Chris Sligh – First Night in Westerly RI

I had one of the Best New Years Evah (well for me it doesn’t take much, I usually spend it hiding in my house….but still…)

I set out for Westerly RI on New Year’s Eve day to see Chris Sligh perform as the headline act for the Westerly, RI First night. And despite what TMZ said, it was pretty cool…

The set was generous. He mixed between song patter, covers, songs from his CD, Take A Chance on Something Beautiful and NEW songs that will appear on his upcoming CD, due to be released April 8th on Brash Records.

His new band including Adam, from Half Past Forever, had only rehearsed once prior to the event. They still managed to sound pretty tight.

(Chris has just posted a NEW promotional video, on You Tube. Check it out. It’s hilarious.)

As usual, I was there with my camera, and I captured some of the performances on my digital camera.

More Recap After the Jump….

Here’s the set list (Highlighted songs are links to videos):

  • Eleanor Rigby – Chris opened the set with this classic Beatle’s tune.
  • Loaded Gun – A track from the new album. A rocker with a really cool guitar part.
  • Hero – From Take A Chance on Something Beautiful.
  • Helter Skelter – Another Beatles classic – gave the band a chance to really rock out.
  • Somewhere/Living On A Prayer – “Somewhere” is from “Take a Chance on Something Beautiful” the band segued immediately into “Living on a Prayer”. FUN.
  • Tunnel Vision – This song is also from “Take a Chance on Something Beautiful” and is an awesome slice of Power-Pop heaven. Loved it.
  • In a Moment – This tune is also on “Take a Chance on Something Beautiful” and is a Great Big Sappy Power Ballad. I generally don’t like the power ballad, but this one is heartfelt. Chris says he wrote it for his wife, Sarah. Awww….
  • I’m Clean – A new song from the new record. This has got a great hook. I really like the chorus.
  • Empty Me – “Empty Me” will most likely be the first single from the new album. Chris told a long story beforehand about how, at one point in the Idol competition, he bought into the hype. He said that Phil Stacey finally called him on it. The song is about figuring out what’s real in this world.
  • Are You Pleased – Another new song from the new album. Chris hopes his savior is pleased. I’m sure he is.
  • City of Blinding Lights – Awesome cover of the U2 hit.
  • Running Back (Arise) – Another new song. It’s got a rousing sing-along chorus with a chimey guitar riff. Me likey.
  • Know – The first song I ever heard from Chris–last year when his name first appeared on the spoiler lists. It’s still my favorite song. This was the lead single from “Take a Chance on Something Beautiful”. It’s going to be re-recorded and featured on the new album. Chris hopes to eventually release it to mainstream radio. It’s got an infectious hook and an irresistible guitar riff. Chris mentions in his studio blog that they added a “jangly part at the end of each phrase” with an old Rickenbacker 6-string. Eep! I can’t wait to hear it…
  • Cry Tonight – Another Half Past Forever song that’s being re-recorded for the new album. A sweet ballad.
  • Potential – This song is about not feeling grown up, even as you grow old. Boy can I relate. The lyrics are universally relateable. I can imagine this well-crafted song as a potential single.

After the concert, I got the chance to chat with Chris and his wife Sarah (she’s very cool, very sweet) and here are a few fun facts:

He’s about 3/4 of the way done with the album. He’s been writing songs on his own and with well-respected writing partners from Nashville. He may have some songs on Phil Stacey’s upcoming release for Lyric Street Records. He wrote a few songs with Phil. He plans to produce an EP for Gina Glocksen. He’s thrilled with his team. His first single will be “Empty Me” He plans to release a few singles to Christian radio, and then “Know” to mainstream radio. He’s planning a tour this spring.

After the concert, peeps gathered round to take pictures with Chris and get his autograph. A lot of kids and their parents came out for the concert. Chris led the New Year’s. And then there were fireworks. Happy 2008!

You can check out demos of Chris’s new songs at his My Space. And for Chris’s constant running commentary, check out the blog.

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