the UK as a gateway into Europe. He was using himself as an example [because] he was able to break in the UK before he properly broke in America. This didn’t happen years ago.

You see the same thing happening in reverse now with Adele. You know, she’s had a lot of success in Europe and now she’s breaking big-time in America. I think things like iTunes have brought the world closer together because we can hear each others’ music much quicker now.

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Chris Brown’s DWTS Appearance To Go Ahead — Cast Ordered Not To Comment

“Chris Brown is, of right now, still confirmed to perform on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, ” sources close to DWTS told “The subject of canceling was brought up but the decision was made to keep him on.

“It was a tough decision for the network to make and it involved a lot of discussion, but they ruled in favor of him in the end.

“However, the Dancing cast has been ordered not to make any comments to the press regarding Brown’s performance.”

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Darren Criss talks Rock the Vote on Good Day LA

Glee’s Darren Criss on GDLA:

Times guest blogger Hines Ward discusses Week One on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Q: Have you ever watched “Dancing With the Stars” before this season?

A. I have. I have watched some of those episodes where the athletes have danced. I have seen Emmitt [Smith] win and watched big Warren Sapp. It looks easier than it really is being on the show and actually doing it now. I give those dancers a lot of credit. Especially all the ladies who have to wear high heels day in and day out. I don’t see how ya’ll do it. But I figured if big Warren Sapp can do it, then I certainly can. And so far, I am having a blast.

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Inside ‘The Voice’s’ Assault on ‘American Idol’

“The Voice is looking for individual singers that are ARTISTS, preferably no singer-songwriters or divas, ” read an e-mail from a Voice scout in January, as the team was setting up one-on-one appointments. “We got plenty of both, so that didn’t work, ” Burnett scoffs. (To be fair, the show also held an open call.)

But though the show’s producers and stars are making every effort to differentiate Voice from Idol, mainly emphasizing its format — auditions where the coaches can’t see the singer; who advances is based purely on their singing voice — it’s not cowering from the primetime powerhouse, either. Declared Daly during Voice’s first press conference: “The level of talent is leaps and bounds beyond the winners of any other competition show.”

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