Dancing With The Stars – The Finals!

Earlier, I predicted a win for Lance and Lacey, but now I’m not so sure. Their total score, 53, a tie with Warren and Kym is a full 5 points behind Brooke and Derek. If the scoring for their routine tomorrow follows along the same lines, I think it’s going to be tough for their fans to pull them through to the win.

What to do.

I still think they should win. Out of the three couples, they have the best blend of technical skill and stage presence of the 3. There was some major score inflation going on tonight. Brooke and Derek got a perfect 30 on their freestyle, and Len gave Warren and Kym a 10 on their freestyle, a score they didn’t deserve, imo.

I was a bit disappointed with Lance and Lacey’s freestyle. There were a few decent moves in the routine, but compared to last week’s jitterbug and mambo, it lacked some major spark

So, what to do about the pool? I’m torn…

Videos and Live blog after the JUMP…

The finals of Dancing with the Stars begin tonight! Whoopie! Tonight, it’s the Samba Smackdown, as the couples dance side by side to one extended song, and then it’s the “highly anticipated” (really?) Freestyle.

There’s going to be a lot of blah blah tonight. First, each couple will chose their favorite ballroom and Latin dances and speak about why they were so FAB. Each pro talks makes a case FTW for their partner.

Brooke and Derek – Choose The Quickstep and Paso Doble – Brooke says, after they danced the quickstep, she knew they had a chance of sticking around for awhile. After the paso doble, she knew she could dance in front of millions of people and pull it off. Derek says Brooke is the most consistent competitor, and if people are voting and judging on the dancing, then Brooke should be the champion.

Lance and Lacey – Choose The Tango and The Mambo – The tango was the first week Lance felt he was a contender. Lance says it was the first risk they took that really worked. The mambo was a surprise, because they concentrated so hard on their jitterbug, they didn’t expect the mambo to turn out as well, and after, Lance realized he had a shot at the trophy. Lacey thinks Lance deserves the trophy, because he is the most improved dancer on the show.

Warren and Kym – Choose The Viennese Waltz and The Paso Doble. Warren says the waltz was the first time he had to slow down the pace, and it showed him a completely different side of dancing. He said it was a turning point. The Paso? Warren loved the outfits. Kym thinks Warren captures the essence of what the competition is about–he makes people happy when he dances. She realizes they are the underdogs, but she says that Warren lights up the dance floor, the crowds love him, and they are who put him where he is today.

The Jr. Ballroom winners are Craig and Samantha. Not surprised–their little sister is a previous winner. Ah, they get little mini-mirror ball trophies!

Trash talking fills the time until the real competition begins. Yes, you totally could have missed the first 1/2 hour, and if you did, you’re good!

Len says the judges agree that the best 3 got into the final.

The contestants drew “mirror balls” to decide the dance order. It goes Brooke, Lance and then Warren. The Samba Smackdown is a group dance of sorts. The pairs will dance one after another to one extended song. That means they have to rehearse together. The performance video features even more trash talk, and the contestants struggling to get their steps down. so they’re all rehearsing together.

The Samba Smackdown begins! – Brooke and Derek are first. As always, their technique is impeccable. Ok, not exactly perfect, Brooke made a mistake in the beginning, but she’s good. Lance and Lacey are next, very good technique, and hella fun to watch. Love them! Warren and Kym are last. Warren is selling it, as always. Nobody is screwing up tonight, so far.

Len begins his critique by congratulating the band. Len thinks all of them danced the samba better than they did on the show. He thought Warren added the content his previous dances lacked, he’s still “worried about his feet, ” but other than that, fantastic. Len loves Lance’s energy, but says he has to work on his finesse. He calls Brooke the “sensation of season 7” and still the one to beat. Bruno calls Brooke a “dazzling, sexy, sizzler of a dancer.” He calls Lance, “tight and clean.” Man, I am not touching that one. Heh. Bruno calls Warren “irresistible” and says his charm makes up for lack of technique. Carrie Ann thinks Lance is getting “better and better, ” but thinks Warren is the most improved. Brook brings the “technical nuance” to each dance, but Carrie Ann said she got a “hair ambitious” in this dance, and tells her to tone it down a little.

Brooke and Derek got the highest score, but I think Lance and Lacey’s routine was mistake-free, and totally fun to boot.

  • Brooke’s scores – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 10 – 28
  • Lance’s scores – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8, Bruno – 9 – 26
  • Warren’s scores – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 7, Bruno – 9 25

Freestyle Round:

Brooke and Derek – Brooke acknowledges that Lance and Warren are “great showman” so she and Derek are going to be “pulling out all the stops.” They practice their wicked hard fancy lifts in the pool. Wow, the lifts aren’t the only thing Brooke is pullout out. Mid-dance, she whips off her outfit, and shows off some major boobage. Smart! This dance is chock full of well-executed, tricky lifts. If it’s not crowd pleasing, it’s surely judge-pleasing. Bruno says, “Spectacular lifts! Beyond belief! One of the best Freestyles evah!” Carrie Ann says, “You brought it!” Len also thinks it’s the best freestyle he’s ever seen. Of course, the guys also notice her other “assets.” Hm… I smell some 10s! And indeed, they get a perfect score. Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 301-800-868-3405

Lance and Lacey – Lance wants the couples’ momentum, and new-found confidence to take them to the top. He’s ready to take that trophy home! But, Oh Noes. Their Hip-hop will be lift-free, “just the way it’s supposed to be.” Their dance is loads of fun, and they dance well, but the lack of tradition and fancy technical stuff could hurt their scores. Indeed, Carrie Ann, hated the cha cha moves they incorporated into their routine. Len likes Trickey! And oddly enough, he thought their routine was fun, and liked their little cha cha. Len is pleased! Bruno thought it was youthful and vibrant. “Very good, ” he says. – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno, 9 – 271-800-868-3407

Warren and Kym – This week, their Freestyle is gonna be all content, all the time! The big guy can do some lifts. They’ve got some nice tricks in this routine, even though Kym did most of the dancing. Len calls Warren a great entertainer. Bruno says, “Resistance is futile.” and Carrie Ann says it was her favorite so far, but calls them out on a mistake. Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 10, Bruno, 9 – 281-800-868-3413

Total Scores:

  • Brooke and Derek58
  • Lance and Lacey53
  • Warren and Kym53
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