Alek Skarlatos & Lindsay Arnold – Jive – “Jailhouse Rock” – from Jailhouse Rock

Alek was very happy with this rumba last week but not with his scores. Lindsay wants this jive to prove to the judges that he can perform. Lindsay brought in an actor who has played Elvis to help out. ALek walks outside to totally be in character as Elvis. Hysterical. OMG at the hair. The hair department is amazing tonight. This is nice but a little underwhelming. The jive combined with Elvis should be absolutely explosive. This is just… an okay jive. No kicks and flicks but some decent pelvic thrusting as an homage to the King. I just wish Alek put a bit more into this because I was honestly expecting more. I get that Alek isn’t our typical star and he is probably still so scared of the show but he needs to get out of his head because those days are being a contender in earlier weeks need to come back.

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Julianne felt as though Alek definitely improved on the performance value. She wants him to connect even harder. She wants him to stop going in and out of character. Olivia thought he did a great job. Bruno enjoyed the jive content was Alek went wrong a few times. He also didn’t want Alek to hold back. Carrie Ann saw lots of improvement but she wants to see Alek work with Artem- she feels like he could benefit from that.
Carrie Ann- 8
Olivia- 7
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 7
Total: 30/40
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