Claudia’s Ontario American Idol Tour Recap

First I’d like to say this is my first AI concert and I’m glad I went! I had several “black holes and revelations”! – the name “Bandzilla” is being kind! They were so loud and it seemed as though many times the Idols had to scream to be heard above them! Will take peashooter next time! – Ontario seemed (on the floor at least)to just want to stand up!!!! They stood
mostly from Anoop thru Kris! Being short was very hard to see, I watched the monitors mostly and as someone else said they only had 2 not very large ones.

I love AI-watch from 1st auditions – my orig favs were: Adam, Danny, Michael, Lil. I found that D, M and L lost me as they didn’t seem to deliver each week – disappointing! My Adam fever grew! I worked in theatre for many years and LOVE theatrical stuff!

Let me just say this crowd was into the show and ALL the Idols!

Michael Sarver – he was personable and a fair singer – his set was good – hubby said meh!

Megan Joy – awful – weak voice and is so awkward when moving she needs to stay put – has no rhythm!

Scott McIntyre – didn’t like him on show but thought he was very good in person – piano was great – I actually think he has a career – jokes were cute – he looked good! Hubby agreed!

Lil Rounds – didn’t care for 2 of her songs but thought she was FANTASTIC singing “No One” – she should stick to this type of music!

Anoop Desai – Liked “Always on My Mind” the best – he had ALOT of fans though!Hubby thought meh!

Matt Giraud – Sorry, NOT a fan. Just something rubs me wrong and I didn’t like him any better in person. I can’t get past seeing him as a lounge entertainer.

Group song – duet with girls was horrible mess! “Beggin” was great!

Intermission – lines for ladies room were ridiculous! Almost missed Allison!

The crowd LOVED the top 4 – hardly sat down the whole second half!

Allison Iraheta – BIGGEST surprise of the nite for me! I never cared for her or her voice – couldn’t see what all the fans saw but she was AMAZING! She’s so good – “Cry Baby” was so Joplin-esque I almost cried! She is much cuter (saw her later outside) and like a little red pixie in person! I think she’s gonna be BIG! I can understand her being signed!

Danny Gokey – HUGE crowd response! He was better in person – enjoyed PYT and really liked Maria Maria – not so much the Rascal Flatts – not sure how he’s going to go country?? But audience was really into him!

Adam Lambert – he was brilliant… awesome etc. but I was a little disappointed cause I love all kinds of music but what they have in common for me is a strong voice – I adore Adam but I couldn’t see him nor could I hear a lot over the screaming – crowd even screamed thru Mad World when I hoped they’d shut up! I’d really like to be there with Adam singing and no one else in the Arena! lol He held the audience in the palm of his hand however and did his thing which was AMAZING!My boy did good!

Kris Allen – all the talk of him following Adam is bunk! Heartless was GREAT! Crowd never sat down after Adam and Kris seamlessly took over! Loved his 2nd song and I’m a sucker for ANS! Fantastic! Didn’t like the Matchbox 20 song at all! I thought he was terrific on Hey Jude and I hate it!

Loved DSB! Some of the blog comments back and forth about ovations and clapping etc were very blurred in Ontario and I think they are just interpretations based on where you’re sitting! Rest assured the Idols ALL got love in Ontario!

Final comments: Waited afterward for an hour and a half – must have been 1000 people – long barricade! Pushy bunch but I just wanted to see Adam in person and he is Beautiful – Exhausting for them with all the addl press, m&g’s, fan signing etc. and I’m probably naive but was taken aback at the “FAN ENTITLEMENT” – woman next to me had gone to LA, wanted more Adam stuff signed, went to his hairdresser and stalked him at his hotel! I enjoyed the concert but in the future if I go to another concert I’ll make sure I’m MUCH closer to the stage!

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