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Tonight’s TVSurvivor Cambodia 2nd Chance premieres at 8/7c PM on CBS followed by the  Big Brother finale at 9:30/8:30c PM! Which of the Final 3 will win? Empire returns to FOX at 9/8c PM. Nashville premieres on ABC at 10/9c PM.

Carrie Underwood’s new LP has some ‘R+B flair’ – ”I want people to give it a chance. Everybody is influenced by everybody else, so there’s some rock in there, some R&B flair in there, some traditional country stuff. It’s really good.”She said: ”I love London, I would have liked to have stayed longer but I left my baby at home, so I’ve just wanted to do as much as I can in a short space of time. If I go to I’m touristy areas I do get recognised because there’s always Americans there! But I’ve done the whole double decker bus thing.” – Read more at Contact Music

Carrie Underwood talks Miley and Nicki beef and insists female country singers are kinder to each other – Carrie said: “I think country music is a bit more encompassing. I doubt you’d ever see anything like that at a country music awards show, because for the most part, everybody is friends, or at least supportive of each other.”
Asked if she would ever dare publicly have a pop at someone out if they spoke badly about her in the press, she replied: “No, I’m pretty passive, I’m drama free.” Wise woman. – Read more at The Mirror

Cook’s new tunes in mix for Epcot – “I wore a few extra hats on this one,” Cook said from his home in Nashville. The new work has been in the works for four years, he said, and it’s good to receive positive feedback. “It puts a little fuel in the tank to get out on the road and play these songs live for people,” Cook said. Expect new and old to blend at his Epcot performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
“We’re going to try to do a healthy mix,” he said. “Obviously, we want to play songs that people have heard before, but we also have a new record in tow.” – Read more at Orlando Sentinel

David Cook talks new album, show at MIM on 9/30 – Q: You obviously had a lot going on in your life. Was that a reason for the move? A: I think the last album took a lot out of me. It was such a big undertaking and I think I kind of delayed processing that. My brother passing away… obviously, that was a very heavy process. I think I really needed a change of scenery and I think I needed to reassess whether or not I still loved making music. I started writing to see if I could still enjoy the process. – Read more at AZCentral

David Cook Talks to Jim Ryan at SiriusXM’s The Pulse

Carrie Underwood BTS Apple Music Festival

Blake Talks Divorce, Sings Tortilla With The Raging Idiots

ABC’s ‘Nashville’ finds its groove ahead of season 4 – But “Nashville” has proven to have value beyond its ratings. Big Machine Records has released six soundtrack albums of the show’s original music, and they’ve collectively sold more than 4 million digital tracks to date. There’s also a new syndication deal: In June AXS TV purchased the cable TV rights to the first three seasons. A passionate community of fans (known as “Nashies”) keeps “Nashville” rolling, too. For example New York viewer Andrea Richeson has re-created characters and sets with LEGO bricks and auctioned them off for charity. The experience has “renewed my faith in the kindness of people,” she told The Tennessean. – Read more at The Tennessean

Steven Tyler talks Nashville guest appearance, new country album – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell us about your scenes in the Nashville premiere, and how does the performance you’re doing with Juliette fit in? STEVEN TYLER: I can’t give too much away but Juliette has a starring role in the Patsy Cline biopic and I join her onstage for a duet of “Crazy” during her concert. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

Big Brother Finale: Will Kirby Reveals a Very Angry Jury – How bitter is the jury this year?
They’re extremely pissed off. In fact, I had to ask them to stop talking over each other and to give each other basic respect. They were not even listening to each other. They’re very angry, and the emotion is pretty raw for some of them. When Austin came to the jury house last week, he seemed like he was gearing up to be particularly vicious. Was he pretty cutthroat at the roundtable? Here’s the thing. When you say “cutthroat” or “vicious” that, in my mind, implies you’re logical. I think Vanessa evicted him, and he’s obviously super hurt by that. So he’s hellbent on turning the jury against her. The problem is, the jury doesn’t really like him, so that could easily backfire. – Read more at the TVInsider

‘Big Brother 17’ Bosses on Twist That Went Away, Why Vanessa Doesn’t Own Her Game – How do you feel about how this season turned out? Grodner: It’s always “expect the unexpected” for us, and once again, it was this season. We feel like there was incredibly strong gameplay that, for the first time in many, many seasons, we’re looking at a final three where there aren’t any floaters. Everyone played, and even in the final four, the idea is that they all have really good arguments for why they should win the money, so that’s always good. It was all in all, a definitely interesting season. – Read more at THR

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