Billboard – 03/05/11

There are approximately 24, 376 Billboard Charts (give or take). The following is an Idol summary of a few of these charts. If I happen to miss your favourite “Hot 100 Songs to Walk A Mile” chart, feel free to post a summary of that chart in the comments section.

Kelly’s duet with Jason reaches a new peak on the Hot 100 Airplay charts.

This is the daily numbers’ thread. Your journey will not end here.

126 Fantasia “Back To Me” (lw 120; peak 2 ; wo 26)
128 Crystal Bowersox “Farmer’s Daughter” (lw 98; peak: 28; wo 10) wo=weeks on
135 Carrie Underwood “Play On” (lw 125; peak 1; wo 68)

Hot 100
38 Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (lw 39; peak 35; wo 16)

Hot 100 Airplay
27 Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (34; peak 27; wo 7)

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