Now it is time to see what has happened to Kim & Tony. Kim wasn’t feeling well twelve hours after her dance. The left side of her body went numb. She had a blood clot which caused a mini stroke. She was totally freaked out by what happened. So this week, Tony is going to perform the dance with troupe member Jenna. Of course, this is great. Wonderful samba. No judges for obvious reasons. Kim joins us on skype. Kim feels great. Unfortunately, the rules of the competition state that Kim must withdraw. Tony wishes Kim well and her health comes first.

And so, Kim & Tony are out of the competition. I agree with the sentiments of Tony. Her health is definitely more important. I also agree with the producers that the rules are the rules. Having Kim come back next week after not dancing this week would be unfair to the rest of the couples. Will we still have an elimination tonight? We shall see.