Bindi & Derek (dancing with Mark) – Jazz
Derek and Mark have a lot of fun in rehearsal. OH. Mark and Derek have their collective creative hats on. Great ready for something unexpected. Derek notes that some moments in this dance could be dangerous for Bindi but you have to go for risks. Bindi starts off in a box and balances on it. Cool. Oh, a rope again. This time the rope is being used not to climb but to dance with in a way. Fun. The three are totally in-sync. This is like a jazz-contemporary piece. Bindi back in the box as the men make it go round. Strong routine. I enjoyed this more than Bindi’s first because it was something different. But she had a strong night overall and I can’t imagine any scenario where she isn’t in the top 2 next week, even though we have more dancing on Monday and Tuesday.

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Julianne calls Bindi a little ninja. She loved the attention to detail and Bindi didn’t miss a beat. Bruno calls it a compelling work of genius. Carrie Ann does some odd voices (for real, odd sounds) before finally saying it was like a professional dance company.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 30/30
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