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‘Idol’ chatter is all about the judges as Ellen arrives

“The good thing about 36, it gives America a chance to vote on more people, ” Frot-Coutaz says. “The downside is 36 is a lot of people to get to know. Due to the emotional engagement, you lose a little bit by doing 36. Where we came down on balance is we’re going to go with the emotional connection.”

Cowell, not surprisingly, disagrees with the change. “I prefer the wild-card pick.”

Says Cowell, “I’ve had conversations — as you know, there’s been speculation for months and months. We are continuing to talk to Fox, but right now the focus is just about this (season), and we’ll see where we end up.

“Whether I’m on it or off it, I promise you — and I really mean it — I think the show will flourish without me. I genuinely do, ” he says. “I’m very grateful. I’ve had the best experience in my life since I’ve been on this show. I hadn’t spent that much time in America. I really like working in America. I like the American people, so I feel very at home there.”

USA Today

White House Could Derail ‘Lost’ Premiere Plans

ABC insiders may soon want to tell President Obama to get “Lost.”

The White House is finalizing plans for this year’s State of the Union address and is said to be mulling two dates for the speech, according to a person familiar with the matter: Jan. 26 and Feb. 2.

So what’s wrong with that? Well, Jan. 26 would mean an interruption of “American Idol” — though Fox likely planned for that (or would simply tell the White House to take a hike, as it has before).

But Feb. 2? Other than the fact that it’s a holiday (Groundhog Day/TV MoJoe’s birthday), that’s the date ABC months ago staked out for the premiere of the final season of “Lost.”

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In lieu of the previously scheduled episodes, FOX will air an encore of the milestone 450th episode of THE SIMPSONS on Wednesday, Jan. 13 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) following a special extended episode of AMERICAN IDOL (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT). On Tuesday, Jan. 19, FOX will air an encore of the pilot episode of the new action-drama series HUMAN TARGET (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) following AMERICAN IDOL (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

(American Idol will be extended from 75 minutes to 90 minutes)

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DeGeneres is in tune with solo singing hopefuls on ‘Idol’

Ellen DeGeneres has something in common with American Idol hopefuls. She wanted to sing when she was growing up.

“I wanted to be a singer and a songwriter. I love music and singing, and like a lot of young girls who are lonely, I sat at home and wrote songs and poetry, and that’s something I could do, ” she says. “And then it turned out I was better at being funny.”

USA Today

American Idol: Countdown To Season 9

It would be great if the focus could get back on the kids; one of the main criticisms I had of last season was that there was way too much time focused on the judges. Their back-and-forth bantering, which far too often seemed rooted in tiffs that originated in the green room, would not only obscured any real critique, they would result in the show being cut off by DVRs across America. (Although there were certainly some cases — particularly when it came to Allison Iraheta, one of my favorite singers from last season — when the judges went a little overboard with the useless note-giving.) Here’s hoping that in an effort to focus on the kids, the producers will instruct Kara DioGuardi to stop reeling off her résumé every time she sounds off on a performance, and to tell Randy Jackson that he’ll be fined if he utters the word dawg” more than four times per show.


The Farr Side: ‘Idol’ back, look ahead

If you’re like me, you might suffer from AIW.

AIW affects millions of people across the U.S. and is found to be treatable, if not curable — if you can get a fix. Since 2002, cases have multiplied immensely and often are diagnosed during the latter part of the month of May.

What is this treatable condition?

AIW, or American Idol” Withdrawal, ” is a condition usually brought about one to two weeks after an American Idol” season finale.

Ellen DeGeneres is having second thoughts about joining American Idol”

Gossip Cop knows for a fact that DeGeneres is having second thoughts about joining the hit competition show. An insider recently told Gossip Cop that DeGeneres is concerned about the time commitment and added work. In fact, she now has to tape Ellen” earlier because of the demands of American Idol.” And, said the source, she doesn’t want to do it if Simon isn’t on the show.”

For the time being, however, we’ll at least have one season with both DeGeneres and Cowell. The new season kicks off on January 12, but DeGeneres won’t be on until the contestants hit Hollywood on February 9.

Just Asking… Ellen DeGeneres

WSJ: Paula Abdul was known as the nurturing judge. Do you think you’ll be a similar type of judge?

Ms. DeGeneres: I don’t know if I’ll be as nurturing as she is. She always found a positive thing to say instead of attacking. I’ll probably try to be somewhat encouraging. Just because in standup [comedy] there’s no where to hide. When you’re in a band, you’ve got the guitar player you can turn to but when you’re by yourself on stage I know what that feels like and I know it doesn’t feel good, especially with millions of people watching. But I’ll be honest. I don’t think it helps anybody to be encouraged and not told the truth.

WSJ: Have you spoken to Simon Cowell? And, if so, what have you discussed?

Ms. DeGeneres: We’ve talked on the phone. I know Simon. I know all of these people. We’re all friendly. We’re all excited. We’re going to be ourselves and see what that is. Simon and I area as curious to see what happens as everyone else. We both like each other and accept one another. At the same time I think he’s mean and I think he says things in an insensitive way and I don’t think that’s the way to get a point across. I’ve called him on it to his face. I’ll do the same thing to him [on “Idol”]. He knows I’m going to do that. We’ll respectfully disagree sometimes. A lot of times I agree with Simon. I think he’s got a really good eye and he’s a smart guy when it comes to the talent onstage. But he’s mean.

Wall Street Journal

Victoria Beckham Takes the American Idol Hot Seat

It was very exciting to be asked to do Idol, ” Beckham says. [My husband] David and the boys are all big fans of the show. It was a real privilege to be a part of something so huge!”

As for working with Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi, Beckham says, Everybody was very nice. I’ve known Simon for many years. Kara and Randy were very sweet. I have a lot of respect for them all as individuals and together they are a great team. I enjoyed working with and getting to know Kara — she’s a real girl’s girl, like me. We went for dinner and she seems like a genuinely nice, down-to earth-girl. I felt each of the four of us brought a different role to the auditions and we complemented each other.”

For her own judging style, Beckham says, I believe in constructive criticism and I am a very positive person, so I always tried to find something good and helpful to focus on, be it someone’s singing, their looks or their overall style. Having been a performer, I know how difficult it is to be that person standing there being judged. I didn’t want to trample on people’s dreams.”


“American Idol” Returns, but How Long Can It Last?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – TV ratings juggernaut “American Idol” returns next week for a 9th season with comedian Ellen DeGeneres joining the judging panel but a big question mark hanging over the future of the show’s biggest star — Simon Cowell.

Despite slipping ratings for the past three years, the singing contest is expected to remain the jewel in the Fox network’s crown as the most-watched show on U.S. television and the birthplace of the next potential moneymaker for the struggling record industry.

Rampant rumors, neither confirmed nor denied, that abrasive British judge Cowell will bow out when his contract ends in May, the replacement of Paula Abdul with DeGeneres, and a gaggle of star guest judges will likely boost interest for the two-hour premiere on Tuesday, January 12, industry watchers say.

ABC News


Adam Lambert is a modern day icon and gay icon for many Americans. His undoubted talent for ‘making songs his own’ (to coin a perhaps overused phrase by talent show judges) was given the perfect showcase on American Idol 2009 where he was pipped to the post by fellow contender, Kris Allen. With a refreshingly modern glam rock style and a penchant for eye make-up, Adam Lambert has released his first album For Your Entertainment and also given the media a new muse with his risqué performances (surely you’ve seen the infamous moment when he kissed the keyboard player and writhed around the stage at the American Music Awards). So let’s see what our new ambassador has to say…


Former ‘Idol’ Danny Gokey in Ocala

OCALA, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – American Idol Season 8 finalist Danny Gokey was in Central Florida on Thursday and spoke with FOX 35 about a whirlwind year in 2009.

After finishing third place last year behind runner-up Adam Lambert and winner Kris Allen, Gokey had a busy year. “I graduated off the American Idol show, I got a record deal, and now I’m an artist. I’m my own artist!” said Gokey.

FOX Orlando

Fantasia Barrino’s long and winding road

You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist who lives her life more openly than Fantasia Barrino. In the six years since she became the third American Idol, ” Fantasia — who, like Bjork or Madonna, needs no last name — has published a bestselling memoir, starred in a top-rated Lifetime movie about her life, and now has invited cameras into her house for a VH1 docu-series, Fantasia for Real, ” which premieres Monday.

The way she sees it, her life is a “testimony, ” a way to help others even when it means sharing deeply personal and painful aspects of her life, such as her functional illiteracy or that she was raped at 14. But this time, when the 25-year-old single mother, who won America over with her rendition of on the “Idol” stage, opens her doors to public scrutiny again, Fantasia hopes to help herself most of all.

LA Times

Carrie Underwood Talks ‘American Idol’: I Vote Just Like Everybody Else

“I will always have just the biggest love for ‘American Idol, ‘ as a participant and as a fan, ” she tells ET. “Now it’s so crazy for me to watch and think, ‘Oh, my gosh. I was on that show.’ But I love the people. I love to go back and talk to the contestants and I vote, too, just like everybody else.”

It is way too soon to speculate on who will get Carrie’s vote this season, but she does reveal her picks from season eight: Kris Allen and Danny Gokey.

“I was one of those that really liked Kris Allen, ” she says. “He seemed really genuine and he was from my neck of the woods. I used to do a few shows here and there in Conway, Arkansas. So it was cool to see not a hometown boy, because it was still a four-hour drive, but from my neck of the woods. I love Danny Gokey, too. I thought he was just the sweetest person. I’ve gotten to know him a little bit and he’s hanging out in Nashville now, so, hopefully, he’ll be done with his stuff and be on his way because I think he’s really sweet. ”


iPOP! Los Angeles Launches Concert Series With Performances By Kimberly Locke And Tiffany Giardina Sponsored By Bauer Teen Group

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 8, 2010 — iPOP! (International Presentation of Performers) is holding its annual acting, singing, modeling and dancing convention at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza January 9th thru January 12th. To kick things off this year, iPOP! is launching a concert series for all iPOP! attendees, plus Make-A-Wish Foundation and Starlight Children’s Foundation families.

Kimberly Locke and Tiffany Giardina will be headlining the event with additional appearances by Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (‘Fame, ‘Camp Rock’, Hannah Montana’), Benton Paul (currently touring with David Archuleta), Brandon Mychal Smith (Disney’s ‘Sonny With a Chance’), Ariana Grande (Nickelodeon’s ‘Victorious!’), Savvy & Mandy (Radio Disney Artists), Allen Evangelista (ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) and Gregg Sulkin (Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”).


John Legend, Hudson To Peform at Obama Hosted Concert

Celebrating Black History Month, John Legend and Jennifer Hudson are among a host of acts slated to perform at the White House!

Taking part in ‘A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement, ‘ Hudson and Legend will join President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama February 10 in recognizing music that accompanied the struggle for civil rights from the 1950s to 1960s.

An hour long special, ‘A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement, ‘ will also feature performances from Seal, Smokey Robinson, and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

According to PBS, a special presentation of the night’s festivities will be premiered Feb. 11 at 8pm ET.

iPOP! Los Angeles Launches Concert Series With Performances By Kimberly Locke And Tiffany Giardina Sponsored By Bauer Teen Group

He wrote Leona Lewis’s huge hit Bleeding Love and stood up to Simon Cowell but Ryan Tedder just wants to be a star himself

You sometimes wonder how Ryan Tedder finds the time to front a band. Over the past two years, he has been the ‘go-to guy’ for anyone aiming to conquer the U.S. charts.

He wrote and produced Bleeding Love for Leona Lewis, helping her to crack America in the process, and has penned hits for Beyonce, Natasha Bedingfield and Jennifer Lopez.

With Simon Cowell searching for a seasoned hitmaker to help him turn Joe McElderry into a global star, Tedder’s mobile phone has been ringing again.

Daily Mail


Bucky Covington Pops in for GAC’s Top 20

Bucky Covington begins the new decade with a hit on his hands, and he’ll discuss it with host Nan Kelley on the year’s first edition of GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown this weekend.

Bucky remade the Nickelback hit Gotta Be Somebody” for his latest single, and the video uses footage from a live performance in Rockingham, N.C., captured when Bucky performed there in September as the mayor declared Bucky Covington Day. The show is captured in the EP Live From Rockingham.

A chat with David Cook about EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION

Of all the AMERICAN IDOLs over the years, I think I’m most partial to the Season 7 champ, David Cook, the down to earth rocker with the growl we know and love. When I was given the chance to chat with him for a bit about his part in this weekend’s new episode of EXTREME MAKOVER: HOME EDITION, I jumped at the opportunity. Sunday’s episode features the EM:HO team helping the Cowan-Brown family, a group of people that David holds close to his heart. Read on to learn a little bit more about David as we chat about how he got involved, what surprised him about being a part of the show, what his second album has in store for us, and what he’s been doing at his hotel in Vancouver!

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Celebs Kick-Off and Kiss-Off BCS National Championship

The team allegiances were balanced among the celebs. “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks said, “I’m an Alabama boy, so I’ve got to be for my state school.” He showed his team spirit, reciting a ‘Bama fight song.

ET Online

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