David Archuleta – More on Miley’s Producers

When news broke that David Archuleta would be working with the Rock Mafia, the production team responsible for some of Miley Cyrus’s biggest hits, peeps began speculating that perhaps young David was going for a Miley-type sound.

Well, not really. In an interview with ABC News Radio last week, David said that he considered Idol Jordin Sparks a role model, rather than Miley. In this interview with the Charlotte Obsever, he elaborates further about looking up to Jordin, and working with the Rock Mafia:

…I was (thinking), ‹Miley Cyrus ‘ isn’t she Radio Disney?’ Archuleta says of his initial reaction. …But these songs are different. I liked how (producers Armato and James) were very experimental. They are pretty diverse people who’ve worked with everyone from Mariah Carey to (Australian hard rock trio) Sick Puppies. I might work with them in L.A. when I have another day off.

He says he wants his diverse tastes to be represented on his debut album.

…I want to be able to relate to people through the music. I’d like songs that are enjoyable and fun to listen to in the car, and also songs that are emotional and sensitive, he explains. …I want to find the right balance between those two things. I think Jordin (Sparks) did a great job of that with her album.

So, to sum up–David’s record is going to sound like the Sick Puppies instead of Miley Cyrus. Kidding! That would be…interesting. But no. The “Miley Touch” is just E! News looking for a punchy headline and a sexy news angle. The less dramatic reality is that David is working with talented producers who have a proven track record and a diverse resume. And David appears to be pretty excited about that.

ETA: David blogged today. He did a photo shoot on Friday, and will be shooting the music video for “Crush” this coming week.

Friday we had a day off, so I went to New York for a photoshoot for the album! It was a lot of fun even though I was dead tired from the lack of sleep haha. But I’m caught up on that now. The photographer was great! He also had really good taste in music, which he played during the shoot. I can’t wait to see the final shots. This upcoming week my family will be coming out to see the show, and it’ll be awesome to see them. We’ll also be shooting the music video for ‘Crush’! Which I’m nervous but excited about haha.

BONUS: The FOX DC affiliate posted some lengthy Idol interviews on their site last week. Archie’s interview was chatty, chatty, chatty, and in it, he talks about how Tamyra Gray and Jennifer Hudson inspired him, and how cool it is that he’s been able to inspire kids in the same way. He also tells of his love for singer-songwriters like John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles, how he’d like to perform music like that some day, but knows he’s got some maturing to do. For now, he’ll sing the music he enjoys listening to–Top 40 pop. I cracked up when he said his sisters ‘N Sync and Backtreet Boys records used to “drive me nuts.”…

If you haven’t yet, watch the Video after the JUMP…

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