FOX Adds More Hours of Idol — Lots More

Fox has added more hours to the Season 9 American Idol scheudule

Not only will the Top 12 be a two hour show, but also the Top 11, Top 10 and Top 9. That’s two hours of Idol on March 16, March 23, March 30 and April 6.

GLEE - Sneak Peek - More 'Mattr...
GLEE - Sneak Peek - More 'Mattress'

In the days of the 3 judge panel, typically, the Top 12 and Top 11 performance shows ran 2 hours. Idol’s running time would drop down to 90 minutes for the Top 10 and then down to a reasonable hour-long show for the Top 9.

But after Kara was added as judge last year, the Idol had chronic problems ending on time. My solution would be to force the judges to STFU. But, NO. Instead, the producers indulge the panel, offering bloated performance shows as the solution. Bah.

Check out my revised Idol schedule right HERE.

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  1. I suspected something was up since they changed the day for Fringe. I don’t mind the 2 hours shows. If it means they don’t screw up like they did last year so be it (and Fox clearly can’t refuse anything to their n°1 show).

    What I’m really curious about is what they are going to do for top 5 and top 4 week. At that point, I really want the contestant to be able to sing twice.
    I kind of felt cheated last year because big band and rock were two of the better theme weeks.

  2. I’m fine with two hours just wish they would substitute NPH for Kara or Randy.

  3. Yuk. I’ll be tuning in to “Lost” during hour 2 which means I’ll only see half of the contestants live. Boo.

  4. I’m fine with two hours just wish they would substitute NPH for Kara or Randy.

    ITA, Hicksaholic. Loved him.

    Maybe Ellen will at least make it more interesting since they seem unable to rein in the judges. Of course they don’t have Paula babbling on so that may help too. I don’t miss her in the least.

  5. I thought Lost was on Wednesdays? Bummer.

    Duh, they need to talk. Otherwise how will we know who to vote for? It’s not like we have our own musical taste or something.

  6. Lost has moved to Tuesdays at 9 this year. Beginning next week. There is a summary episode at 8 and then the 2 hour premier at 9. It will be interesting to see if American Idol has a drop off in ratings during the second hour.

  7. Not so sure. This is a lot of time to devote to watching Idol. If this is designed to give the judges more air time, definitely not. To me, four judges was a bad idea and keeping Kara was a worse idea. Randy is useless as always. It’s up to Simon and Ellen and if Ellen doesn’t bring it, the show is in trouble. Some of the guest judges were surprising good and made me think they probably could have found a better fit than Ellen.

  8. I’m fine with two hours just wish they would substitute NPH for Kara or Randy.

    How about substituting him for Kara *and* Randy? …. And I could also buy substituting Katy Perry for Simon. lol.

  9. Well, it was pretty obvious that they would have to extend the performance shows. So I’m not surprised. And two hours is not a lot, especially because commercials take 1/3 of the episode.

  10. Too much Idol. The judges should just control themselves and Ryan should cut the worthless rambling.

  11. I’m fine with long shows- I DVR and don’t start watching until it is 30 minutes in so I skip commercials- a two hour show takes an hour and fifteen minutes to watch. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather see longer singing segments and abbreviated comments, but AI is what it is.

    And Lost is recording on another set :) so I’m good there, too.

  12. Eh. No way am I sitting through 2 hours for that long… DVR to the rescue!

  13. MJ i like stfu solution, but at least they won’t be rushing at the end which was so unfair to the contestants.

    Looking at the schedule there’s good news and bad news.
    The good is there is only one more audition episode.
    The bad is Posh is a judge again. Ug!!

  14. Unless they are going to allow the idols to sing for a longer time.. I’ll probably be tuning in elsewhere…. just like I’m doing for these crappy auditions.

  15. I do agree that the judges need to shut up, since the show should be about the IDOLS and not them.

  16. I like the change to 2 hours, I just hope they give some of the extra time to the contestants so they don’t have to try to whittle classic songs down to 90 seconds. Also if timing is such an issue, they could edit down (or out) the introduction videos before each contestant sings. Sometime it seems the video gets more time than the performance.

  17. Well, it was nice knowing you Idol.

    Sorry, but there’s a chance Idol will be back next year…I’m not missing Lost’s last hurrah!

  18. Well, it was nice knowing you Idol.

    Sorry, but there’s a chance Idol will be back next year…I’m not missing Lost’s last hurrah!

    LOL – I won’t be either, but will be using the DVR to watch both! No voting on LOST, so that can wait a day!

  19. Ugh…is it time for me to join the modern world and get a DVR? Fine…any inexpensive recommendations not involving a TiVo subscription? (and MJ, I argue this is on-topic because DVRs are very important when juggling Idol viewing schedules!)

  20. God, the judges are just gonna keep talking for an extra 5 minutes and STILL go over. They’re not gonna give the contestants more time to sing, thats crazy talk. they probably couldnt get ellen from controlling herself by rambling on about nothing and telling jokes in the middle of critiques. its gonna be horrible. anyone would have to be crazy to think this is gonna be a contestant year. its gonna be ALL about the judges. the contestants this year must not be that good or exciting or anything either way it would’ve still be a judges year since paula left, simon is leaving and ellen has come in.

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