Carlos & Witney (dancing with Karina) – Charleston
Karina returns. Witney picked her because Karina picked Witney previously. No one has done the charleston before on the show so Carlos is freaking out. Witney is not feeling rehearsals. Carlos wants to be positive but Witney feels the creative struggle can’t always be positive. We are going old-school for this one folks. Of course, with the charleston being the style, it is expected. Carlos gets some nice solo time here. I love this choreography. A joy to watch would be my best way to describe it. These three are cool together but Carlos is the one to watch here. He is definitely owning the routine. Awesome lift with Karina on top of Carlos and Witney on the bottom as both girls are off the floor. You don’t see that everyday. Perfect marriage of style and substance here. It was nice to see Carlos (and especially Witney) go for some nostalgia in a dance because they are always so modern and contemporary.

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Carrie Ann thought it was so much fun. She enjoyed it. Julianne said Carlos took over the dance. She thought he was the professional out there. Bruno compliments all three and felt like Carlos stole the show from the two.
Carrie Ann- 9
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 29/30
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