Carrie Underwood ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Video Preview!

Check out 3 video previews of Carrie Underwood’s guest turn on How I Met Your Mother. The first clip features Carrie in several dream sequences, the second finds her canoodling with a pig, and in the third, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) advises Ted to forget “Pharma Girl”.

BWW Video Show Preview: The Homecom...
BWW Video Show Preview: The Homecoming

Check out Carrie on How I Met Your Mother Monday, March 1 at 8 pm on CBS.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this. Carrie looks good in these clips and her acting is spot on. Love the show.

  2. Haha I love NPH. Carrie looks great and actually fits right in. Good job!

  3. It looks like Carrie did a great job, and it must have been fun for her!

  4. Carrie is hot! :D

    I have so far only seen Season 1 of this show so forgive me when I ask: whatever happened to Ted? He looks wasted. :/

  5. Um. No. Her acting is horrendous. Obvious stunt-casting. Why oh why is she doing this? Stick to making zillions with your singing, Carrie.

  6. Um. No. Her acting is horrendous.

    Did you even watch the clip? What was so bad about it?

  7. LOL. Of COURSE I watched the clip(s), Ganggreen. Do you want a laundry list of what was bad? Stilted, too much telegraphing, reciting lines like she’s reading a book.. Of course, JMIO, YVMV, etc. etc. I’m sure Carrie finds will be delighted to see her on the show. Personally, I think she ought to stick with country crooning.

  8. Wow Zsus, I’m not even a Carrie stan (I do like her) and I thought she did a fantastic job. It’s a pretty broad comedy, and yet I though she was quite natural, if not more so than that dark-haired actor. Love NPF though.

    The consensus thus far outside the bubble appears to be that she acquited herself quite well. Congrats Carrie.

  9. The videos were too short! LOL

    Carrie was cute, the pig moment was too funny. Kudos to Carrie!

    I’m certain the entire episode will be hilarious. Neil is super hilarious.

  10. Well Gangreen29 I am in agreement with your view of how Carrie did on the show. I thought from these clips she was really great. I think she has good comedic timing. She is the perfect foil for NPH and his outrageous humor. I hope she does more of these quest spots.

  11. Carrie was alright, I was too distracted by how hideous and unfunny the show is these days, especially my poor Barney. Not even NPH can save him now. sigh. And there goes one of the only TV shows I liked. Stupid bad show-runners ruining their shows *glares also at Shonda, David E. Kelly and Tim Kring, among many many others*

    Sorry, my utter frustration might have gotten me off-track.

    Getting back on track, Carrie seems perfectly servicable in the role. Not great, not even that good, but okay, and better than most muscians stunt cast. Uhem, Britney.

  12. TBH as a Carrie fan I don’t need to see her act and my hopes for the HIMYM episode are that it’s funny and Carrie is at least competent enough to serve the storyline such that she avoids mass criticism for ruining the funny. I’ve always thought she’s got some good comedic timing but I also don’t think she’d ever be a great actress. We’ll see. I don’t have a problem with fair criticism and I’m sure Carrie’ll get her share.

    But EW Popwatch likes the clips and is happy with her acting in them so yay :)

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