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Austin and Vanessa won HoH, but Austin was dethroned after his nominees Jason and Meg won the Battle of the Block. Vanessa remains the sole HoH, and James and John are still on the block. Tonight we will see who won the Power of Veto. Will the POV have an effect on the final nominees? Let’s find out!

After the Battle of the Block, Vanessa and Austin talk in the HoH room. Vanessa wants Jeff or James gone, even though she knows most of the house wants Audrey gone. She’s worried her decision will make her a target for some people in the house. John meanwhile notes that his time in the house is like Groundhog Day since once again he had to lose the Battle of the Block and then plan to save himself in the POV competition. Elsewhere in the house, most of the HouseGuests are confident that Audrey is the target, so James isn’t even nervous about still being on the block.

Vanessa and Clay talk about who should leave this week between Jeff and James. Vanessa says they are the same to her, but she wants to have as little blood on her hands as possible. So she wants the nominations to remain the same and just send James home. Meanwhile, Julia and Liz switch again. Before Julia reenters the house, Liz tells her that she needs to be more bubbly in the house and not so introverted.

Audrey goes to the HoH room and Vanessa and Austin tell her that she is completely safe this week and has nothing to worry about. They also tell her that it would be ideal that she wins the Power of Veto since it would hide the fact that they’re working with her.

Jeff goes up to the HoH room to talk to Austin. Austin misleads him into thinking the plan is to still send Audrey home. Jeff then talks about his worry about Clay’s relationship with Shelli. He thinks Shelli needs to go before he can completely trust Clay. As well, he once again talks about the twin rumor, which makes Austin uneasy.

It’s time to pick players for the POV competition. Vanessa draws Shelli, John draws HouseGuest Choice and picks Austin, and James draws Audrey. The people who don’t know Audrey isn’t the target are now worried that Audrey has a chance to win the POV. Audrey goes up to the HoH room and Vanessa tells her that they will try to throw the competition to her.

The POV competition begins. Two at a time, players must go inside a giant die and push it forward until the number chosen is on the top of the die. The first round is Vanessa versus Audrey. Vanessa throws the round to Audrey, and Audrey wins. The second round is John versus Audrey, and John wins. Now Audrey cannot win the Power of Veto. The third round is James versus Austin, and Austin wins. The fourth round is Shelli versus Austin, and Austin wins. The final round is John versus Austin. Austin decides to throw the competition since he doesn’t think it’s in his best interest to win the POV, so John wins. John wins the Power of Veto! Vanessa is now unhappy that she has to get more blood on her hands by naming a replacement nominee.

After the POV competition, James tells John he’s glad that he won since he believes Audrey is the target. Afterwards, Vanessa confronts Austin and she tells him she knows he threw the competition. She is very angry with him that he didn’t stick to the plan and made a selfish move instead. She knows Austin wants Jeff gone more than James, and the two of them get into an argument. Austin insists he didn’t throw the competition, but Vanessa tells him she doesn’t believe him.

BB Takeover time. Gronk is leading the takeover this week, and it is a party theme. Every time Gronk announces a party over the speakers, all the HouseGuests must participate immediately. If they don’t, they will become a have-not. We see the various parties, which include a toga party, a pool party, a shower party, a costume party, and a hot tub party. All the HouseGuests are excited about the parties at first, but they’re tired of it by the end of it.

Jeff goes up to the HoH room to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa misleads Jeff into thinking she has doubts about targeting Audrey due to what she represents for the LGBT community. Jeff is frustrated that Vanessa is not targeting Audrey and he starts scrambling. He talks to Clay, but Clay plays dumb since he already knows Audrey was never the target this week. Jeff talks to James next, and he tells him that James is in trouble this week now. Jeff shares his concern with Austin too, but Austin plays dumb too. However, Jason sees through Austin and knows that Austin already knew Audrey was never the target.

Jeff is now scared and he talks to Clay in private. He tells him that Austin needs to go soon and he’s not good for their game. Clay then shares this with Austin. Austin now has the ammunition he needs to use against Jeff so Vanessa can put him on the block. Vanessa has been needing an excuse to put Jeff on the block to hide the fact that Audrey was never the target. Austin also admits that Jeff has also thrown Clay and Shelli under the bus too. So Vanessa comes up with a plan to confront Jeff on all his lies and how he continually throws people under the bus. Austin, Clay, and Shelli are talking to Jeff in the bathroom, and Austin calls him out on all the things he heard Jeff has been saying. Jeff denies that he ever threw Austin, Clay, or Shelli under then bus. Austin then brings Vanessa in the room to confirm that Jeff is lying to him. After Jeff continues to lie to Vanessa’s face, she says he just sealed his fate before she walks away.

It’s time for a luxury competition. The prize is to sail on Gronk’s party ship to the Bahamas, and the competition involves chugging a drink in a red solo cup. Meg wins the competition and the prize.

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Another Gronk party interrupts the ceremony before John announces he will use the Power of Veto to save himself. Vanessa then calls out Jeff for lying to her face in a room full of people before she names him as the replacement nominee.

And that wraps up another episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for the live eviction.

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