Amazing Race

Amazing Race 21 – Week 4 – Recap (UPDATED)

Another episode of Amazing Race on tonight and I think it will be a good one. The season is starting to get some front runners in Team Ego and Team Longhorn with Team Chippendale being able to slip in easily especially with a season that has been unpredictable and earlier eliminated teams having such bad luck with local transportation. The previews for this week also make it look like the another poor local will be yelled at by Team Monster, or specifically Rob who does most of the talking.

UPDATE: Results after the Jump!

UPDATE: Recap!

Amazing Race

Amazing Race 21 – The Premier! (UPDATED)


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Amazing Race starts its journey towards next year’s Emmy award for Best Reality Competition tonight and since MJ has given me the pleasure to recap the season for you all I thought I’d start by listing the teams in my pre-season rankings.