David Archuleta – Christmas From The Heart – Released Today!

David Archuleta’s new Christmas album Christmas From the Heart arrives in stores today.

  • If you’d like to listen to a preview of the album, AOL is streaming the entire album right HERE.

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  1. Loving every minute and every song from his album right now. And loving this spiritual journey he has given us “-) Thank You David â™ ¥

  2. Great review of Christmas album. Excerpt below…


    It would be pretty stating the obvious to say that David has the perfect voice for the traditional Christmas hymns ‘“ it’s that choir boy purity / bell-like clarity of his voice coupled with his rich and warm tone.

    I don’t think anyone will be surprised when I say that the stand-outs on this CD for me are ‘Ave Maria’, ‘O Holy Night’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘What Child Is This’ which David sings with heartfelt and genuine conviction. In particular, I have to emphasize how much I love his ‘Ave Maria’ (!!!) ‘“ I’ve gotten so used to it being sung with operatic embellishments, it’s a breath of fresh air to have it sung simply and reverently, while still eliciting that strong emotional reaction that this beautiful song inspires.

    I was also pleasantly surprised with how much I liked ‘Pat-A-Pan’ (such a fun, upbeat song! And it’s French!) and ‘Riu Riu Chiu’ (it has this wistful & yearning quality that I like, although I have no idea what the song’s Spanish lyrics are about!). Both are new-to-me Christmas songs (in a foreign language) that are excellent additions to my old favorites. So, thank you David for these two.

    Jive hasn’t scrimped on production for this cd, and I enjoyed the accompanying orchestral instrumentation / background choir, (very evident on such songs as ‘Joy to the World’, ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’) but above all that, it is David’s voice that is the major selling point of this album.

  3. At 8:38 am, the album was at #46 on Top 100 albums on iTunes.
    At 9:20 am, it was at #30.
    Currently, at 10:24 am, it is at #26.

    At Amazon.com it is currently the #22 bestseller in Music.

  4. listened to this, in full, for the first time last night’ ¦ this is one very moving and cohesive cd, from start to finish’ ¦ ave maria’ ¦ just wow. silent night’ ¦ wow. i think i’ve really ‘ heard’  david for the first time’ ¦ the songs give me deeper insight into the sheer breadth and depth of his talent’ ¦ he hasn’t begun to scratch the surface’ ¦

  5. gg, I have to say I’m surprised how much I love this record. I’m a fan. I knew I’d like it. I like Christmas music and all that. But I hear ya. I could not stop listening to it last night. It makes such a great counterpart to the pop cd that came out last year. I know to some this seems schizophrenic. But I think with these two albums we have a much greater sense of his capabilities, though I agree with you, I think there are sides to his talent we still haven’t seen, mostly because he’s young and still growing.

    But, for me, this album is special because his voice is front and center–it’s transporting. It’s been a long time since Christmas music was for me more than just a seasonal novelty. I was genuinely moved on several of these cuts.

  6. Not a good word for DA’s holiday album, MJ?

    I’m planning on downloading Pat-a-Pan for sure. One listen yesterday and I’ve been having trouble thinking of any other music. Seriously.

    I heard some of Bob Dylan’s CD. Whoa. It’s an admirable project for charity, and the cover of that album is really festive, but I cannot imagine having that playing on Christmas Day.

  7. houston, don’t judge me, but i’m getting a little teary at all this… i didn’t know what to expect on the first day of release, and my expectations are managed and i think under control, but this is freaking great and fun to watch!!!! .. unbelievable – i didn’t expect a strong early showing on itunes, so i’m happy…

  8. Christmas From The Heart is simply stunning. The orchestration on several of the songs is breathtaking. Ave Maria did just what I thought it would do…brought me to tears. David truly has a gift for speaking / singing in foreign languages. We get to hear him sing in Latin, French and Spanish. The traditional Spanish Christmas carol Riu Riu Chiu is one of my favorite songs on the album. This album is a must have for Christmas! Thanks David for this great Christmas gift.

  9. gg, I know what you mean. No judging! I’m very happy. It’s hard to know what to expect amidst all the chatter and armchair quarterbacking. I have VERY managed expectation as well. Have to.

    So I’m thrilled. I honestly wasn’t expecting him to break the top 10 on itunes with a Christmas album and no single so early or maybe even at all. This exceeds my hopes. :)

  10. Chuckling at …

    @JiveMusic Thanks to the Archie fans for making #ArchuletaXmasCD a top trending topic! David has the BEST fans ever!!
    14 minutes ago from web

  11. lolol JRB5776 – lotta love and support out there for david, and this cd… twitter is on fiyah, and not all these people are from the hardcore base… i hope this bodes well for the success of this cd – to see the cd reach out and pull in new listeners and fans, and i hope that’s what we’ll see as the weeks roll by….

  12. He’s in the top 10!! Amazing. He doesn’t even have a banner yet.

    9. Christmas from the Heart – David Archuleta
    Tuesday, October 13, 2009 1:23 PM
    Christmas from the Heart by David Archuleta

  13. latest ranking for â™ « Christmas From The Heart â™ « from amazon ‘“ usa!

    as of 1530 p.m. eastern time’ ¦

    Bestsellers in Music [all genres]

    #19 in overall music

    #19 in hot new releases
    #39 in most gifted
    #62 in most wished for


    â™ « Bestsellers in Holiday Music â™ «

    #4 [overall]
    #4 hot new releases
    #2 most gifted
    #4 most wished for

    Bestsellers in Opera & Vocal

    #3 [overall]
    #3 hot new releases
    #2 most gifted
    #3 most wished for

    Bestsellers in Music, Miscellaneous

    #4. 55 days in the top 100


    Hot New Releases in Music, Miscellaneous


    Most Wished For in Music, Miscellaneous


    Most Most Gifted in Music, Miscellaneous


  14. David Archuleta to sing with A2SO at Hill Auditorium

    Former “American Idol” contestant David Archuleta has announced a concert date at Ann Arbor’s Hill Auditorium in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, on Friday, Nov. 27 at 8 p.m.

    A2SO subscribers will get an exclusive chance to buy tickets from 10 a.m. Oct. 20-noon on Oct. 24. (Buy A2SO tickets online here.) Tickets for the Archuleta/A2SO concert go on sale to the general public Tuesday, Oct. 26, in person only at the center court in Briarwood Mall from 3-9 p.m. (times are tentative). Online, telephone and in-person sales begins at noon on Oct. 27.

    The concert is part of a Christmas-themed tour. Archuleta has just released a holiday album, “Christmas from the Heart,” a collection of mostly tradtional music.


  15. An Orchestra?? Wow, He is very well rounded in music! Now this is one talented and classy guy! He can sing! I loved his album by the way! Couldn’t decided which one was my favorite song!

  16. David’s thumbnail pic is now on iTune’s “New and Noteworthy” section. Yippee!

  17. Oh my heck, this is a great album! Just listened to it after getting it this morning (confused about people listening to it last night, I thought today was the release date ??) I would love to go see him in St. Paul at the Fitz. Way to go, Archie!

  18. I have all this homework to do, can’t break away form the cp’s album, I am so gobsmacked by David’s pipes and soulfulness in his xmas album…wowza!!! Ann Arbor Symphony here I come!!!

  19. Bought the durn thing this morning and put it into the car CD player. Tried not to be embarrassed when ppl pulled up next to me and I was blaring O Holy Night. On Oct. 13. :D These songs are gorgeous and I love my car system. Love, love love Silent Night, What Child Is This, Riu Riu, Pat A Pan. I’m going to have the album on repeat for some time before I’m able to ‘put it away until Christmastime.’ We’ll see if the end of the first round bleeds into the beginning of the second.

  20. wow, I see David’s Christmas CD No. 1 – ITunes Store: Top 100 Christmas and Holiday Albums – at 2.24 PM PST awesome.

    Go archie




  22. I just listened to the album. It’s a really solid one. I like a good number of songs. (LOL A year ago I would have never guessed I would like David’s Christmas album a lot more than his pop one…)
    As much as I enjoy Pat A Pan, my favorite one has to be Joy To The World. I really really like what was done with that song and I love how you can actually feel the passion in David’s voice in that one. It’s something that one has at the end that I don’t find on his other songs… but it’s in this one. Also liked First Noel. I guess those would be my top 3.

  23. I am a fan and knew I would love it, but I am pleasantly surprised at how much I love it. It exceeds all expectations for me.

  24. Another favorable review of the album…


    However, what really makes the album a knock-out are his versions of O Holy Night, What Child is This, Ave Maria and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (featuring Charice Pempengco). These songs are considerably harder to sing than the previous list of songs and Archuleta’s vocals really get to shine here. The “noels” with about 50 seconds left in O Holy Night are gorgeous and his Ave Maria is a different arrangement but that’s what makes it beautiful and unique.

  25. Do you know how freakin’ long it took me to find this? This actual album release–yes, major label album release (it doesn’t matter if it’s Holiday, it’s still a full-length studio album…something which neither Kris nor Adam have put out yet…yet!) was absolutely freakin’ buried in an avalanche of Adam Lambert news. No wonder the post count is so low.

    All in all, I can’t help but feel that David’s release is getting no respect. And Adam, well, God love him, but he seemingly already has as much respect as Barbra, Aretha, Luciano and Obama combined. Good for him, I guess. But ask yourselves this: Is it all just a media confection, or has it been earned? Is anyone else tired of America’s obession with the cult of personality, in general? Since when does actual accomplishment–quantifiable accomplishment!!!–and dedication, and hard work…get trumped by image and hype wrapped in an adoring media bubble–and dare I say–mythology?

  26. Hear hear, carolinacharms.

    I had to do a search for Archuleta to find this post — and the album hasn’t been out long. Oh well.

    Love the album. Think I’ll be loving it five Christmases from now. And that’s probably what matters most to David.

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