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Tonight a new episode of Big Brother 17 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Last time Becky was dethroned as Head of Household after Jason and Steve won the Battle of the Block competition. Unknown to most, John threw the competition after Shelli asked him to so she can remain HoH and her target Da’Vonne will stay on the block. Tonight the Power of Veto competition will take place. Which HouseGuest will win the POV and will it be used to save either Da’Vonne or John from the block? Let’s find out!

After the Battle of the Block competition, Becky admits she doesn’t mind being dethroned since she still believes Shelli is on board with backdooring Audrey. She is unaware that Da’Vonne is Shelli’s true target. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne is in tears after she realizes that John threw the Battle of the Block competition since he didn’t do anything to help them win.

John talks to Shelli and Clay in the HoH room and they confirm that John will be safe this week. However, John admits in the diary room that he still doesn’t know Shelli and Clay very well, but will play along and let them believe he will work with them. Later that night, Audrey listens through the wall and hears Jason, Meg, and James talking game in the have-not room. They believe that Shelli will still backdoor Audrey this week, which makes her nervous.

It’s time for Liz and Julia to switch again. Julia informs Liz everything that has happened before Liz takes her place and reenters the house. Afterwards, it’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Shelli draws the HouseGuest choice chip and chooses Clay. John draws Meg and Da’Vonne draws Steve.

Clay and Audrey talk in the bathroom, and he tells her he and Shelli are risking their own game to save Audrey this week. He reassures her she is safe, which she is happy to hear. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne knows that she has to win the Power of Veto to ensure her own safety since none of the other people competing will take her off the block.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. They must listen to a recording of Kathy Griffin’s voice listing a bunch of items her assistant must bring to her. Afterwards, an elevator door will open with an image of an assistant with all the items, except for one. They must recognize the missing item and retrieve it to win the round. If they bring back the wrong item and hit the buzzer, they lose the round. The first round is John versus Da’Vonne. John wins it after bringing the unicycle. Round 2 is Steve versus Clay. Clay wins the round after bringing back the rubber ducky. Round 3 is Meg and Shelli. Shelli buzzes in after bringing a microphone, but she is wrong since a sombrero was the correct item. Meg wanted to throw the competition, so she’s unhappy she’s still in it. Round 4 is John versus Meg. John wins it after bringing back corn starch, but Meg threw the competition. Round 5 is John versus Clay. John wins the round after bringing back the giraffe. John wins the Power of Veto! 

Shelli and Clay talk about a replacement nominee. They really want Da’Vonne out, so they contemplate asking John to not use the Power of Veto on himself so they won’t have to put another person on the block. But before so, Shelli wants to tell Becky her true plan of targeting Da’Vonne. Becky is still uneasy about keeping Audrey in the house, but she doesn’t mind too much since Audrey will still be the target next week. Shelli and Clay talk to Vanessa next, and she wants to make sure none of her allies will be on the block. John walks into the HoH room next, and Shelli and Clay talk to him about not using the Power of Veto since Da’Vonne would absolutely go home is he’s on the block next to her. However, John smartly refuses to stay on the block and tells them he will use the Power of Veto on himself.

Shelli talks to Austin and Liz next. She informs them that Liz will be the replacement nominee. Liz is scared to go up on the block, but doesn’t fight too much against the idea. She tells her she will take one for the team, but she cries to Becky and Austin about having to go up as a pawn. Austin really doesn’t want Liz to be the replacement nominee, so he wants to figure out a way to convince Shelli to nominate someone else. After Austin hears a group of people laughing and talking loudly early one morning, he plans to use this as a way to save Liz from being nominated. He lies and says those people were talking game and may save Da’Vonne if Liz is on the block next to her. However, he points out that if Meg was on the block, Da’Vonne would definitely be evicted since Meg has a lot of friends in the house.

Clay and Audrey speak to each other one night, and he tells her that Shelli and him are the only reason why she’s still in the house this week even though he doesn’t trust her. Audrey then tells him he can be condescending toward her, which makes him mad. He goes up to the HoH room and complains about Audrey to Shelli. Shelli agrees that Audrey isn’t trustworthy, and she even notes that she still hasn’t picked a replacement nominee.

It’s time for the Power of Veto ceremony. John chooses to use the Power of Veto on himself. Shelli names Meg as the replacement nominee. 

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow night for the live eviction.

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