Idol Headlines for 01/21/10

Simon Cowell organising Haiti earthquake appeal

Talent show mogul Simon Cowell has confirmed he is organising a charity single to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake appeal.

Speaking at the National Television Awards in London, he said he had had a request to record a single from Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Sun.

Cowell also said he had a “couple of ideas” about which cover version to do.

X Factor judge and Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole gave the plan her backing, saying she would love to be involved.

Cowell’s X Factor show won the prize for most popular talent show at Wednesday’s awards ceremony.


‘Pants on the Ground’ Guy: Show Me the Money!

“General” Larry Platt — the musical mastermind behind “Pants on the Ground” — hasn’t seen a dime since everyone and their mother started singing his tune … and now he’s lawyering up in the hopes of finally raking in some cash.

Platt tells TMZ he loves the countless parodies and remixes of his tune — but says since he’s the one who wrote the greatest song ever created about pants being on the ground … he’s the one who should be getting paid.

Problem is Platt never copyrighted the song … so he’s looking to hire an attorney to help him snag a slice of the “Pants” craze while he can.


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Chart Beat Wednesday: Tim McGraw, Michael Buble, Owl City

Two former “American Idol” contestants concurrently notch new top 10s. Kelly Clarkson climbs 11-9 on Adult Contemporary with “Already Gone, ” marking her fourth top 10 and first appearance in the top tier since December 2006. Clarkson previously reached the upper bracket with “A Moment Like This” (No. 4, 2002), “Breakaway” (No. 1 for 21 weeks, 2005) and “Because of You” (No. 3, 2006).

On Adult Pop Songs, Chris Daughtry’s band Daughtry collects its seventh consecutive top 10, as “Life After You” lifts 11-10.

‘Idol, ‘ Oscar Mayer put Kristin Chenoweth in a Good Mood

“I saw 40 people, and I thought the men were more well-represented, ” says Kristin, who appears in tonight’s episode of Idol and also recently signed on to be a Good Mood Ambassador for a new charity initiative from Oscar Mayer. “I thought the guys were awesome.”

That said, there was a particular girl who stuck out in Kristin’s mind.

“I was surprised by a particular woman who, I think, was 16; All I can say is, her looks did not match her sound, ” says the classically trained, 4’11” soprano with a strong Oklahoma accent. “That’s always a lovely surprise, because I have that sometimes. I sing opera. Let’s be honest: I don’t really look like it. So I always like that element of surprise when someone comes in and you go, ‘Whoa! Where did that come from?'”

USA Today

Ruben Studdard offers studio time to General Larry Platt

Add American Idol Ruben Studdard to the long list of Larry Platt devotees. The Season 2 winner tells Idol Tracker that he, like the rest of the country, was so instantly hooked on “Pants on the Ground” that he’d like to offer the General some time in the vocal booth. “He should come to Birmingham, Alabama, and get in the studio, ” Ruben says. “I’ll put him on, we’ll make a record, call it ‘Pants on the Flo!’ That song is gonna be a hit! I can’t wait to get my first copy!”

LA Times

Kris Allen Kicks Back by iChatting with Wife

Reigning American Idol champ Kris Allen is living a dream now that he ushered in 2010 in Las Vegas, and met his Boys Meets World faves – Danielle “Topanga” Fishel who now hosts The Dish, and Ben “Corey” Savage at the airport last month.

“That was great, man, ” he says.

Being in such demand comes at a price, though. The 24-year-old performer still hasn’t gotten a chance to straighten up after his move to L.A.

“We still don’t have a mattress yet, so I don’t know if that’s settling in, ” he says.

The first married Idol winner keeps in touch with wife Katy, whom he wed in 2008, via iChat, but he confesses “she’s not very good with the technical stuff.”

OK Magazine

Caught! Adam Lambert Runs Into Former Flings!

Adam Lambert is seemingly rekindling the love with his interior designer ex-boyfriend, Drake Labry.

The cutie couple split back in November, but the two brunettes were spotted getting their cozy on last night at Avalon club in Hollywood…

“[Drake and Adam] were sitting at a private table with friends, but the two of them could not keep their hands off of each other, ” a fellow clubgoer tells E!

“Drake was stroking Adam’s leg, and Adam could barely take his eyes off of him, ” the eyewitness tells us. What is it about splitting up that makes exes hot for each other again, huh?

E Online

Idol finalist Danny Gokey in Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – His story was one of the most inspirational ever to hit American Idol. His voice was one of the most soulful. American Idol finalist Danny Gokey was in Mobile Wednesday, to sing and talk about ” Sophia’s Heart Foundation .”

American Idol finalist Gokey performed for a small group of his biggest fans. Gokey belted out song after song off his soon to be released album.

Afterwards, he made time to sign a few autographs.

It’s not just about entertaining people and meeting his fans, it’s about helping other people as well. One way of doing that is through his charity.

FOX 10

ROCK OF AGES Stars To Perform at Sundance

This Saturday, January 23, 2010, Tony Award Nominee Constantine Maroulis, James Carpinello and Emily Padgett from the hit Broadway show ROCK OF AGES will perform at The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. They will sing hits from the musical at a party for the films HESHER starring Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon Levitt and SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS starring Mark Ruffalo, Laura Linney, Orlando Bloom and Juliette Lewis. The ROCK OF AGES band, Arsenal, will also be performing at the event.

City Guide NY

February 12 – Missions Fundraiser Concert

Diana Degarmo, Jenny Gill and Stacy Donahue in Concert February 12

Concert begins at 7:30 p.m., meet and greet at 6 p.m.!

Click here to order tickets or call 314.392.2345 Live in concert to help support MBU Missions to Haiti and Romania come three of country music’s rising starts today: Diana Degarmo, American Idol Season 3 finalist, Jenny Gill, renown country artist and daughter of Vince Gill, and Stacy Donahue, Nashville songwriter for Taylor Swift and other country stars!
Cost: $20 per person/$15 for students


Moreno, Burnham, Gless and McGovern Set for All You Need Is Love 2 Concert

Tony and Academy Award-winning actress Rita Moreno will take part in the benefit concert All You Need is Love 2 Feb. 8 at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre in San Francisco.

Help Is On the Way presents the 7:30 PM concert that will feature Moreno, alongside Maureen McGovern, Sharon Gless, David Burnham, La Toya London, Teal Wicks, Tim Hockenberry, Nick Lazzarini, Maria Muldaur, Carly Ozard, Jeanie Tracy, Susan Anton, Leslie Jordan, Kim Nalley Terrance Spencer and Grey Haney. Additional performers will be announced shortly.


Life is good for Elliott Yamin

Life is looking good for Elliot Yamin.

The former Richmond, Virginia, radio personality took a chance during an audition for “American Idol, ” impressing the judges and becoming a second runner-up on season five of the show.

It wasn’t a win, but these days Yamin isn’t fretting. He just released his sophomore album, Fight for Love, which gave him a chance to come into his own.

ecollege times

AI: Where are they now?

Lisa Tucker emerged from the American Idol machine in season five and has prospered since. Tucker shares her American Idol insight exclusively as a new season of Idol charges ahead.

Lisa TuckerThat fifth season of American Idol featured not only Tucker, but also rock superstar Chris Daughtry, champion Taylor Hicks, pop princess Katharine McPhee, smooth singing Elliott Yamin, country crooner Bucky Covington and country queen Kellie Pickler.

Tucker talks what brought her to a life-changing momentous American Idol audition and how the Idol nation rallies around its own. As American Idol season nine continues January 20 on Fox, SheKnows looks back at Idols and where they are now.

She Knows

‘American Idol Rewind’: Kellie Pickler looks back at Stevie Wonder week

“AIR” is currently spotlighting the stars of season 5 and this week, they’re taking a look back at Stevie Wonder night as well as the episode that focused on songs of the 1950s.

In the clip below, Kellie Pickler reminisces about meeting Stevie, choosing the wrong song and fixing what was, at first, “a big hot mess”…


SOS and Jasmine: More than just a Las Vegas tour

LAS VEGAS—An abbreviated tour of this fabulous city was what the show’s host Tony Ruivivar promised the audience that night.

But the sights and sounds of the entertainment capital of the world is not the only thing a viewer would get to see when watching the Society of Seven (SOS) and Jasmine Trias at the Gold Coast.

Viewers will also be treated to a visual spectacle of great costumes and good choreography as well as an aural delight of musical talent.

Asian Journal

Caught in the Act!

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi narrowly avoided running into the Top 24 contestants while browsing a gift lounge at the Sofitel in Los Angeles. Upstairs, she picked up a pair of New Balance sneakers, then took the elevator downstairs with her husband, where she saw piles of luggage, guitar cases and excited kids. Realizing what was happening, DioGuardi laced up her sneakers and ran into the bar to avoid a potentially problematic encounter.


‘American Idol’: 15 Best Auditions Ever!

From Carrie Underwood to Taylor Hicks to that kid who lived in his car (remember him?) — the tryouts that were so good, even Simon couldn’t dismiss ’em.

Dreams come true for Orlando ‘Idol’ hopefuls

After watching the Orlando auditions, a lot of “American Idol” dreamers who were rejected in other cities will be annoyed that they didn’t head to the land of the Magic Kingdom instead.

Actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth was the Paula Abdul of the first day of the city’s auditions, and her bubbly personality seemed to affect even the grinchiest of “Idol” judges. In total, 31 singers earned tickets to Hollywood, more than twice the number that advanced out of Chicago. Then again, as host Ryan Seacrest pointed out many times, Orlando is the place where dreams come true.


‘American Idol’ makes wishes come true in Orlando

Orlando is where dreams come true, “American Idol” announces at the start of Wednesday’s auditions episode.

‘Idol’ judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell, and host Ryan Seacrest are, however, in Miami, boy-bonding.

Which leaves judge Kara DioGuardi to cozy up to this night’s Pretend Paula, Kristin Chenoweth.

Chenoweth is revered in legit theater circles. But her “stint” on “Glee” has made her famous, Seabiscuit explains. By “stint” he means “one episode on a series that airs on the same network as does ‘Idol’.” We, however, know she’s actually famous for being the chick who inspired the most annoying character ever created for prime-time television: Christian Comic Chick on Aaron Sorkin’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”

Washington Post

‘American Idol’ Recap: Welcome To The Golden Picket Era

On Wednesday night’s (January 20) episode of “American Idol, ” the audition tour stopped in Orlando, land of Mickey Mouse and Skiiboski’s mugshots!

The proximity to Miami allowed for Simon, Randy and Ryan to party hard and show up to work blatantly hungover (professionalism!) while guest judge Kristin Chenoweth’s proximity to Kara DioGuardi turned Kara into a hyperactive eight-year-old child with Sapphic tendencies. (No wonder Simon ditched “Idol” — Kara and Kristin’s high-pitched squeals could be used by Jack Bauer to torture hostile suspects.)


‘American Idol’ recap: Sunshine Spate

We may or may not have seen the next winner of American Idol during tonight’s Orlando episode, but the sudden pendulum swing away from ghastly gag auditions and toward folks with a snowball’s chance of singing ”No Boundaries 2.0 (Kara’s Theme)” at the Kodak in May made me feel like the season 9 competition is finally underway.

Oh, sure, the episode had its weak spots: Kara latching on to guest judge Kristin Chenoweth like a hungry tick to a poodle’s ear; some dude getting a Golden Ticket for his near miss with testicular torsion; Randy using the phrase ”a bazillion percent yes, ” and thereby reinforcing my fear that The Dawg’s perfunctory grasp of mathematics is going to be the new ”for me, for you”; and (uff da) Simon exposing his crispy grilled chest after what Ryan desperately wanted us to believe was a debauched, Hangover-style weekend in Miami. But the raw numbers tell us it was a good night in Idolville: 31 total Golden Tickets from Orlando, with 11 of ’em shown doing at least a little singing during tonight’s 60-minute telecast.


Cadillac Palace revival of ‘Dreamgirls’ delivers

That’s not the only spot when key emotional moments are missed, and Angela is by no means the only performer to lack palpable vulnerability. The shimmering Syesha Mercado (who plays Deena) and the earnest Adrienne Warren (who plays Lorrell) find it at times.

At others, these and other actors are trying to get there, but the show’s can’t-wait concept has already moved on to the next scene. Those exciting digital panels are moving and no heart or mind can wait.

In many shows, this pervasive sense of inner isolation would torpedo the night. But while one wishes they’d fix some of the missed human connections here — I think they could and I think doing so could eventually get them to Broadway — it by no means spoils a genuinely spectacular night.

Chicago Tribune

Glee Wants to Mess with J.Lo’s Glam, Big-Time

As has been announced, Glee’s gunning for La Diva, Jennifer Lopez, to make a guest appearance as a waitress on the hit show. Makes super sense, as Lopez is a pretty famous fan. And creator and show runner Ryan Murphy also confirmed these plans to me at the Golden Globes, adding how excited he was about his upcoming meeting with the famous Latin star.

But Ryan has serious plans for changing the notoriously appearance-obsessed Lopez’s look, by modeling her after a celeb who will shock you, we’re sure:

“I want to her to be a Susan Boyle type, ” Ryan exclusively told me. “You know, that kind of look.”

E Online

‘Glee’ hits the road

More proof that “Glee” is bucking for “Ameri can Idol” status — the cast is hitting the road for a live concert tour.

Fresh off the hit show’s Golden Globes win, Cory Monteith hit Twitter to reveal that he and his fellow “Glee” castmates will be embarking on a select city tour this summer, confirming rumors that began swirling early in the fall.

Meanwhile, star Lea Michele tweeted that tour dates would be revealed at the end of the month and that there would be “Lots of singing and dancing to come!!!!”

NY Post

Edited to Add:

Scott Brown’s Daughter, the Health Care Debate, and “Pants on the Ground”

It’s been a whole interminable week since the last installments of American Idol, but somehow I made it through bolstered only by the hundreds of Idol-related items peppering the news every day.

But the Idol-politics interaction goes both ways, and the show has finally worked its way into an actual election. After his potential influence on health care reform, the most noted feature of Sen.-elect Scott Brown’s special election has been his once-removed relationship to American Idol, through his (available) daughter Ayla. Back in 2006, Ayla Brown just missed the Top 12 lineup, ousted for her rendition of Natasha Bedingfield’s then-recent release “Unwritten.” “It wasn’t you, ” Simon comforted her, dissing his fellow Brit Bedingfield, “it was the song.” A lesson in politics for us all: Choose your song wisely.


‘American Idol’ Lets The Sunshine State In

Last night’s ‘American Idol‘ opened with a shot of the Space Shuttle Discovery, which launched last Aug. 28 — the same day, as it turns out, of the ‘American Idol’ auditions in Orlando, Fla., which were apparently marked by Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest being hung over after a long night of partying in Miami. (To prove that they’re just like regular old Joes who sometimes have to show up to work after indulging too much, we even got to watch them commute tiredly to the auditions — by private jet. Weep for the millionaires, audience members! Weep for them!)


Edited to Add:

‘Idol’ Taylor Hicks stars in ‘Grease’ at Proctors

SCHENECTADY — The new Broadway production of the Tony Award nominated musical “Grease” opens at Proctors on Jan. 26 and will run through Jan. 31.

Recording artist and “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks stars in the production as “Teen Angel.”

Hicks made his Broadway debut in the role of “Teen Angel” and has been on the road with “Grease” since the tour began Dec. 2, 2008.

“I had such a great experience performing on Broadway, ” Hicks said. “This is a great opportunity to visit old fans and new fans across the country while bringing them a great Broadway show.”


Father figure

Gray-haired “American Idol” star Taylor Hicks was only 2 years old when the classic film version of “Grease, ” starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, was released in theaters.

He does remember, though, as a young musician, singing the title song and “You’re The One That I Want” in bars and at weddings.

Now Hicks is starring in a touring version of the 2007 Broadway “Grease” revival, which actually — for the first time — fuses songs from both the original show and the film into one live production.

Times Union

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