Canadian Idol 6! Episode 14 – Top 16 Results – VIDEO

Tonight, six contestants will be eliminated from the Top 16, revealing the Canadian Idol Top 10. Tune in next Monday at 8 pm ET for the Top 10 Performance Show. Top 10 Results are Tuesday, at 8 pm. Tonight’s elimination show begins at 7:30 pm ET.

Why Canadian Idol kinda rules: Next week is David Bowie week. Yeah!

About tonight’s results: I’ve been reading that regional voting plays a big part in Canadian Idol results, and that Newfoundland always manages to get a contestant into the Top 10. Well, that explains why the freakish Mark Day made it through–with a little help from Vote for the Worst.

If the CI Powers That Be had split the Pigott brothers up this week, I suspect they would have both made the Top 10. They both deserved it. As it is, they sacrificed one for the sake of drama, leaving their results for the very end of the show. If I had to pick one, I’d put my money on Oliver Pigott. He made some mistakes, but I like that he’s a risk taker, and an iconoclast, unlike his talented but more conventional brother Sebastian Pigott.

I’m very pissed that the bland, bland, bland Mitch MacDonald made it through, rather than either Martin Kerr or Gary Morrisette. Bleah.

There are only two girls in this Top 10. Only two. Will it be an advantage, or will the boys rule the day anyway? Amberly Thiessen is one of my favorite girls, I’m glad she moved on, but I’m very meh on Katherine St-Laurent. Too bad Lisa Bell and Lindsay Robbins didn’t last longer, in my very humble opinion.

Finally, It’s a good thing that Mookie Morris, Theo Thames, and Earl Stevenson made it through. I might have gone postal if they hadn’t…

Eliminated tonight:

  • Martin Kerr
  • Gary Morrisette
  • Omar Lunan
  • Katelyn Dawn
  • Marie-Pierre Bellerose
  • Oliver Pigott

Canadian Idol 6 Top 10:

  • Mark Day
  • Drew Wright
  • Mookie Morris
  • Theo Thames
  • Earl Stevenson
  • Katherine St. Laurent
  • Amberly Thiessen
  • Mitch MacDonald
  • Adam Castelli
  • Sebastian Pigott

Check this link for video around 8 pm ET. Ill be posting it here, after the jump, as soon as it becomes available.

Canadians and border-dwellers, chat away!

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