Chris Daughtry/Kris Allen Song ‘Show Me All Your Angels” Will Be a Walmart Exclusive

UPDATE: You can listen to samples of Kris’s songs at Amazon HERE.

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

Were you wondering what happened to the tune Chris Daughtry wrote with Kris Allen for the Idol winner’s debut album Kris Allen?   The song they wrote together is called “Send Me All Your Angels”, and it’s going to appear as a bonus track on the Walmart version of Kris Allen.

Chris tweeted the news last night. Some of you may remember seeing the tune on the Walmart track list last week.

Hopefully songs that were left conspicuously off the album, like the Mat Kearney song, will appear as exclusives too.   Kearney told MTV that the tune would “rough up” Kris’s image, so I was hoping it would make the main album. But I’d settle for a bonus track.

  • Check out the track list for Kris’s album Kris Allen, set to be released November 17, after the jump

Watch Kris perform 3 of his new songs at Saturday’s Miami Dophins Tailgate party HERE.

Download Kris’s Single ‘Live Like We’re Dying’  here:

1. ‘Live Like We’re Dying’  (Steve Kipner, Andrew Frampton, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan) (Produced by: Produced by Andrew Frampton & Steve Kipner)
2. ‘Before We Come Undone’  (Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Greg Kurstin) (Produced by:Greg Kurstin for SK1 Productions)
3. ‘Can’t Stay Away’  (Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Mike Elizondo) (Produced by Mike Elizondo)
4. ‘The Truth’  (Pat Monahan, Toby Gad) (Produced by Toby Gad)
5. ‘Written All Over My Face’  (Steve Kipner, Andrew Frampton, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan) (Produced by: Produced by Andrew Frampton & Steve Kipner)
6. ‘Bring It Back’  (Kris Allen, Francis White) (Produced by Eg White for Spilt Milk Management)
7. ‘Red Guitar’  (Kris Allen) (Produced by Mike Flynn & Warren Huart)
8. ‘Is It Over’  (Kris Allen, Cale Mills, Mike Elizondo) (Produced by Mike Elizondo)
9. ‘Let It Rain’  (Kris Allen, Tobias Karlsson) (Produced by Tobias Karlsson)
10. ‘Alright With Me’  (Kris Allen, Joe King) (Produced by Mike Flynn & Joe King)
11. ‘Lifetime’  (Kris Allen, Jon Foreman, Mike Elizondo) (Produced by Mike Elizondo)
12. ‘I Need To Know’  (Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad) (Produced by Toby Gad)

13. ‘Heartless’  (Malik Yusef El Shabbaz Jones, Scott Mescudi, Kanye West, Ernest Wilson, Jeffrey Bhasker, Benjamin McIldowie) (Produced by SALAAMREMI.COM)
14. “Send Me All Your Angels” (Kris Allen, Chris Daughtry) Walmart exclusive

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  1. I like the snippets overall. A little overproduced, but that seems to be a requirement these days, and for first post-Idol albums in particular. Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

  2. Yay, Chris seems to have been such a mentor to Kris since the show so I am glad his cowrite will be included on one of the releases.

    I’m hoping that Mat Kearney cowrite shows up too…maybe an iTunes bonus track?

  3. Shanz88:
    Thank you! It’s a whole album of snippets!

    I don’t think that we need to worry about Kris’s album. He’s fine!
    “It’s Kris” and, like he said/wanted … it’s “just good music”. Nice work.

    Have to go back and listen a lot more times.

    Snippets make it hard to judge overall. It might lack a bit of “edge”. But I think there are a number of excellent tracks. And Red Guitar was really worth pushing for.

    This page is acting and looking different today. Wass up? I posted 4th but I’m showing 1st. And there’s a new font. Like the new font. Or is it just my computer gone mad again?

  4. I’m hoping that Mat Kearney cowrite shows up too’ ¦maybe an iTunes bonus track?

    Jim Cantiello said there is a plan for this song. So you might be right, itunes bonus track would be great.

    I’m loving all the song samples. The Truth, Red Guitar and All Right With Me are my favorites. Let It Rain sounds a little country to me, which is surprising because Kris was adament about not doing country.

  5. My favorite clip is Alright With Me. Written All Over My Face and Red Guitar also sound very good IMO. This is a very Frayish album like Kris and Lyndsey described. I’d have preferred some more funk and more acoustic stuff but The Fray isn’t bad at all. I’ve got a feeling I need to hear how the whole songs develop because that was always something with Kris’s stuff.

    Can’t Stay Away sounds more like Gavin Degraw than Maroon 5 in that clip. It’s not a bad thing just an observation.

    Production wise Heartless sounds way different than everything else on the album.

  6. Oh man!

    I wanted to like Kris’ album but it sounds very generic to me. And a bit overproduced, but I guess that is the rule these days.

    I dunno. Nothing really excites me here, Kris has a nice voice but he doesn’t have a unique tone so I think that is part of his problem. I hope his album does well though, he deserves it.
    My favorite song still is “Heartless” and that is Kanye’s. So there you go.

  7. It seems to me that these snippets are deserving of their own post, maybe?

    Also, overproduced? Really? We must not be listening to the same songs. I Need To Know sounds so raw, like it could be on Brand New Shoes. Gorgeous, but raw.

  8. before we come undone did get overproduced. much prefer the live version from the other day.

    i actually really like the back half of the album alot better than the first. first half is a bit more over-produced and contains all of the three songs kris didn’t write so go figure. the singles will probably come from the first half if the past is any indication, but i’m really digging the second half.

    alright with me is so unexpected and fun.

  9. I love these clips. My favorites are ” Can’t Stay Away”, “Alright With Me” (Joe King and Kris Allen are incredibly talented), “I Need To Know” (I have a feeling that this song will make me cry, I need to hear Kris sing it live), “Bring It Back” (Sounds a lot like a Fray song, but I like it), and Written All Over My Face is very good. I like the liver version of Before We Come Undone, but I have some questions based on that short clip, I wonder if they managed to work out how the instruments sound in that song.

    I like the new funky version of Heartless, I actually think that Kris’ version may have more of a traditional hip-hop sound than Kanye’s, which is pretty funny, but I think this version could be a club hit.

    I don’t know which of these would make a better second single, “Can’t Stay Away” or “Alright With Me.” I think either one would be an awesome choice.

  10. What the heck are people not talking about the snippets or is it just website issues? I’m pretty psyched overall… don’t think the album sounds overproduced, am a little iffy on a few songs (not diggin Bring it Back, confused by the horns? in Alright with Me (although believe the song overall has potential)). I believe Kris could have at least a couple of hits outside of LLWD… personal favorite is Before We Come Undone.

  11. I love the snippets – makes me so antsy for the whole album! The only one that did not really grab me just from the snippet was ‘Lifetime’. And I really can’t wait for ‘I Need to Know’. Sounds like it may break my heart. What I hear first in a new song is melody/harmony/musicality/tone. That’s why the sound of the singers voice matters so much to me – I love rich, warm, raspy, husky, deeper timbres. Lyrics come much later for me – if it grabs me muscially, I’m hooked. My daughter says I make up my own lyrics anyway. And sometimes I do.

  12. im loving the snippets, pretty much what i expected/wanted from this album. Im loving bring it back (sounds like the fray but thats a very good thing for me), before we come undone, and alright with me.

    im really excited to hear the whole version of red guitar and need to know. im curious about lifetime though. idk how i feel about the snippet but i think the whole song could have potential

  13. i am LOVING this album…so much more than any other post-Idol debut.

    “Before We Come Undone” and “I Need to Know” (the one recorded while laying on the floor) are sticking out to me right now.

    Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

  14. I really liked all the songs we heard on Saturday, each one for different reasons. Actually I loved CSA and BWCU from the beginning but WAOMF grew on me and now with the studio version it has become one of my guilty pleasures, really catchy!

    But I have also new favorites which I didn’t expect. I really love “I Need To Know” and “Is it over”(co-written by Kris and his friend, Cale!!!) and these two definitely remind me of Brand New Shoes and I’m really happy about that! Especially INTK is so raw and beautiful with the piano. I really want to hear the rest of it.

    “Red Guitar” and “Let it Rain”: since we know what they are about, more or less I really want to hear the rest of their lyrics.

    I like ‘The Truth” which I didn’t expect after L.Parker’s review and “Lifetime”.

    ‘Alright With Me” : as Kris said is a fun tune and doesn’t remind me of the Fray at all (“Bring it Back” does but for me that’s a good thing). Maybe another guilty pleasure along with WAOMF. I prefer Kris singing ‘angsty’ songs, that’s why I love ANS and FS from Idol and INTK, IIO, LIR, BWCU from his album but I enjoy that with CSA, AWM AND WAOMF we have a little balanche in emotions.

    Overall I am satisfied and I can’t wait for Nov.17th! I read somewhere that in Italy it comes out Nov.13th. Is that true? For now, thanks Germany, I guess.

  15. washpd
    10/28/2009 at 2:50 pm
    “It seems to me that these snippets are deserving of their own post, maybe? ”

    I agree or at least change the title of this thread as Chris Daughtry/Kris song is yesterday’s news.

  16. And I really can’t wait for ‘I Need to Know’. Sounds like it may break my heart. What I hear first in a new song is melody/harmony/musicality/tone. That’s why the sound of the singers voice matters so much to me ‘“ I love rich, warm, raspy, husky, deeper timbres. Lyrics come much later for me ‘“ if it grabs me muscially, I’m hooked. My daughter says I make up my own lyrics anyway. And sometimes I do.

    LOL, you must be me. Right down to having snarky daughters ;)

    I’m just so freaking excited. THere wasn’t anything on there that I think I’ll hate. And oh, INTK… ::sigh::

  17. i am LOVING this album’ ¦so much more than any other post-Idol debut.

    ‘Before We Come Undone’  and ‘I Need to Know’  (the one recorded while laying on the floor) are sticking out to me right now.

    Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

    ITA. Those two songs stood out for me as well after the watching the weekend’s live performances and the snippets. I Need to know, for me, is very Fray-ish with repetitive chorus and and piano-driven melody.

  18. MJ, if Kris’s snippets aren’t going to get their own thread, could you at least mention them in the headline so that people know they’re here?

  19. Wow I’m really happy as I’m pretty happy with almost the whole albums! The only one I didn’t care as much is “Is It Over” and “Lifetime” but I may change my mind after hearing the whole song and not just the snippets. Really really love Alright with Me, I Need to Know and bring it back out of the new songs that I haven’t heard before. Can’t wait for Nov. 17!!!

  20. Yay! I’m so excited to get to hear the snippets!

    After listening to them a few times, I have new favorites:

    1. Can’t Stay Away–has been my new Kris favorite since the Dolphins game.

    2. Is It Over–a song in 3/4 time! I wasn’t expecting that. I’m glad there are a variety of styles on this album and they don’t all sound the same.

    3. I Need to Know–sounds so pretty, also very different from the rest of the album.

    4. Let It Rain–I can’t wait to hear the rest of the lyrics for this one.

  21. OK, after about my 4th listen here are my newest impressions:

    I already loved LLWD and Can’t Stay Away.

    I liked Before We Come Undone. Now I’m lovin’ it.

    The angst in The Truth (very U2 musically in the driving, strumming bass line) and Bring it Back have totally drawn me in. Own me – he sounds wonderful on these.

    Is It Over totally has a Beatles vibe. I can say that because I am the greatest Beatles fan ever and I am always listening for that ‘sound’. It is there. And I love it.

    And I will listen to I Need to Know endlessly. I know this about myself.

    Can’t wait to get a listen to the Daughtry track. I don’t hear very many ‘skip to the next song’ tracks here. Very listenable, Kris-ified album.

    I’m very content. Impatient but content.

  22. I’m surprised these are not being talked about more? They are great! It makes me really want November 17th so I can get the album. I like how they produced the record by showcasing all the nice things about Kris’ voice and utilized all the different styles of music he can sing.

  23. I’m surprised these are not being talked about more?

    Think its because the snippets are just a footnote in an otherwise boring post about Daughtry. Should really get its own IMO.

  24. I think it’s because it’s also being talked about in headlines AND the site has been wonky all day AND they’re only 30 second clips.

  25. I love these snippets!

    “Lifetime” sounds like it could be a country song. It doesn’t have that twang but I can hear a country artist singing it.

    “I need to know” is beautiful! I love the “vocal fry” effect he’s putting on it. It’s so simple but sometimes less is more.

    “The Truth” Also caught my attention

    I LOVE THIS VERSION OF HEARTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. Yeah MJ, any way that you can post this as its own post just to get a little bit more attention? :)

  27. “Red Guitar” – I actually have 2 red guitars so this song makes me giggle

  28. Snippets are fun, but I think I will reserve judgment till I hear the whole songs. It’s just too hard to tell from tiny bits. Having said that, I still expect my favorite to be the one he wrote about his frustrations with the AI PTB, or “Let It Rain.” That’s how it worked out with Cook and “Life on the Moon,” so I guess I’m saying I’m predictable…

  29. AND they’re only 30 second clips.

    From what I can recall from the last year and a half, every time the song samples leak from an upcoming album, they get their own thread.

  30. I loved how he re recorded Heartless. The studio version from Idol did not do him any justice. I love the powerful drums backing his vocals.

  31. Give MJ a some time, folks. It’s been a busy newscycle. I’m sure another Kris thread will be up soon.

    Congrats to Kris. He’s gonna do well!

  32. I think MJ has had hands full with wonky blog — this has been an adventure today, lol!

  33. I’ve been listening to these all day off and on. I really love WAOMF and “Alright With Me”. “I Need To Know” has a feel of Sarah McLachlan’s “In The Arms Of The Angel” to me. It may be the tempo or just the piano. Whatever it is, I love it! “Is It Over” has a bit of BNS feel.

    I’d be hard pressed to figure out a favorite. Just when I think I have, I listen to a different one and think…no, that’s the one I like best. LOL

  34. mzbet
    10/28/2009 at 5:35 pm
    “I’ve been listening to these all day off and on. I really love WAOMF and ‘Alright With Me’ . ‘I Need To Know’  has a feel of Sarah McLachlan’s ‘In The Arms Of The Angel’  to me. It may be the tempo or just the piano. Whatever it is, I love it! ‘Is It Over’  has a bit of BNS feel. ”

    I was just going to say that “I need to Know” has the feel of Sarah McLachlan’s songs.. who I love!

  35. I always buy the Walmart exclusive anyway and having the Chris-Kris song on it is a definite bonus!

  36. Yay! Off to listen to the snippets. I’m going to try and hold off until they get their own thread before I comment…

  37. Nice—based on one listen, I think that I like enough of the songs to make it worth buying the whole thing. Yay!

  38. I’ve finally had achance to sit down and listen to the snippets again. I don’t think you can really judge a song based on 30 seconds of it, but I’ll do it anyway, LOL.

    Before We Come Undone- Still love it, whether it the live or the studio version.

    Can’t Stay Away From You- Fun, poppy- maybe it’s in the running as a future single?

    The Truth-I’m kind of thrown off by this one, since it has the same name as a David Cook song, then “Avalanche” is one of the first words in the sample (the name of another DC song). I think I need to hear more before I have a real opinion.

    Written All Over My Face- I like it, and this 30 seconds doesn’t remind me of The Script too much.

    Bring It Back- I like it a lot, but when he sings “bring it back’, it has the same rhythm and phrasing as One Republic’s Come Home (or maybe it’s All We Are?). That’s going to take a while to get used to.

    Red Guitar- I like it. I’m glad he got at least 1 solo writing credit.

    Is It Over- Love this one. More cowrites with Cale would be a good thing. A little hint of a country flavor.

    Let It Rain- Love this one too. I’m very frustrated that it stops when it does!

    Alright With Me- Sounds like Eric Hutchinson meets The Beatles to me, which is a compliment!

    Lifetime- Just meh for me right now.

    I Need to Know- a stripped down ballad for the Falling Slowly fans! I need to hear more before I can tell if I like it.

    Heartless- eh, I still like the acoustic version best.

    All in all, it seems like it’ll be an eclectic album with songs for fans of everything from Falling Slowly to Come Together- something for everyone. That strategy worked for David Cook, hopefully it’ll work for Kris too. I think I’ll like most, if not all, of the songs.

  39. I can’t wait for his album am so excited. I was just on amazon and his album is #60 with a arrow going up it’s a green arror. What does the arrow mine? And this morning when I looked he was 86. This is a good Kris day and also information about Adam’s single. It’s been very interesting today.

  40. I couldn’t stop listening to all the snippets… they sound even better after more listening! I’m also glad to know that “I need to Know” is Kris’s farorite of the album! It’s just so beautiful.. and hope for more songs like that in his future album! :)

  41. my first time on the blog today.
    I hope the album snippets will be in a new thread soon.
    Going to listen now

  42. Did they rock Heartless up or is it just me?

    Anyway, Red Guitar, Let it Rain and I Need to Know sound beautiful. And I still ike LLWD.

    Everything else sounds too generic for me, but at least it is safe.

  43. I was at work when I saw that they came out today. I am finally just getting a chance to listen to all of the snippets. I can not wait for the CD to come out. For the first time in years, I will be picking up an actual CD instead of downloading it on itunes (actually, I will do both because I have the Pass). From what I have heard so far, I think his CD will be awesome. I have very eclectic taste and this hits on all the different styles I love.

  44. Initial thoughts (even tho I’ve listened to the snippets multiple times) – I’m going to like/love all but maybe two tracks, and even those I’m willing to listen to the whole song before pronouncing judgment.

    I also thought – this sounds like “regular” album, not just an Idol album. That in and of itself is a moral victory! I especially liked the bluesy one with the interesting time signature that he wrote with his friend, Cale.

    I love this Heartless! I’m quite sure it would have been recorded early on, when we heard he was working with Salaam Remi (and when MJ heard the rumor). I wonder why they did not release this early in the summer when they were pulling the plug on Nobo.

  45. I’m so thrilled with all the snippets!
    I’m not picking a favorite yet though.
    I bought “the pass”, but want a real cd copy too, so off to WalMart I’ll go when it’s out. Chris and Kris are a real bonus for me.

  46. I Need To Know makes me think of Kelly’s Irvine, what with the raw vocals and lying on the floor :)

  47. I certainly love what they did to Heartless on this album even though I also love his accoustic version on the show. I especially like the drum beats in it…

  48. mzbet
    10/28/2009 at 5:35 pm
    ‘Is It Over’  has a bit of BNS feel.”

    OMG I totally agree!!! :) !! It’s the Song he co-wrote Cale… so YAY!!!

    ” the raw vocals and lying on the floor”
    Loved whatever I heard of I need to know! His gruffy voice… it’s has the golden vibe of ANS.

    10/28/2009 at 6:39 pm
    “Did they rock Heartless up or is it just me?”
    Nope, not just you! I’m loving the edgey guitar work in it, love the vibe!! Sexy!

    “I also thought ‘“ this sounds like ‘regular’  album, not just an Idol album.”
    Phew! Thank god for that… the Album sounds really promising…

    Let it Rain & Bring it back (along with CSA, BWCU, WAOMF & LLWD)! – I want More More More More!!!! NOV 17, get ur A** here RN!!

  49. For some reason I can only listen to the LLWD snippet. I’ve clicked on the songs and nothing comes up. Help, what am I doing wrong? I know they’re just snippets, but yeah, I want to hear them. Thanks! :D

  50. German Amazon is no longer allowing people to listen to snippets. Drat.

  51. Will there be a thread? I understand the blog’s been wonky, but usually this stuff gets its own thread.

    I’d like to comment, but I want to comment in the right place.

  52. cookcricket, I think Kris’s fan are crashing that server! They all played fine this afternoon, but tonight I have issues with them too.

  53. Oops, Amazon took the links down within the last 3 minutes, literally. I’ve been listening all day, but the links just disappeared – only the track listing remains.

    I hope Slezak got his listen in!

  54. A person on twitter put the snippets up on you tube. And also made mp’s of the songs.

  55. Well putting my Kris fan for the first time today and having a chance to listen to these snippets for the first time today.

    First thoughts, still like “Can’t Stay Away,” liked “Written All Over My Face,” much more here than the live version. I like “I Need To Know,” I like the remix version of Heartless, certainly better than the crappy AI studio version which was blah. I liked “Before We Come Undone,” less here than the live, but a full clip may change my mind.

    Don’t like “Lifetime.” Just pfft to it.

    Those are the ones that stood out for me, maybe because of full live versions I’d heard before or just because they stood out for me. Right now a lot of the songs sound kind of similiar to each other, but that’s to be expected, right?

    I am going to listen to the snippets many more times and think of which new ones are intriguing me already, and of course, anxiously await the full songs.

  56. Just ARGH on the Wal-mart exclusive. I hate that f*cking place and I refuse to shop there. If I wind up liking this song and want it, I guess I’ll just have to find some 12 year old to shoplift it for me (I’m kidding I promise).

  57. Ack! I didn’t get to edit my comment. I was just going to say that maybe now isn’t the time for a thread. At least, until the links are solid. Better to have just one thread than a bunch on virtually the same thing (like what happened today with Adam). A lot happened today!

    The YT is still up. Interesting snippets. Lots of sophomoric lyrics, as usual, but I like the beats so far. Over produced, as usual, but not to the point I want to rip my hair out. Nothing sounds “ruined” by it. I’m glad it seems to be cohesive in concept, and not all over the place in style.

    I do wish the Heartless remake was a little less Kanye. If the whole point was that Kris stripped down the song, why add back the auto-tune? I like the Yacht Rock inspired version more, IMHO. Not that this one is bad.

    Lots of catchy tunes. It appears the talk about the depth of single options is true. Good for Kris!

    Just ARGH on the Wal-mart exclusive. I hate that f*cking place and I refuse to shop there. If I wind up liking this song and want it, I guess I’ll just have to find some 12 year old to shoplift it for me (I’m kidding I promise).

    Hee. At least you have that option. I’d have to order it online from them, because where I live now…and I can’t still can’t believe it because it seems so unreal, but…where I live now? There are. NO. WALMARTS! At all.

    It’s kinda awesome. heh

    ETA: Definitely buying the album. I’d pre-order, but I want to know more about bonus tracks and all that jazz.

  58. It looks like there is a Youtube video, so I’ll try that. I guess I’ll just have to figure out which song is which. Thanks dmr!!

  59. It looks like there is a Youtube video, so I’ll try that. I guess I’ll just have to figure out which song is which. Thanks dmr!!

    One of the top comments is the tracks list, so you can follow along. Very helpful!

  60. The youtube video is great because it plays them back-to-back, so you don’t have to click every 30 secs. to start a new one (which I did ALL day).

    I gotta say Kris’s voice is so raw and sexy on I need to know. I CAN NOT WAIT to own this album.

  61. Whew! I’d been lucky to have heard the snippets on Amazon Germany for at least 3x before the previews were yanked off. Well, I hope the youtube link won’t be taken down, at least for now.

  62. snlw and cookcricket, you’re welcome.

    I remember listening to DC’s snippets. I changed my mind on a few of them when we got the album, but so far my favs are Can’t Stay Away, Bring it Back, Red Guitar, and Alright With Me (which I was SURE was produced by the brit…haha). There are more, but these are just a few.

    What I am laughing at is myself because everyone is loving on I Need to Know and I didn’t care for it. What is wrong with me! ;) I’d like to hear him sing it in an upright position … and maybe not at 3 a.m. I love, love, love his lower register, so I’m anxious to hear the complete songs.

  63. Okay!!! I got to listen! Yay! Like some other’s, I want to hear the entire tracks before giving my opinion on the individual songs…except, “I Need to Know” almost brought tears to my eyes, just from that snippet! I’m pretty exhausted right now, so that may have something to do with it.

    I do agree with someone (erinnthered maybe) that “Heartless” is way over produced. Ugh!!

    Overall though, I’m happy!!! I now cannot wait to hear the entire tracks. I will go back and listen some more.

    Also, I have already bought the itunes pass. If there is an exclusive track from itunes, I sure hope it’s included on the pass!!

  64. I am really happy with everything so far!

    Don’t forget to go to the new thread that everyone asked for and post your reviews there too.

  65. Have to say from what I am hearing so far one of the better Idol winner debut albums. I love Can’t Stay Away , Bring it Back, and Let it Rain. Kris’s voice is Fantastic… Those voice lessons he took really paid off. I have always loved Kris but sometimes his voice sounded strained on songs that where out of his range but he does not have any of that on these snippets. Funny that the only song I get this is on LLWD. His voice is fuller, richer, and his range much better. I was going to buy the album no matter what, but now I know I will not only be buying it, I will be playing it over and over again.

  66. but’ ¦where I live now? There are. NO. WALMARTS! At all.

    Sounds like Utopia to me!

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